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I’m sure AT&T doesn’t really care what I want. Actually, why not broaden that to wireless data carriers in general. Earlier this week it was T-Mobile essentially banning VoIP and IM on their HSDPA network, likely indicating they will be happy to provide you those services […] Read more »

In the "I’m not sure who would want these" category South Korean company Kowon Technology is shipping the MSP-209, LCD glasses that lets you work on your phone or PDA in private.  The glasses make the wearer feel like they are watching a 32 inch TV […] Read more »

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David Ciccone of Mobility Today has published a video review of the Pioneer Inno for XM Radio.  David shows us the unit mounted in his car and covers all the basic functions and usability features of the Inno.  The Inno has recording capabilities and works with […] Read more »

Outside of the recent news that the device will ship within 90 days, it seems like some time since we’ve had an update on the DualCor cPC, the first device of any size to offer both Windows XP Tablet Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0.  DualCor has […] Read more »

Nobody knows when the Palm 700p will be available, other than Palm, of course; but the great swamis are making their predictions. Engadget says next Monday, May 15th. Engadget Mobile disagrees and has evidence pointing to May 28th. CNET says we’ll all find out together when […] Read more »

Warner Crocker points out some interesting power consumption stats that HP has stated for their new tc4400 Tablet PC. According to HP, the tc4400’s primary battery will keep you running for 5 hours and 30 minutes. Also available are two optional batteries: an 8-cell Extended Life […] Read more »

Lisa Gade of MobileTechReview has a Samsung Q1 in hand and while the promised full review is not published yet she is posting her impressions every day for the first week of using the UMPC.  There are some great photos including the very nice packaging and […] Read more »

GottaBeMobile is reporting that an email from DualCor indicates the long awaited cPC will be shipping in 90 days.  I am on the DualCor Board of Expert Technical Advisors and I didn’t even know that.  Kudos to GottaBeMobile for getting that nugget of information. -jk Read more »

Sandisk is now producing 4 GB memory sticks for the PSP which will allow owners to store up to 20 hours of video.  The PSP is an excellent media player and now owners will be able to store reams of content to take on the road.  […] Read more »

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This actually gives credence to Verizon’s "Can you hear me now?" slogan since T-Mobile customers on the HSDPA network can’t say "Can you Skype me now?" Looks like the cellular carrier is planning strict adherence to their network do’s and don’ts. On the unacceptable list: VoIP […] Read more »

No, I’m not talking about MobileTechRoundup (although you should NEVER miss one of those).  I just listened to two different podcasts that offer some great insight into different areas of the mobile tech segment.  Mobile Devices MVPs Dave Ciccone (yes, THAT Dave) and Chris de Herrera […] Read more »

YouTube has grown into such a huge network of user submitted videos but I always found it a bit strange that you couldn’t post your video masterpieces straight from your mobile device.  That changes today with the announcement of a new mobile service from YouTube that […] Read more »

Clearly, one of the most referenced issues with the first batch of UMPCs is battery life. Ok, lack of keyboard is likely number one, but a shorter than expected runtime has to be a close second. If you’re not following the collaborative battery benchmarking and troubleshooting […] Read more »

HP appears to have officially pulled the hx4700 out of its iPAQ lineup, but the Treo 700-like hw6900 series is on the way. MobilityToday spoke with HP for the confirmation on the 4700 discontinuation. This isn’t a huge surprise since all evidence points to PDAs without […] Read more »

Yesterday I posted an article pointing to Marc Orchant’s excellent overview of the online productivity tool, Foldera.  I have been following the progress of Foldera since the earliest announcements because I like the activity-based approach they are taking to organizing personal information.  I stated in my […] Read more »

Looking for Windows Mobile software? How does direct access to over 1,600 titles that have the "Designed for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone" designation sound? Look no further since you can find them all on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile site. Better yet, the site is now […] Read more »

We don’t do many off-topic posts on jkOnTheRun but if you do just one thing thing today then watch comedian Judson Laipply performing a six minute history of dance, from the early Elvis days to hip hop.  It is extremely funny.  You get major points if […] Read more »

Fortte is another manufacturer that has designed a case for the XV6700 & PPC-6700 that allows you to use the slide-out keyboard without removing the case. If you remember in my video review of the respective case from Sena Cases, I pointed out that the Sena […] Read more »

Aussie Tableteer Hugo Ortega has taken delivery of a TabletKiosk eo UMPC and is blogging the impressions of his entire family.  Not surprisingly for those who have played with the eo, Hugo is finding his children are taking to the Origami with great relish and little […] Read more »

Small Laptops and Notebooks is reporting that HP issued a press release today announcing a number of new products, including the next generation Tablet PC, the tc4400.  The tc4400 is a refresh of the tc4200 and incorporates a Core Duo processor from Intel.  The tc4400 has […] Read more »

MobileTechReview is reporting that BestBuy sold out of initial inventories of the Samsung Q1 just a day after offering it on their web site.  Of course we don’t know how many units the retailer had to sell but I would imagine quite a few since they […] Read more »

No funky glasses required. That’s the premise behind the 3D prototype mobile display built by DDD Group. DDD, which stands for Dynamic Digital Depth, build the prototype based on the HTC Faraday running Windows Mobile 5 on a TI OMAP850 chipset. With the appropriate screen, DDD […] Read more »

Sorry kiddies, but Heineken is looking to cut down on underage drinking using Windows Mobile technology. If you go to a Heineken sponsored event, get ready to have your ID swiped via a handheld device to verify the age information on the card’s magnetic strip or […] Read more »

Julie of The Gadgeteer discovered a new web site called Every Day Carry (EDC) Forums that covers all the doo-dads people carry with them every day.  They don’t restrict themselves to just gadgets, no they even discuss things like flashlights, key chains, watches, pens, etc.  They […] Read more »

You might have seen some of these specials at various sites, but if you’re in the market for a Tablet PC, here’s an aggregation of deals. Many expire soon, so don’t wait. Oh and happy inking at a discount! Lenovo celebrates their "one year anniversary": Save […] Read more »

Got the hots for a new Palm handheld, say the Treo 700w or upcoming 700p? Don’t relegate that tired, old Palm to the trash; consider trading it in via the Palm Trade-In program: "Don’t just send your old handheld or smartphone to the trash bin. Put […] Read more »

I’d like to believe you could install the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 OS on Sesol’s HiPAD, but it appears to be running Windows XP Embedded in a tablet body. This 10.4-inch slate computer is exactly the size I’m looking for; unfortunately, this unit […] Read more »

NewspaperDirect and Microsoft have entered into a technical partnership to allow Origami/ UMPC owners to read newspapers on the devices.  NewspaperDirect offers hundreds of global and local newspapers for download and reading through the PressReader application that captures the experience of reading a traditional newspaper. Alex […] Read more »

Patrick Norton of digital life (DL.TV) and TwiT fame has released a very nice video review of the Samsung Q1 which is one of the most reasonable reviews I have seen yet.  Patrick and the other reviewer show all aspects of the Q1 including the screen […] Read more »

Oh how I hate using FM modulators to stream satellite radio or music from an iPod to my car stereo. Thanks to Pioneer’s new DEH-P810, I may not have to. This new car stereo has integrated Bluetooth support for the A2DP profile, so you can wirelessly […] Read more »

Rob Enderle from The Enderle Group has an ongoing series of analytical video discussions on the UMPC devices that’s worth watching. So far, only two of the four videos are out, and both are less than two minutes in length. In the first discussion, Rob explains […] Read more »

I recently mentioned Undercover for MacBooks that helps authorities locate your stolen notebook right under the thief"s nose.  PC-based notebook and Tablet PC owners can get the same piece of mind with a product offered by Absolute Software.  ComputraceComplete consists of software and a monitoring service […] Read more »

Information overload.  We all experience it in this always connected world and getting to the nuggets of pertinent information is always a challenge.  There are now so many types of metadata that we must track and be able to access that the challenge just keeps growing.  […] Read more »

Just last week the numbers confirmed a trend we’ve seen for some time: handhelds without phone capabilities weren’t selling. Does that mean handheld sales in general are sliding? Not necessarily if you look at the recent industry sales numbers. According to Gartner, overall shipments increased 6.6% […] Read more »

This week Samsung will be releasing a mobile phone they claim is the world’s thinnest and based on the specs they just might be right.  The SGH-X820 is just 6.9 mm (0.27 inches) and is a full MP3 player with 80 MB of onboard storage.  Now […] Read more »

Microsoft and Qualcomm, a major handset maker, have joined forces in the smartphone segment.  Microsoft will be putting Windows Mobile on a chip that Qualcomm will be putting on its Convergence Platform MSM chipsets which will be available in the last half of 2006.  Why should […] Read more »

I mentioned two weeks ago that I was participating in a free trial of hosted Exchange services with The trial expires for me midweek on May 10th, so I planned a decision over the weekend. Also, jkOTR reader Wes asked on Friday what I planned […] Read more »

I haven’t noticed long boot times in Microsoft Windows Vista, but then again, I haven’t been formally timing them either. (Great…another "to do"!) Samsung appears to have a pre-emptive strike against long Vista boot times with their ReadyDrive technology. The ReadyDrive was apparently developed specifically for […] Read more »

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