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If you’re not sure you want to pick up Tablet Enhancements for Outlook 3.0 beta (you know who you are) then take a look at Tracy Hooten’s article that describes how she uses TEO 3.0 in her classwork.  Absolutely brilliant. Read more »

CNET’s Esoterica Blog points to a flickr gallery that contains laptop sticker photos.  It seems the practice of putting funny stickers on an expensive piece of technology is all the rage for those wanting to express their individuality.  Me, I tried putting one on my tc1100 […] Read more »

I think Motorola has it backwards on this one. Since even the "Vibrate" setting on a phone can be distracting (and let’s not even get into custom ring-tones here), Moto patented a wearable stimulation pad that provides an adjustable electric current when a call comes in. […] Read more »

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I just reclaimed over 57 gigabytes of storage capacity on my Windows Media Center Edition desktop. How did I do it? I needed some help, actually. The 250 GB drive was only showing about 60 GB free and I knew full well that I didn’t have […] Read more »

I was really enjoying my two week trial of Traffic Vizzion, where I can view the traffic cams in my area on my XV6700. Traffic just came to a halt for me because I noticed this write-up of the Evesham BM-6390 Satnav for the UK market. […] Read more »

If you just can’t decide which UMPC to buy, Dynamism is offering a choice of three. Heck, maybe you need more than one? While shipments are either delayed or TBD, you can currently review the specs of Samsung’s Q1, the R2H from Asus, or the TabletKiosk […] Read more »

TabletKiosk has uncovered a minor design flaw in the eo V7110 and order fulfilment will be delayed accordingly.  The company indicates to customers who have pre-ordered the eo that a few will receive their units on time but the demand has been so overwhelming that most […] Read more »

Now that you’ve gotten your new 17 inch MacBook Pro, OK you don’t actually have it yet but maybe in a few weeks, you will want it protected from theft from day one.  Enter Undercover from Orbicule.  If your PowerPC or Intel Mac is stolen Undercover […] Read more » moderator tnkgrl recently visited OQO and recorded a nice interview with Jory Bell, the man behind the OQO.  The podcast covers a lot of ground and takes a look at what might be coming in the next version of the OQO.  Worth a listen if […] Read more »

Not to be confused with the MobileTechRoundup podcast, Sumocat has detailed his own mobile tech roundup and in ink no less.  He describes the gadget kit he uses when he is mobile and worth a look. Read more »

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Asustek will likely be introducing their first slate Tablet PC later this year under the Asus brand.  The new slate is reported to have a 13.3" wide-screen, something quite unusual for a slate and definitely a first.  Very few details are to be found other than […] Read more »

Participation in a beta is usually its own reward, but hats off to Microsoft on this one. All Windows Live OneCare beta users receive a 60% discount on the yearly service, which will be fully priced at $49.95. If you hurry and install the beta before […] Read more »

Why settle for a Virtual Cubicle when you can have a real mobile office.  Mobile Magazine provides details of an office in a little trailer you haul around behind your car or truck so you’ll never have to leave your office gear behind.  Flip a switch […] Read more »

jkOnTheRun will be coming up on its two year anniversary in just a few weeks and it has been a wild ride.  The readership has grown astronomically during that time and it never ceases to amaze me how many people come to the site each day […] Read more »

Apparently the AARP might think so since they’ve published this article on their web site describing the UMPC and explaining them to their readers.  This has me thinking that older, experienced citizens (sounds much better than senior citizens) might very well benefit from the Origami due […] Read more »

While it’s not all that small nor powerful just yet, Hitachi Maxell’s fuel cell prototype shows some merit. At 100 x 60 x 160mm in size and almost a full kilogram in weight (that’s around 2.2 pounds to us Yanks), you won’t be carrying this to […] Read more »

Well, it won’t compete with ultra-portables, but as expected, Apple announced the 17-inch MacBook Pro today, with shipments expected to start next week. Weighing in near 7 pounds, the 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo powerhouse will set you back $2,799 from the online Apple store. Included […] Read more »

James occasionally has a "Freeware of the moment", so I thought to shake things up with a free service instead. is a fantastic online service that allows you to edit photos without any fancy expensive software on your device; I could see this handy on […] Read more »

MacBook Pros ship with the ATI Radeon X1600 graphics cards that run at 470 MHz but owners have discovered the cards are underclocked to 310 MHz (CPU) and 278 MHz (VRAM).  Apple is probably underclocking the graphics to provide better battery life and perhaps to allow […] Read more »

Sony has announced the licensing of LocationFree software for Windows Mobile and cellular phones to ACCESS.  ACCESS is to develop software that will allow Sony’s LocationFree Base Station to stream video to Windows Mobile devices, cellular phones, and the PSP.  Sony indicated licenses will be granted […] Read more »

A new photographic tool calculates various optical equations such as depth of field or hyperfocal distance to let photographers make more effective use of photographic equipment Hampshire, United Kingdom. – April 24, 2006: Douglas Software announces today the release of version 1.1.0 of Camera module for […] Read more »

Kool Kiwi and Tablet PC blogger Craig Pringle just received a SlateGlove from Motion Computing and has his initial thoughts and pics of the installation steps available. Craig’s Tablet is an older M1400 from Motion, but the magical mitten looks fairly functional so far. Like Craig, […] Read more »

Beta 2 preview, also known as Microsoft Vista Build 5365, became available a few short days ago. I usually wait a few days to grab new builds, mainly to let the initial traffic jam in "Download City" clear out, so the new build is on it’s […] Read more »

Listen here (16.4 MB, 48 minutes) or Subscribe to the show with this link  (RSS) Join us on K-PEN radio where  Marc Orchant and James Kendrick gives us the latest news and views of the Tabletscape.  Show #20 debunks the myth that UMPC/ Origami will displace […] Read more »

Top Stories: Kevin Tofel joins jkOnTheRun! Kapsel Media Center; small enough to carry along Sling TV progamming on your Mac via Windows virtualization More than you wanted to know about Kevin Origami Project contest- win a Samsung Q1 and Slingbox Vista’s Media Player coming to XP […] Read more »

Jarred Walton of AnandTech has written a comprehensive article comparing the speech recognition included with Microsoft Office (and the Tablet PC) to Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS).  He provides a complete overview of each program and then proceeds to test the two methods for accuracy and CPU utilization.  […] Read more »

I’m addicted to Gmail. There, I said it. Now that I’ve come out of the closet, I wanted to briefly share my reasons for this infatuation, along with the one beef I have. The fact that I can access my email from any Internet connection wherever […] Read more »

Love at first sight is common with sexy computing devices, but the Lenovo X41? Let’s just say it took six long weeks for Hugo Ortega to admit his feelings for this Tablet PC he first likens to the 1967 VW Bug he once owned. Turns out […] Read more »

Ultranauts recently published a Top 10 UMPC Predictions that while an interesting read I think two of the predictions are dead wrong.  Never one too shy to speak my mind I want to address those predictions head on. Prediction 8:  The UMPC will reap the rewards of […] Read more »

Your friends call you a geek and you don’t disagree with them.  You are tethered to the Internet 24 hours a day and you actually know what RSS stands for.  What you need are geek accessories to constantly prove you are who you are and are […] Read more »

No, not a "hokey" requirement; it’s wonderful that schools are embracing Tablet PCs. Mandating them appears to be a different story however. Want to study at the Virginia Tech College of Engineering as a Hokie? Get your credit card and your digital pen ready because you’ll […] Read more »

The two juggernauts are at it again. I’m talking about Google and Microsoft. Each has designs on providing near-limitless storage for your personal "digital safe-deposit box" as one source dubbed it. Want to look up your archived and scanned tax return from 1994? No problem, just […] Read more »

The New York Times has figured out what Eric Mack, James and so many of us already know: additional monitors in your workspace can increase productivity dramatically; up to 30%. "Adding a second monitor turned out to be the easiest, mostcost-effective and significant improvement in my […] Read more »

Hauppauge, long time players in the PC TV tuner world, have announced a USB stick that contains a WinTV tuner.  The Nova-t Stick comes with an antenna and supports SDTV, HDTV and digital radio, all run through WinTV’s tuner software.  Come on, go ahead and admit […] Read more »

Josh Bancroft of TinyScreenfuls is attending a convention in Portland and was not happy that the provided WiFi connection was going to cost him $12.95 per day.  So he did what any proper geek would do, tethered his Sprint phone with EVDO to a PC and […] Read more »

Tablet PC ReviewSpot is reporting that Gateway has confirmed an option for a dedicated graphics chip will be available for the newly announced dual core Convertible Notebooks.  Previous Gateway models were available with ATI dedicated graphics and this will continue with the dual core models offering […] Read more »

Looks like Seagate needs to increase the buffer on their website, not their hard drives. DailyTech found some leaked information on the Seagate site yesterday that described the company’s newest perpendicular drives, ranging from 200 GB to a whopping 750 GB of storage. The new 7200 […] Read more »

Although this announcement is really geared towards Tablet PC OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), it grabbed my attention by explaining a little more how both passive and active digitizers work on Tablet PCs. InPlay’s subsidiary, FinePoint Innovations, has a new battery-free digital pen, the MP820, that uses […] Read more »

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