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Zune Thoughts mentioned this IE plugin that adds a one-button file converter to your browser with a single purpose: convert .flv files to Zune compatible .wmv files. .flv files are typically used by YouTube and Google Video, so this could come in handy to carry those […] Read more »

MobileRead just dropped the news on us: Plastic Logic is building a factory to produce their plastic electronics ware thanks to $100 million in financing. These types of announcements hit the street daily, so what’s so special here? The product: Plastic Logic has already demonstrated a […] Read more »

After the long wait for HP’s hw6900 series, I was really curious to see if the wait was actually worth it. Brighthand put the phone through the test and well….I’m thinking it wasn’t quite worth the wait. That’s not to say the hw6925 is a bad […] Read more »

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Phones that double as digital audio players are all the rage, but a limiting factor up to this point has been the available memory of the device. Mainstream phone consumers don’t want to purchase separate memory cards that are easy to lose. Sprint just made it […] Read more »

I consider myself pretty adventurous, but even I’m not going to try this experiment just yet. Paul Colligan just put his TiVo up on eBay because in 2007, his entire household is going to get their entertainment media solely from the Internet. That’s right, no television […] Read more »

TAHELIA POWE WAGNER (AKA “MINIMAGE”) JOINS ALLTP TEAM AS STAFF REVIEWER     HORSHAM, PA (Jan. 1, 2007) – Allegiance Technology Partners (ALLTP), a solution provider specializing in tablet PCs, is excited to announce that Tahelia Powe Wagner, known on the web as MiniMage, has accepted […] Read more »

Don’t have time to listen to a lengthy podcast today? No problem; just hit up the new Mobility Site Minute podcast hosted by Chris Leckness. I spoke with Chris on the phone yesterday and he shared his reasons for the new tech podcast. Chris realizes that […] Read more »

I was offline for a rare 24 hours due to some personal matters, but I’m back and I just realized it’s almost time to pack for CES! That thought in conjunction with Craig Pringle’s "What’s in my Gadget Bag?" post got me to start making my […] Read more »

I was traipsing around the Windows Mobile web site this morning and stumbled across some hilarious ads that Microsoft has posted as part of their "Work Anywhere" campaign.  The ads feature a guy using his Windows Mobile device while wearing a suit covered with bacon (think […] Read more »

On-screen keyboards are utilities that put a translucent keyboard across the screen of Tablet PCs and UMPCs to provide a quick and dirty method of typing on the screen by tapping on the keys.  My experience with them is you either love them or hate them.  […] Read more »

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The start of a new year often finds many thinking along the lines of getting more organized using mobile technology to get the year started in proper fashion.  It’s not an easy thing to do and requires giving a lot of thought to the tools at […] Read more »

A number of folks including Dwight Silverman of TechBlog are reporting that on January 1st they were welcomed by the following cryptic error message when they booted up their WinXP computer: Application failed to initialize: 0x800106ba. A problem caused Windows Defender Service to stop. The Windows […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 84 is 37:00 minutes long and is a 34 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

Hate those long lines at amusement parks? If you’ve got a mobile phone or other device with Internet access, this note I just received two minutes ago from Dave Zatz might come in handy: "At Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure today… In line at Spiderman […] Read more »

Long before the release of the Zune I wrote an open letter to Microsoft explaining what I felt they had to do if they wanted the Zune to seriously compete with the iPod.  The seamless and simple way the iPod/ iTunes combination works for newbies is […] Read more »

Miyagi, my Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC, is a true workhorse and I couldn’t be happier with the boost in productivity I am enjoying having it around.  The small device is so light it begs to be taken everywhere and makes it simple to do so.  On […] Read more »

Apparently, that’s what the HTC Athena will set you back based on this HTC roadmap info tipped to us by Mobility Site. Both of those links will cover the entire HTC product roadmap; there’s several new devices in the works, but I’ll let you browse them […] Read more »

Vista offers more customization and control over the user environment than any prior Windows version. Take for example, the desktop icons and shortcuts. You can use the standard icon sizes, but why use cookie-cutter dimensions? After all, everyone has different preferences and you want those icons […] Read more »

Word of the Medion RIM 1000 ultra-portable PC began surfacing a couple of months ago and there was even a short video of the mystery device that surfaced on YouTube.  The RIM 1000 is interesting because it has what appears to be a very usable keyboard […] Read more »

Maybe MSM is finally figuring out what the rest of us have known for a while that the small size and plentiful features are the UMPC’s main strengths.  PC World reporter Dennis O’Reilly likes the new Asus R2H for it’s plethora of features that includes a […] Read more »

Reading On The Move, aka: ROEM, is a concept that looks very intriguing. ROEM is a multi-function design that centers around rollable electronic paper providing access to digital eBook content, photos, music and learning content. ROEM is also meant to be judicious with power, following in […] Read more »

Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend CES as a member of the Engadget team. That trip was covered by AOL and if you want to know how Engadget provides arguably the best coverage, the secret is: hard work. This year, I’m paying out of […] Read more »

There’s quite a bit o’ buzz on Hitachi’s announcement: they’ve launched production of a new cellphone LCD panel, fitting 800 x 480 resolution on a 2.9-inch screen. Now I love a high resolution screen more than most: my favorite computer display is the 1400 x 1050 […] Read more »

Perhaps the rumor of the Dell PDA demise is a bit overstated: the company officially released a ROM upgrade for the X50-series handheld yesterday. You can find information and downloads for the three different device ROMs (X50 – low, X50 – medium, X50v) directly at the […] Read more »

This updated handheld single page scanner from Pentax has a few features that could come in handy. The new DSMobile bumps the dpi up to 600 from the prior model’s 300 dpi resolution and only weighs 12 ounces. Even better: there’s no extra power components to […] Read more »

Bjorn got his paws on the UREN V1 Mobile Auto PC and provides the obligatory unboxing ceremony for all to see. Those of you in the U.S. might want to watch this because Bjorn is thinking that we won’t see this device here, although with importers […] Read more »

A press release I just received might just be the big news coming out of the forthcoming CES in Las Vegas.  Charging mobile devices without power cords has long been a dream for many of us and Fulton Innovation, a company backed by Motorola (among others) […] Read more »

Several sites are reporting that a new Nokia phone has surfaced on the FCC site but they can’t tell for sure if this is the rumored Nokia N93i. All of the documentation appears to show a model number "N00", but if you check the last PDF […] Read more »

I filed this under "Cool Stuff" because it is, but it took all my willpower to do it. See, this post cost me $115 in parking violation fines, but here at jkOTR, we’re always willing to take one for the readers and find all the mobile […] Read more »

How did we miss this 10-minute video overview of Microsoft OneNote 2007 earlier in December? Kathy Jacobs and Betsy Weber from TechSmith sit down for a brief overview of the newest OneNote version. If you’re not familiar with OneNote, this is a fantastic video for first-timers […] Read more »

David Rothman points out some on-line storage options based on a recent story from Walt Mossberg. I currently use, but may check out Mozy as that seems to be a recommended option. Mozy provides 2 GB of storage, but if you ante up $4.95 a […] Read more »

Steve at Carrypad picked up on a device that was displayed at Computex 2006 that everyone missed.  The mystery device is from Tatung and looks like a UMPC with one major difference– it is running Windows Mobile.  This Tatung handheld joins the HTC Athena in combining […] Read more »

Lora Heiny of What Is New reports that the Tablet PC/ UMPC meetup is now set for those attending the CES in Las Vegas this year.  The venue is the same as last year: Cheeseburger Las Vegas, in the Aladdin Casino Desert Passage. Tuesday, January 9, […] Read more »

If you listened to the latest MobileTechRoundup episode you know that I won the right to buy a Zune from Amazon for $90.  I picked up a white one and decided to give it to my wife for Christmas to replace her aging iPod.  Great minds […] Read more »

This thin and flat little number from Brother only prints on post-card sized A6 paper, but in addition to the USB connection, you can print without wires thanks to the integrated Bluetooth and Infrared support. According to Akihabara News, the MW-260 weighs about a pound and […] Read more »

These products might be old, but I noticed a press release earlier today about UC-Logic’s digital note takers in the LaPazz line. The DLA401 and DNA 500 are standalone digital notepads with integrated flash memory: like similar products in this line, you write on paper, but […] Read more »

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