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Linda Epstein has published a review of the HP tx1000 Entertainment Notebook and it is a typically thorough review of the newest touch-screen notebook from HP.  The tx1000 is an entertainment powerhouse with a lot of design features geared to make the user experience an enjoyable […] Read more »

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You may not be aware that MobileTechRoundup co-host Matt Miller is in Spain attending the S60 Summit (lucky bugger stiff) and he’s blogged about the new widget capability that’s being touted for the S60 platform.  What are widgets for the S60?  I’ll let Matt explain: Widgets […] Read more »

Boy, we must have made the first scavenger hunt in our contest series way too easy as the very first commenter nailed it right out of the box.  Akula is the lucky winner of the boxed Windows Vista Ultimate prize for correctly finding the first hands-on […] Read more »

The touch interface is clearly gaining momentum: we’ve got touch-enabled Tablet PCs, UMPCs, PDAs, smartphones and other small handhelds. Palm rejection is a staple in the latest Fujitsu P1610 devices and true multi-touch devices are on the near-horizon with Apple’s iPhone. Ironically, my MacBook Pro has […] Read more »

I remember last summer when EverNote announced that their software would be pre-loaded on Lexar USB drives; if you want to add a portable version of this popular application to a USB drive you already own, you can purchase one for $19.95. EverNote Portable 2.0 is […] Read more »

I haven’t seen an official announcement but GigaOm points out Grand Central’s new mobile support. By ‘mobile support’ I don’t mean support for routing calls to your mobile phone; you could already do that through the service. If you’re not familiar with Grand Central, it provides […] Read more »

While I’m still very content with my ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard for my mobile office, some fashionistas might desire something even bluer. Is this wireless, roll-able keyboard from Brando blue enough? For $29, it doesn’t take much green to have 104 keys at your disposal in a […] Read more »

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You can tell Steve spent a fair amount of time on this: he’s put together a UMPC Buyers Guide for 2007 that’s filled with information, good questions to ask yourself and solid advice before your purchase. There are seven pages of insights shared that range from […] Read more »

The contest to win a free license of Snapter was a very successful one and we are happy to announce the 4 winners of a full license of the digital camera scanning software.  Here are the winners who need to email me and provide the email […] Read more »

I don’t know how he finds all of these UMPC videos but jkkmobile is scraping these all over the web.  His latest posting is a video of an interview with Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer showing off the upcoming HTC Shift.  This UMPC is looking more and more […] Read more »

Thanks to jkOTR reader, Hector, we got a peek at what appears to be the official and forthcoming Sprint 6800 PDF spec sheet. The most important tidbit about availability isn’t there, but mid-May appears to be the buzz around the Internets these days; still nothing concrete […] Read more »

Eddie at GBM provides a great overview of Pen Flicks in Vista. If you haven’t tried Flicks or you think I’m talking about obscene gestures with a Tablet PC pen (I’m not), you’ll need to check this out. Flicks aren’t for everyone, but I think they’re […] Read more »

That’s what I would have called the title of this CNET editorial piece that David Carnoy wrote, but instead he chose to be a little bolder: his title is "Why you’ll never buy an ultramobile PC". Fortunately for me, I bought two over the past year, […] Read more »

Dell has announced a solid state disk option for their Latitude D420 and D620 notebooks according to Akihabaranews.  The 32 GB SSDs aren’t the biggest capacity flash drives out there but it’s great seeing a major notebook maker offering these drives.  SSDs provide faster performance and […] Read more »

Tim Bajarin of PC Magazine has penned a good article about mobile PCs and road warriors.  He is the first journalist who has written about the UMPC who seems to actually get the platform and understand the needs they are designed to meet.  More importantly he […] Read more »

Good-bye T-Mobile MDA and hello HTC Herald! OK, that’s not exactly the message sent from the FCC, who cleared the new Windows Mobile 6 smartphone, but I’m reading between the lines. ;) The Herald is an update to the venerable MDA and loses a little girth […] Read more »

My recent posting about Twitter raised some reader questions that pointed out that quite a few people are still trying to get their heads around the hard to describe phenomenon.  The Houston Chronicle´s column by Dwight Silverman today takes on the daunting task of trying to […] Read more »

Since the moment I first heard about the new convertible UMPC that Fujitsu has been showing off I was intrigued to say the least.  My Fujitsu P1610 is my workhorse bread and butter mobile computer and this UMPC looks like Miyagi’s little brother. Maybe Fujitsu will […] Read more »

Every so often, I check out the call history and call data on my Windows Mobile phones, but I’ve always been left wanting more. Phone Dashboard 2.0 looks like it will fit my needs and then some: this $15 application not only provides data on call […] Read more »

Andy Abramson of VoIP Watch is THE source for accurate information about all Nokia products, especially the N800 Internet Tablet.  Andy mentions today that Skype has indicated a version is coming for the N800, something I’d love to see.  Skype is my preferred choice for a […] Read more »

Near as I can tell, this rebadged Vodafone T-Mobile USB modem will work on both Windows and Mac for HSDPA access in the UK. Stuff is hot for the accessory thanks to T-Mobile UK’s pricing: free with an 18-month contract and 30 pounds with a 12-month […] Read more »

As we alluded on the last MobileTechRoundup podcast, the Nokia N800 is quite a usable Internet device. It easily handles the basic web functions that most folks need. The recently added Rhapsody music service is a fantastic experience but I’m also interested in listening to podcasts. […] Read more »

MSN Direct, the service for the SPOT-enabled device market (yes there is one), is still alive and kicking. I spotted this announcement in my e-mail over the weekend: "MSN Direct and Garmin have joined forces to offer MSN Direct* service in Garmin portable navigation devices. This […] Read more »

James has a thought piece published over at the Houston Chronicle and it raises some interesting questions. I’ve read through it a few times and I’m sill looking for the benefit justification of Emotive’s "Push Ringer" service. Essentially, Push Ringer allows you choose a ring tone […] Read more »

It still isn’t quite a Tablet PC by traditional measures, but the Kohjinsha line of mobile computing devices is getting closer. Reports are surfacing that the next products in the line, the SA1F00V and SA1F00W, are getting the touchscreen treatment (image: Kohjinsha), but no other upgrades […] Read more »

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