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We’ve been talking about the Eleksen fabric keyboards for months and most of the keyboards we’ve discussed have been mere prototypes.  This combination UMPC case and keyboard seen in this video was easily the most interesting of the lot, until Eleksen produced the latest in the […] Read more »

We’ve been all over the evolution of the flash hard drive here on jkOnTheRun because of the impact it can have on mobile PCs in the areas of performance and battery life.  The largest capacity flash HDD was 128 GB until Adtron announced a new 160 […] Read more »

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I don’t know where the folks at Gear Diary get all the stuff they give away.  If you don’t believe me, hop over and check out their biggest give-away ever.  They have 22 items up for grabs and it couldn’t be easier to enter, just leave […] Read more »

It only took three short months: Opera Mini 3 gets a point upgrade. The latest version is now 3.1 and is freely available. I was just commenting on a recent podcast that the Microsoft browsing experience was actually quite good on the T-Mobile Dash, but, the […] Read more »

If you just can’t get into OneNote, Evernote or another note-taking application but you do want to snip, clip or save from the web, i-Lighter might be the browser add-on for you. Judie Hughes gave it a nice writeup yesterday but since I’m running Vista today, […] Read more »

James got me hooked on Booq bags about two years ago and I’ve never regretted my purchase. I have a Booq backpack that carefully caresses my Toshiba M205 and would hold any 12-inch notebook quite capably. In fact, I use it to carry my Samsung Q1P […] Read more »

Microsoft just announced more reader applications similar to the Times Reader: using the same technology, you can now read the Seattle-Post Intelligencer, Forbes, and the Daily Mail tabloid from the UK. From the main press release, you can find links to download each reader application, although […] Read more »

(Image: twofones) Last month at the CES, James and I stopped by the SimulScribe booth, but I realized I never wrote up my impressions! I got the reminder today when CNET wrote up the service that transcribes your voicemails for reading via e-mail or SMS. SimulScribe […] Read more »

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Remember a while back when Access bought PalmSource and announced the next generation Palm OS based on Linux called ALP (Access Linux Platform)?  Nothing much was heard after that until the 3GSM show a couple of weeks ago when Access was showing what it reportedly version […] Read more »

Samsung is reportedly going  to announce at CeBIT a new LCD monitor that has no VGA or DVI inputs, instead going with just a USB 2.0 input.  The SyncMaster 940UX is a 19” monitor that should be released in May for Windows XP with Vista drivers […] Read more »

Since the Vista Sidebar gadget library is relatively barren when compared to Yahoo!, Google and other web widgets, I was glad to see this tip from Download Squad: apparently, you can now convert those web widgets to Vista gadgets with Amnesty Generator. I’m actually amazed by […] Read more »

I always wanted to use the word “maven” in a post, hope it means what I think it does.  I have a little free time between meetings so I’m sitting in a coffee shop and thinking about the mobile lifestyle and other things so here goes: The guy […] Read more »

You may not have realized that Intel and Nokia have been working on a 3G module for notebooks that would integrate high speed wireless connectivity onto the mother board.  The module would be based on GSM and owners of notebooks would simply need to pop in […] Read more »

The Sharp EM ONE recently announced carries an nVidia chipset under the hood and the video giant is further sticking their toe in the mobile phone pool and testing the water as witnessed by this video taken at 3GSM a few weeks back.  The video shows […] Read more »

Motion Computing just launched their newest product: the Motion C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant. This 10.4-inch, 3.1-pound handheld runs either Windows Vista Business or XP Tablet Edition on an 1.2 GHz Intel Core Solo processor and the Intel 945 GSM integrated graphics. Motion worked with thousands of […] Read more »

If your MacBook or MacBook Pro glides through the ether using a 3G modem, make sure you check out the Apple support site: they posted a software update for WWAN users yesterday according to Infinite Loop. Here’s a rundown of what hardware / network is affected: […] Read more »

When I first saw the announcement for the i-Mate Ultimate 7150 the first thought that crossed my mind was that it looked like what you’d get if you took a Sharp Zaurus and made it better looking and more functional.  I still think that and would […] Read more »

Kevin and I both have a fond place in our hearts for the first VGA Pocket PC, the Toshiba e800, and I think the fact that the Toshiba G900 announced at the 3GSM reminds us of the e800 makes us so excited about the G900.  Well, […] Read more »

I must admit the Freeware of the Moment choice today is a bit selfish as it was written specifically for a Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC. I don’t feel too selfish as the program also works on other devices with a few caveats.  PowerTouch is a beta […] Read more »

Is there no end to the OneNote 2007 PowerToys? Actually, I hope not because just about every one of them address a particular situation with a quick and easy solution! Last week, we mentioned the three latest PowerToys, but Dan Escapa has another in his OneNote […] Read more »

I often use Google Maps for directions and send those directions to friends. The problem is: that blasted URL is longer than the TOS for a wireless carrier! Download Squad comes to the rescue by pointing out tinymap. Think of it as a Google Map mashed […] Read more »

I’m thinking that in the long run, Adobe will emerge as the premiere eBook reading platform. I’ve been a long time eReader fan but I’m reading more books on a UMPC than on a Windows Mobile device these days and Adobe is looking good. The PDF […] Read more »

My time at the Starbuck’s this afternoon was very well spent as I took the time to check everywhere for a Vista audio driver from Fujitsu that was a later version number than the one on the Fujitsu support site.  The only driver Fujitsu has published […] Read more »

Today I am playing Dad/ Grand-dad and dropped my daughter and her family off at a wedding.  They are going to attend the wedding and stay for a while at the reception afterwards which is in the same place so I decided I’d drop them off […] Read more »

We first told you about the free (beta) ZYB backup service last year because it looked like a nice way to keep all of the important information you carry on your phone backed up to a server where it could be restored to a new phone […] Read more »

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