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Dave Ciccone, Kevin Tofel, and I are planning a MobileTechRoundup meet and greet (as announced on MoTR #45) in midtown New York City on the evening of June 19th.  I will be in NYC on business and Kevin and Dave have graciously volunteered to drive up […] Read more »

Podcasts are everywhere now that they have a home on the iTunes Music Store but even so there are many people who are unfamiliar with them.  I found a great “introduction to podcasts” article from the Irish Times that explains the history and ins and outs […] Read more »

I found this sitting in my search feeds this morning and thought you’d get a kick out of it: -jk Read more »

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Mauricio Freitas of Geekzone is reporting that Telecom New Zealand will be showing concept Tablet PCs with embedded CDMA EVDO modems in the unit.  This would allow users to connect to the web just by turning their Tablet PC on.  The concept Tablets will be shown […] Read more »

Recently I asked you to tell us what you carry in your gadget bag every day and I’d like to thank everyone who responded.  It is always interesting for me to see what other people consider part of their vital mobile arsenal and the answers you […] Read more »

I have written many posts about Eric Mack and his various projects but nothing he has done has inspired me more nor made me more proud of his special abilities than his announcement of receiving his business degree in Organizational Management.  Eric is a special person […] Read more »

All four of my eyes spied the Office Mobile pics in the Motorola Q flash video yesterday, which is why I wondered if Verizon was stuffing in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Lo and behold, it looks like Motorola and Verizon got their signals crossed because the […] Read more »

If you already consider yourself a technical road-warrior, chances are that you already have some type of 3G data plan; either that or you hop from Starbucks to Starbucks for WiFi-flavored lattes. The New York Times, fresh off their realization that two monitors increases productivity, took […] Read more »

There’s actually nothing "spartan" about the GMS P630, a new handheld computer specifically for the military, and perhaps millionaires that like to act out James Bond movies. For only $3,400, you too can be 007 or General Patton by using the preliminary device that sports: – […] Read more »

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Good to see that Google Reader now offers up a service for mobile phones. You’ll need a phone with a web browser of course; if you’ve got one, along with a free account for Google Reader, you’ll be treated to the RSS feeds that interest you […] Read more »

In case folks missed it, Microsoft opened up the beta for Windows Media Player 11 to the public. I’ve been using WMP 11 in Vista and in my opinion, it’s a much better interface than prior versions. Along with the WMP 11 soft-launch, you can get […] Read more »

Nokia wants to own your phone and camera needs and the N93 makes that very simple to do with a single device.  Offering a 3.2 megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom, the N93 can shoot VGA video at 30 frames per second, no small feat […] Read more »

I spoke with podcasting buddy David Ciccone last night and he has offered up some concrete information about the upcoming cPC handheld computer with dual operating systems.  The cPC is the device that was first demonstrated at the CES in Las Vegas early this year and […] Read more »

I like Vista. Really, I do. In fact, I’m very impressed with the latest build as I’ve used it all day on my desktop. I guess where I’m struggling is in the decision-making we sometimes see from Microsoft on the new operating system. See, on the […] Read more »

ACCESS of Japan has released version 3.3 of Netfront, historically one of the best web browsers for the Windows Mobile Pocket PC.  The major change to this new version is the support for Windows Mobile 5 devices, although it is not clear from the Netfront web […] Read more »

Here’s a short and sweet video review that CNET published yesterday on the new MacBook. As a Mac-less household, I spent the two minutes reviewing their take and all-in-all came away impressed that you get so much for so little. The typical nice design doesn’t hurt […] Read more »

One of the forum members over at Mobile Gadget News spotted the new Motorola Q introduction site over at Verizon and I just snuck a peek. Not that we haven’t seen the Q from every possible angle, but the video really emphasizes this aesthetics of this […] Read more »

Holy guacamole! I just might move to Japan so I can get one of these when they go on sale there next month! Korean manufacturer Tinnos put together this beautiful Windows CE 5.0 device, complete with a effective resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels on a […] Read more »

Our long, slow march crawl towards Windows Vista continues. Like many others, I’ve been able to install and run Vista on my Toshiba M205 Tablet, and even "get a little glass". I’m actually grabbing the latest build as we speak; build 5381 looks to be a […] Read more »

Samsung will be demonstrating a prototype of the first hybrid hard drive next week at WinHEC.  Hybrid hard drives use flash memory to enable boot and resume operations to execute twice as fast, and save on battery life at the same time. Hybrid hard drives eliminate […] Read more »

Digital World Tokyo got a chance to fondle the Sony UX50 Micro PC in Japan and have published a brief overview.  They reported that although the high resolution of 1024 x 600 makes things tiny on the 4.5 inch screen they were able to see everything.  […] Read more »

Like they don’t already have great spas and beautiful fjords, now Norway gets mobile calling on the cheap too. Customers of Hello, AS get to really roam as their calls will seamlessly route from cellular coverage to WiFi VoIP calls. Even better yet: "We have least-cost […] Read more »

Yup, back on May 17, 2004 we saw something every mobile maverick needs: a way to blend in with surroundings to become virtually invisible. I suppose this could come in handy if you wanted to lift your best bud’s new handheld or Tablet PC without getting […] Read more »

So you’ve got an external USB hard drive. Do you know how much capacity is left on it? Unplug it first and now tell me. Hmmm……if you really want to know what your storage situation is at any given time, consider the SmartDisk FireLiteXP USB drive […] Read more »

The good folks at Dynamism are all over the soon to be released Sony UX Micro PC and in typical Dynamism fashion have several different configurations available for pre-order.  There are three different models offered, two Japanese models and one American model.  The Japanese models are […] Read more »

If you have been trying to snag one of the Samsung Q1 units (which is a sweet device) then check out CDW.  A confidential source has informed me that CDW will be receiving 2,000 units on May 24th for immediate shipping to customers.  I wouldn’t wait if I […] Read more »

It took him a year, but Eric Mack is yet another blissfully happy tablet user. For those of you contemplating a move to the Tablet PC platform, don’t just take our word for its positive effects on your productivity and overall personal computing experience. Go and […] Read more »

Several sites were talking about Pioneer’s AVIC-S1 last month including this French one, but the photos and user manual (note: PDF link) just popped up on the FCC site today. This QVGA touchscreen GPS unit fits in your car and provides all of the standard directional […] Read more »

Greg Hughes has published a nice overview of Google Maps Mobile running on his Blackberry 8700c.  He is very happy with it especially since it is free.  The program can be installed over the air and supports a lot of devices besides the Blackberry.  According to […] Read more »

Another small-ish form factor, Intel Core Duo entry hits the mobile market today: Toshiba just rolled out the Satellite U200 with a 12.1-inch WXGA screen. According to Core Duo News, the base specs for $1,159 include: – 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo T2300 chip- 256MB of […] Read more »

PCCW Mobile has announced the world’s first streaming of real-time TV over a 3G network.  The new service will let customers watch TV in real-time over their 3G-enabled mobile phones via a one-click interface.  Sports events will soon be available on the service, a natural fit […] Read more »

The Pioneer Inno for XM Radio is a cool device that lets owners record songs and programs onto the mobile device and that has gotten the RIAA tied up in knots.  The music industry representative who has sued everyone from little old grandmothers to children has […] Read more »

Those lucky Vodafone customers across the pond get a chance to upgrade their Windows Mobile 5 devices to AKU2, while I still wait for Verizon to do the same here. Owners of the v1640, Qtek 9100 and the v1240 can hit up the Vodafone site here […] Read more »

It’s funny how much mobile technology can change in just a short year or two. I thought it might be interesting to occasionally, or even daily based on your feedback, "go back in time" and see what was happening on this day a year or two […] Read more »

If you listen to music in either iTunes or Windows Media Player, would you consider a remote to control your music? What would you say if I told you that you may already have one? PlayerPal is a software application for Windows XP and MCE that […] Read more »

All together now, repeat after me: The Sony UX Micro PC is not an Origami/ UMPC as defined by Microsoft and the OEMs.  It does not come with the Tablet Edition nor the Touch Pack software.  I intend to call the UX what I have always […] Read more »

I’ll admit it, when I first saw a picture of the myvu personal media viewer, I immediately thought of the Oakley Thump .mp3 sunglasses. Then I realized: there’s no way those thin goggles can block the sun, so this has to be something unique. And it […] Read more »

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