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Here in the U.S., as well as in a few other countries I believe, we’re extending Daylight Savings Time this year by roughly four weeks over the current standard. Microsoft has some documentation on the impact to your Windows Mobile handheld and one kind soul created […] Read more »

I know what you’re thinking: "Of course they put the ‘n’ in Centrino; otherwise it would be called ‘Cetrio’ and what kind of name is that?!?" Ah, but I meant 802.11n! Now that the draft spec is near ratification, Intel has adopted it in their Centrino […] Read more »

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Daniel (aka: ThoughtFix) has a nice review of the Sprint Novatel U720 USB modem; this is the device that supports Sprint’s EV-DO Rev. A network. A USB modem is a great option for a UMPC or other mobile device that doesn’t have a PC-Card slot, so […] Read more »

I’ve written about the growing problem of having gear stolen from cars during lunch, even when left "safely" in the trunk.  An email this morning from Lee Miller, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the TabletKiosk roadshow back in November, reiterates why I never […] Read more »

I take a lot of notes.  Every day, over and over, I attend meetings and make phone calls that require me to take notes that are useful reference tools for me.  Every day I must refer back to some note I took during a meeting to […] Read more »

Today I am on a mission for faster EV-DO.  Not that the EV-DO I have been enjoying for a couple of years is not fast enough but we all know that in all things Internet the faster the better.  Verizon has been quietly rolling out the […] Read more »

Maybe I love this concept Swatch watch just because I’m a big cycling fan, but it’s sleek and simple. No fancy bells and whistles, no Bluetooth module, no MP3 player built in, none of that. It’s just a watch that I like. Of course, it looks […] Read more »

That 3G is really gettin’ around! Samsung just plopped HSDPA support inside their VLUU i70 camera so you can shoot your pics twice: once through the lens and once over The Internets! The i70 offers a 3x optical zoom and a more-than-adequate 7.3 megapixel sensor. Adding […] Read more »

MobileWhack has this interesting pic that appears to be a secondary display for your computer, but details are between slim and none. It looks like it could be a Windows SideShow display for RSS feeds, PIM info and whathaveyou, but all we have is a small […] Read more »

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Sharing the battery tests on the Q1P earlier today led to quite the revelation: Samantha appears to have an LED backlight. Weren’t we just discussing that technology yesterday? It’s already made an impact on my mobile device because the Q1P looks to get at least an […] Read more »

It was a pleasure meeting Judie of Gear Diary at the CES in Vegas, albeit briefly, and since returning from Vegas she has blogged an unboxing of the Fujitsu T4215 Tablet PC that showed up while she was at the CES.  Judie’s posted a lot of […] Read more »

What can I say, I’m on a battery kick today. Right after posting the Q1B battery results, I read this article over at Technology Review. Most of the focus on power for hybrid or electric vehicles, but these quotes left me wanting more in terms of […] Read more »

Yesterday, I got a request from Jose over at palmInsider; Jose asked if I could run a battery test on Samantha so he could compare the results on his Celeron-based Samsung Q1. I did one better because I ran BatteryEater on Sammy way back in August […] Read more »

If you were wondering if the Linksys iPhone is real or just smoke and mirrors to prevent Apple from using the iPhone name something I saw right here on jkOnTheRun this morning proves that Cisco’s claims are for real: See, if Google Adsense says it’s true […] Read more »

Nothing beats the smell of fresh Vaja case leather, the more leather the better.  You MacBook owners (Matt) should note that Vaja ha released their Classic Jacket for MacBooks and MacBook Pros.  Take a look at this: Is that nice or what?  The Vaja Classic Jacket […] Read more »

I’m pretty hooked on that Google TXT search for finding business addresses and phone numbers; in fact, I just demonstrated it at a family birthday over the weekend. Who knew we’d get together to celebrate a birthday and need to find the nearest fish market? TechCrunch […] Read more »

jkOnTheRun reader Dave Jansen just sent me a great offer he received from OQO. Owners of the original OQO (Models 01/ 01+) who preorder the cool new Model 02 before March 31st will get the awesome docking station with a dual layer DVD burner ($399 value) […] Read more »

This continues the chronicle of my mobile Monday.  As we left our hero he had just hit the 6:30 am mark which found him in his office in the Big Oil Co.  I have set up for the morning at my desk where the Fujitsu P1610 […] Read more »

Every opportunity there is to squeeze some power savings out of components is one that should be taken. Over the past two years or so, the focus was on processors that use less juice; that’s sure to continue with the upcoming chipsets, but another area is […] Read more »

I’ve used QtParted and other freebie partition tools in the past, especially in my Linux adventures, but GParted is also worth a timely mention. It found its way onto Lifehacker just today and given the fact that some folks may be slowly meandering over to Vista […] Read more »

From an engineering standpoint, the Samsung Ultra Edition 5.9 phone is no doubt a marvel. The Unwired View points out that this successor to the X820 loses 15% of its "bulk" by slimming down to just 5.9mm thin thick. There’s no compromise on features in this […] Read more »

One week left before the Vista launch and Download Squad provides a Vista tip worth sharing: Outlook Sidebar Gadgets. If you hit the Windows Live Gallery and search for Outlook Gadgets, you’ll see three: Outlook Info, Outlook Upcoming Appointments and Outlook Tasks. There’s some overlap here, […] Read more »

This might be the most detailed smartphone platform summary I’ve seen in some time. InformationWeek has a lengthy overview on all of the main smartphone systems out there and provides a great comparison between Symbian, Linux, Palm, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and of course, the Mac OS […] Read more »

Listen here ( MP3, 20.8 MB, 60 minutes) or Subscribe to the show with this link  (RSS) Marc Orchant and James Kendrick sit down (finally) for show #34 and have a chance to ruminate on finally meeting face to face at the Tablet PC meetup at […] Read more »

UMPC enthusiasts like Kevin Tofel have been installing Vista on their UMPCs and delighting in how well the new OS runs on the under-powered PCs and we’re starting to see a lot of them blogging about how well Vista is running.  There is no doubt that […] Read more »

The Sharp Zaurus enthusiast community is buzzing with the news that Sharp is shutting down production of the Zaurus line of PDAs in February.  The Sharp Zaurus is a Linux-based clamshell PDA that has a huge community of owners and developers thanks to its open-source foundation […] Read more »

The whole Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) moniker has been confusing since the launch of the handheld devices, especially since the decision was made somewhere to drop the Origami codename.  Since Ultra Mobile PC is a generic term people have been calling any small handheld a UMPC, […] Read more »

Whether you use the great software from Spb Software House or not if you have a Windows Mobile device you should head over and join the newly launched Spb Club web site.  Run by the Spb folks, you’ll find all sorts of discussions about Spb software, […] Read more »

Here’s one for the "uh-oh" department: MobileWhack has this link to a Palm 680 patch to address a battery issue. Apparently, the 680′s camera is draining that precious battery life, even while in a sleeply stand-by state. Option 1 would be just to use the heck […] Read more »

Although you could always use the Zune for basic podcasting functionality, Zune Thoughts found some recent developments that could increase podcast support for Microsoft’s digital audio/video player. Some of the evidence out there: 1. A page on showing featured partners that offer podcasts.2. A quick […] Read more »

OK, how long before Alltel gets a ‘cease & desist’ for the Apple-like widgets in their Celltop phone interface? We got a press release (PDF) yesterday on this one and clearly, they’re NOT widgets, they’re cells, ‘k? Actually, these individual cells look like a nice UI […] Read more »

Access might sound familiar; they’re the folks that bought the Palm OS. However, they also developed a solid web browsing client for Windows Mobile devices some years back. The NetFront browser didn’t get updated often, but many folks sung its praises. Looks like the venerable app […] Read more »

First off, I have to say , I’m a huge fan of Cisco Cheng and PC Mag. I should also disclose that PC Mag ran an article I collaborated on for the 12/5/06 issue. Having said that, I’m disappointed in the article “Another Let Down: Hands […] Read more »

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