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Those Tabletology girls are branching out from their usual HP tc1100 postings (no doubt to punish HP for dropping the best Tablet PC ever produced) and are evaluating the Electrovaya Scribbler SC3100.  Their first in-depth look centers around that innovative detachable touchpad that hooks onto the […] Read more »

Windows Mobile device owners have been vocally taking Microsoft to task for removing the Mobile Device Center (MDC) from the most recent versions of the Windows Vista beta and rightly so.  The MDC is the utility that provides synchronization between Windows Vista PCs and Windows Mobile […] Read more »

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We’ve mentioned Orb so often on jkOnTheRun that you’d think we owned stock in the company or something but the fact is it is the best free way to sling media to your mobile device, no matter where you are.  I am happy to announce that […] Read more »

Disclosure: I hate IM. Actually, let me edit that. I love IM, but I hate IM on different platforms and wish we could all "speak the same language". We’re getting closer with clients like Trillian, GAIM, and Miranda (they’re all pretty solid) that support multi-platform IM, […] Read more »

I’m not set up to download it at the moment as I’m out and about using my EV-DO connection. For you other masochists lucky folks that are beta testing Microsoft Windows Vista, the last expected interim build is now available. First thing I’m looking for: is […] Read more »

If a laptop fries your legs,just use it to cook some eggs. If you want to reduce the heat,why not grab a set of these feet? Two are short and two are long,for only 10 pounds you can’t go wrong. [via TRFJ, great to read every […] Read more »

Just a quick point of clarification andor opinion so that bad info isn’t spread. I’m seeing numerous headlines like this one out of last weeks IDF conference regarding battery life in UMPCs. Most of the headlines state that we’ll see "all day battery life" in UMPCs […] Read more »

Wow, a contest doesn’t get any easier than this! Hop over to Mobility Site for the full details, but all you have to do is vote andor take a photo of your current MP3 setup. The contest is to celebrate the new site design which looks […] Read more »

No doubt about it: as devices get smaller, they get harder to protect from theft and loss. Targus has some new twists on old protection methods, but how good are they? Not very according to security expert Marc Weber Tobias; Marc has great piece on Engadget […] Read more »

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I have to apologize; we’re already through the first few days of October and we haven’t shared the latest Apple Tablet PC rumors. I’m sorry; we’ll just have to try harder. ;) T3 is the latest group to throw their thoughts in the ring, and to […] Read more »

If you’re not among the thousands of readers that hit up or subscribe to Kathy Sierra’s "Creating Passionate Users" blog, you’re missing out. Kathy’s keen viewpoint on recognizing, understanding, and delivering what customers want is always filled with thought-provoking conversation. Kathy’s recent post is a little […] Read more »

Samsung has been pushing the Solid State Disk (SSD) into full production and have enjoyed a top position in this budding sector, but that may change with Sony putting the TDK 32 GB SSD in the new UX90 32SS.  The TDK card is a 2.5" form […] Read more »

Novac has shown a USB to SATA dongle for connecting your UMPC to your big Raid Array at home.  Why?  Because you can, of course.  $34. (via engadget) Read more »

Looks like Asus might be among the first notebook OEMs to get the external screen concept to market and make use of Windows SideShow functionality. The Asus W5Fe is your standard notebook designed to run Vista. The not-so-standard aspect is the small LCD display, directional pad […] Read more »

We’ve seen multi-touch ideas in Apple patents, but this video is one of the first demos I’ve seen of Multi-Touch technology. Some of the video is just cool eye-candy, but around one minute in, you can start to see some practical uses for multiple windows. Later […] Read more »

Just so you don’t think I was kidding about the cellular and WiFi convergence, D-Link introduced their V-CLICK product that does just that. The V-CLICK is a tri-band (900/1800/1900 Mhz) GSM phone that can switch from cellular networks to WiFi networks for SIP-based VoIP calls. The […] Read more »

Got a note from one of our jkOTR readers about an extra Slate Tablet PC he has. Gee, Mike, I wish we all had that problem! ;) Seriously, Mike’s wife bought him a Fujitsu Stylistic ST5020D for their anniversary, but it turns out, he’s going to […] Read more »

So why exactly is the Sony UX series really not touted in here in the U.S.? Why can’t we get the latest cellphone that folks in Asia are using to watch DTV? What about the latest and greatest light laptop; do I need to fly to […] Read more »

Although my Q1 feels much snappier since I maxed out the RAM at 1 GB, I haven’t done any formal testing. In my defense, swapping the RAM in and out of Sammy causes issues with the Windows XP Embedded partition. Lucky for us, there are great […] Read more »

You may be aware I do a blog discussing mobile phones (jkOnThePhone) on the Houston Chronicle and while I may be biased I think their web site is as good or better than any newspaper’s web site.  Today a problem with the power company has knocked […] Read more »

Back in May, we heard that overseas T-Mobile customers were not allowed to use VoIP or IM on their 3G phones. In a not-so-stunning reversal, the company will be allowing usage of both services on the network, starting as early as this week. The surprising part […] Read more »

I reported yesterday that computer reseller Dynamism is offering the Tablet Edition as an option on the Sony UX Micro PC line they are selling, a fact that surprised me.  I was not aware that Microsoft had an OEM version of the Tablet Edition that could […] Read more »

Fujitsu announced last week they are recalling 287,000 notebook batteries made by Sony, joining a long list of manufacturers forced to recall batteries due to fire hazard.  Sony has also announced their own recall of batteries installed in their products, something I am surprised took them […] Read more »

ActiveWords has released the InkPad 2.0 beta for the Tablet PC and UMPC.  The new InkPad has special features to make it easy to invoke on touchscreen Tablets like UMPCs.  Here’s a list of new features in the 2.0 beta: The new interface implements a floating […] Read more »

I must have read five articles about the new AOL OpenRide that is a web browser app that does email and media playing too.  It sounded pretty good and I thought to myself, maybe AOL has learned its lesson about messing with their members and is […] Read more »

Looks like Lenovo took the sleek and sexy Motorola RAZR concept and mashed up with with usability of a Tablet PC with the Yogo concept. Thin and light is definitely in and if you look at how thick the device is compared to the visible VGA-out […] Read more »

The TabletKiosk ei i7210 is one of the most powerful UMPCs on the market today and I’ve been keeping an eye on them since Dennis Rice posted his nice video overview on GottaBeMobile.  A frequent visitor to jkOnTheRun, JKK (no relation), has posted a most excellent […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 71 is 37:08 minutes long and is a 34.1 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

On a recent MobileTechRoundup podcast Matt Miller mentioned that the newly released free program InScribe was clashing with the ActiveWords InkPad causing mucho problemos for users running both programs.  Matt has now reported happily that there is a simple fix that involves disabling the ActiveWords Buffer […] Read more »

I’ve waited a day to let the Wibree hoopla die down (but it hasn’t). Right off the bat, the announcement is very exciting. In case you missed it, Nokia developed a new radio technology called Wibree that’s essentially the same as Bluetooth from a functionality standpoint, […] Read more »

It seems the theme of the CEATEC in Japan this week is ebook readers, with interesting readers appearing from Panasonic and Fujitsu.  The Panasonic Word Gear is a nicely designed ebook reader with a 5.6" touch-screen, making it a good size for portability.  The Word Gear […] Read more »

Dynamism is offering all the various models of the UX Micro PC line from Sony including taking pre-orders for the newest Japanese model with the 32 GB Flash Drive (SSD).  Eagle-eyed jkOTR reader Keith Heard spotted this interesting item in the software accessory list: Dynamism must […] Read more »

Sharp has announced a $500 handheld translator that will translate spoken text from Japanese to English and vice versa.  The device is based on IBM’s excellent Via Voice speech recognition software and is expected to appear by the end of the year. (via I4U) Read more »

The DEMO conference was held last week while I was working hard in Boston and one of the coolest things I’ve seen come out of the conference is the HearHere podcast searching tool.  HearHere lets you type in a search term for something you want to […] Read more »

GottaBeMobile received some secret anonymous details on the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad x60s Tablet PC and if they prove to be accurate this will be the convertible to beat.  New features not found in the older x41t model: Hi-res screen option– 1400 x 1050 Core Duo option […] Read more »

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