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One week left before the Vista launch and Download Squad provides a Vista tip worth sharing: Outlook Sidebar Gadgets. If you hit the Windows Live Gallery and search for Outlook Gadgets, you’ll see three: Outlook Info, Outlook Upcoming Appointments and Outlook Tasks. There’s some overlap here, […] Read more »

This might be the most detailed smartphone platform summary I’ve seen in some time. InformationWeek has a lengthy overview on all of the main smartphone systems out there and provides a great comparison between Symbian, Linux, Palm, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and of course, the Mac OS […] Read more »

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Listen here ( MP3, 20.8 MB, 60 minutes) or Subscribe to the show with this link  (RSS) Marc Orchant and James Kendrick sit down (finally) for show #34 and have a chance to ruminate on finally meeting face to face at the Tablet PC meetup at […] Read more »

UMPC enthusiasts like Kevin Tofel have been installing Vista on their UMPCs and delighting in how well the new OS runs on the under-powered PCs and we’re starting to see a lot of them blogging about how well Vista is running.  There is no doubt that […] Read more »

The Sharp Zaurus enthusiast community is buzzing with the news that Sharp is shutting down production of the Zaurus line of PDAs in February.  The Sharp Zaurus is a Linux-based clamshell PDA that has a huge community of owners and developers thanks to its open-source foundation […] Read more »

The whole Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) moniker has been confusing since the launch of the handheld devices, especially since the decision was made somewhere to drop the Origami codename.  Since Ultra Mobile PC is a generic term people have been calling any small handheld a UMPC, […] Read more »

Whether you use the great software from Spb Software House or not if you have a Windows Mobile device you should head over and join the newly launched Spb Club web site.  Run by the Spb folks, you’ll find all sorts of discussions about Spb software, […] Read more »

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Here’s one for the "uh-oh" department: MobileWhack has this link to a Palm 680 patch to address a battery issue. Apparently, the 680′s camera is draining that precious battery life, even while in a sleeply stand-by state. Option 1 would be just to use the heck […] Read more »

Although you could always use the Zune for basic podcasting functionality, Zune Thoughts found some recent developments that could increase podcast support for Microsoft’s digital audio/video player. Some of the evidence out there: 1. A page on showing featured partners that offer podcasts.2. A quick […] Read more »

OK, how long before Alltel gets a ‘cease & desist’ for the Apple-like widgets in their Celltop phone interface? We got a press release (PDF) yesterday on this one and clearly, they’re NOT widgets, they’re cells, ‘k? Actually, these individual cells look like a nice UI […] Read more »

Access might sound familiar; they’re the folks that bought the Palm OS. However, they also developed a solid web browsing client for Windows Mobile devices some years back. The NetFront browser didn’t get updated often, but many folks sung its praises. Looks like the venerable app […] Read more »

First off, I have to say , I’m a huge fan of Cisco Cheng and PC Mag. I should also disclose that PC Mag ran an article I collaborated on for the 12/5/06 issue. Having said that, I’m disappointed in the article “Another Let Down: Hands […] Read more »

I caught this story and the above screencap over at Download Squad earlier today and wondered how I missed John Tokash’s efforts on Reader Mini! John took it upon himself to better the standard mobile Google Reader client using the API and the end result looks […] Read more »

I’ve been beta testing v1.5 of OneCare for several months on various Vista configurations as v1 is not supported on Vista. I also purchased a OneCare subscription last April for my XP machines. Based on the Windows Live OneCare blog, version 1.5 availability is expected in […] Read more »

The Toshiba R400 we saw at CES last week isn’t even out yet, but it got a little battered and bruised in this high-level sharing of thoughts at Core Duo News. Some of the high low-lights: "The first thought that comes to mind is “slow,slow, slow”, […] Read more »

If you’re like me and you love the Tablet PC and UMPC genre of computers then you know that it is the Windows XP Tablet Edition that sets these devices apart from other, ho hum devices like notebooks.  It’s the Tablet bits that provide the oomph […] Read more »

I attend meetings, a lot of meetings.  Every day, usually more than one and some of them have 10 – 12 attendees which makes remembering names almost impossible.  I saw a simple tip on LifeHacker to help remember who was who at meetings, a tip so […] Read more »

One of the most popular categories of technology at the CES each year is the ultra-portable device category and this year was no exception. OQO announced it’s Model 02 at CES and they were everywhere, the SX-Gen from Seamless Internet was all over the place, Samsung […] Read more »

If you’ve traveled much you’ve no doubt seen the road warriors at the gate crowded around the one electrical outlet, trying to get as much juice into that laptop battery as possible before the flight.  That’s if they’re lucky enough to find an outlet at all, […] Read more »

A long time ago….in a galaxy far, far away…..A-Data trumped all of the Imperials in the SSD flash market and provided a new hope to mobile computing with their 128 GB, 2.5-inch flash drive. Acutally, it was only last week and took place in Vegas: the […] Read more »

While I was chatting with Dwight Silverman (Houston Chronicle) last week in Vegas he mentioned that HP promised to send him an evaluation Pavilion tx1000 Tablet PC.  The HP Pavilion tx1000 is the convertible launched at the CES last week and Dwight said he was looking […] Read more »

The OneNote Extensibility & More folks just made some Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows available; these two presentations provide a fantastic high-level overview on the functions and features included in Microsoft OneNote. I know that we’ve highlighted many use cases and OneNote tidbits before, so if we haven’t […] Read more »

Darned if this doesn’t look like a Smartphone Edition device to me, but nope, it’s a super-thin Pocket PC Phone Edition device, complete with the required touchscreen. The i-mate JAQ3 is finding its way into some enthusiast hands and Matt Miller provides a solid overview after […] Read more »

For years, adding a graphics tablet to a notebook or desktop was an option to enable some type of near-Tablet PC experience. Unfortunately, that type of hardware solution is only as good as the specific software that supports it. Craig Pringle illustrates how easy it was […] Read more »

I wish I had seen this at CES last week. Eleksen, the folks that make the fabric keyboard / case for UMPCs, have a gadget bag with Windows SideShow support according to Laptoping. Since your device is in the bag, shouldn’t that be ‘Shouldertoping’? Ah….I digress…. […] Read more »

Geez, these dongles just keep getting smaller and smaller! On one hand, we want smaller devices so they’re easier to carry, but on the other hand, the smaller they are, the easier they are to lose. The MoGo Dapter Bluetooth dongle supports Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR […] Read more »

I remember not too long ago when people realized that Apple was putting 802.11n functionality into the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro lines. Back then I thought it was a decent idea; at this point, the 802.11n draft spec should be relatively stable, so it’s a […] Read more »

That whole Sprint-Nextel merger is finally coming full circle as Sprint just announced two new handsets that use dual-mode network technology. The Sprint ic502 (aka: Motorola Buzz, shown; credit: motoRAZR) and the Sprint ic402 (known as the Motorola Blend) offer the walkie-talkie power from Nextel and […] Read more »

Jenn over at Pocketables got the news via the Micro PC Talk forums: Sony has three more UX handheld models on the way: the UX91S, UX91NS and UX71, ranging in prices from $1,557 to $2,283. Each of these handhelds will come with some flavah of Vista […] Read more »

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