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We just can’t stop talking about the HTC Athena, probably because it defies categorization.  It’s a phone, PDA, mini PC, web appliance, etc.  All of the news about T-Mobile picking it up even added to the fire of interest.  What we haven’t seen yet is a […] Read more »

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This will either go down as a "gotta have it feature" or a "why did they do this" gimmick: this smartphone from Taiwan offers a virtual scroll wheel. The OKWAP S868 runs WinMo 5, has a 2.4-inch touchscreen, alpha-numeric keypad and 2 Megapixel CMOS. Apparently the […] Read more »

Earlier this week, jkOTR reader Scott tipped us on a new product launch from BoxWave we missed last week. Actually, Scott had the inside track since the new BoxWave screen protectors for the Fujitsu P1610 were created from his request; he even sent in high-resolution pics […] Read more »

About a week back, Matt, James and I were wondering when OQO was going to update their Model 02 product order page for Vista. Looks like they did yesterday, which of course, was timed to coincide with the Microsoft Windows Vista launch. Gorkon, a jkOTR reader […] Read more »

Korea Location Information & Communications says that their KP-100 is the "world’s first terrestrial-based personal portable location detection device" but clearly they haven’t met my kids who always seem to find me when I’m really busy. The KP-100 is a small, under 50 gram locating device […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 88 is 33:48 minutes long and is a 31 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

Mobio Unveils Mobile Lifestyle Portal With Over 50 Dynamic Applications And Widgets CUPERTINO, Calif. – January 31, 2007 – Mobio Networks today announced its flagship product GetMobio, the first mobile lifestyle portal that offers consumers over 50 dynamic applications and widgets that work together and are […] Read more »

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Eagle-eyed jkOnTheRun reader Alan Pozner found the Samsung Q1P on PC Connection that can be ordered with Vista.  The new Vistagami will set you back $1277 and is showing as “on order”, so no idea when it will actually be available.  This is good news and […] Read more »

No, don’t get excited yet.  I have been following all of the various Fujitsu support websites for the appearance of the official Fujitsu Vista drivers and utilities and I don’t think we have them available yet.  Here are the global sites I have tracked and what […] Read more »

OK, the Microsoft Origami Project team has hit the giant-sized "publish" button in Redmond and…..we’re waiting for the download to propogate through the servers. Maybe everyone is downloading Vista? Oh, I don’t know but you’ve been waiting for what we showed you and it will be […] Read more »

If you just can’t make the transition to a fully digital shopping list on a PDA, cell phone, UMPC, or full-sized Tablet PC with MindManager, how about a little compromise to get you halfway there? Ubergizmo points out the SmartShopper: a voice recording device that will […] Read more »

Have you heard of that new program from Microsoft that launches today?  It’s called Vista and I hear it has a lot of cool features.  You may want to check it out.  I almost forgot– there’s another new program called Office available today.  Boring name. Read more »

OK, so I’m still playing Hold Em on Vista….while I’m waiting for the River card, go hit up the Giveaway of the Day site we mentioned a few short weeks back because….. No, not an Ace of Spades, I need the Ace of Clubs! Crap…..there’s always […] Read more »

I didn’t see much on the mobile front, but there were a few Ultimate Extras available today; very appropriate since it’s Vista launch day. Aside from several standard updates in Windows Update, I also pulled down two "Extras": BitLocker and EFS enhancements Hold Em Poker Game […] Read more »

JGUI has been producing software for Windows Mobile devices for some time now and they sent me a notice about a new interface for Windows Mobile smartphones and Phone Edition devices that is so cool I jumped right on it.  With all the mania surrounding the […] Read more »

jkOTR reader Gabriel tipped us off over the weekend: the SonyStyle store has the UX-390N handheld available for $2,499. This is the 32 GB flash drive version of the UX-series, running a 1.33 GHz Intel Core Solo processor and 1 GB of RAM. The 390N still […] Read more »

Although there are plenty of good wallpaper backgrounds in Vista, I just grabbed this picture off of an SD card earlier today. I’ll never claim to be a photographer, but this view from outside my home office window last week was interesting. You’ve likely seen the […] Read more »

Following along with Kevin’s post about Alex’ quest for a new UMPC, UMPC Search has posted a thought-provoking piece that looks at people who blog about UMPCs and lists which device each uses.  It’s an interesting way to see exactly what device the people you may […] Read more »

Steve “Chippy” Paine has been a great source of UMPC information on his blog CarryPad, and one we have referred to often here on jkOnTheRun. I visited CarryPad today and found this blog entry where Steve announces he is shutting down the CarryPad Journal.  Now before […] Read more »

Sean Alexander of addicted to/ digital media has posted some pics of a Tablet PC commissioned by Microsoft and produced by Asus to showcase all of the special features of Vista.  The Tablet is not only sweet looking with that Vista logo on the cover but […] Read more »

Earlier this week I kicked off my quest to find Verizon’s upgraded EV-DO Rev A service in Houston.  In order to do that I first had to get my hands on the Sierra Wireless AirCard 595 (AC595) modem that Verizon began offering last month that is […] Read more »

Good news for fellow Fujitsu P1610 owners who are jonesing to upgrade to Vista when it comes out in just a few days.  I had an online chat with a Fujitsu representative to whom I posed the following two questions in yellow: So there you have […] Read more »

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