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‘Santa Rosa’ has to be one of the most popular computing terms right now and I’m sure Intel is loving that. William over at The Student Tablet PC provides a ‘just enough detail’ overview of the Santa Rosa platform including everything from the CPU and graphics […] Read more »

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CDW appears among the first retailers to have to Q1 Ultra appear on their website. I’ve been checking several of the expected vendors daily and haven’t seen anything up to this point. A CDW search for ‘Q1 Ultra’ shows three of the planned models right now: […] Read more »

Chalk up another mindmapping opportunity, only this one is a collaborative web-service that’s fee based: enter the aptly named comapping. Comapping offers a 30-day trial, but after that you’ll pay a fee for six months of service. Two positives here: there’s no software to download and […] Read more »

Looks like everything is on track for next month’s iPhone launch as the device just appeared on the FCC site according to AppleInsider. There’s not much to see on the FCC site due to a letter of confidentiality, so no need to traipse there. Trust me, […] Read more »

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Hey, now THIS might eventually make up for the removal of WiFi synchronization in ActiveSync! Alereon is demonstrating their Ultrawideband or UWB on a Windows Mobile device at WinHEC using a modified Samsung i730. UWB is like the wireless equivalent of speedy USB 2.0, which has […] Read more »

Just a quick screencap with results of CrystalMark on the Q1P with 2 GB of memory. I don’t believe that comparing it to my recent Q1P benchmarks with 1 GB (score: 14873) is an apples to apples because while the unit is the same aside from […] Read more »

I’ve been running the beta version of 2.6 for about a month with nary a hiccup, but it’s always good to upgrade to the public release when available. Skype announced the newest Mac version today along with official support for their new ‘call transfer’ feature, which […] Read more »

Inking in Instant Messaging is not just for Messenger anymore as Trillian has released the long-awaited ink support.  Now you can draw and ink to your heart’s content with the popular IM program.  Note that it is in alpha so if you try it let us […] Read more »

Hot on the heals of the photos of the Fujitsu UMPC at WinHEC, UMPC Portal has some specs for what is shaping up to be a very interesting device.  I noticed in the photos at Tablet PC2 that the screen looked to be smaller than 7" […] Read more »

Tablet PC Review has snooped around the Lenovo web site and found a spec sheet buried there that details a new model of Tablet PC, the X61.  The X61 looks to be a refresh of the much heralded X60 and expected to be released in June.  […] Read more »

Two common culprits always mentioned in discussions of the Vista battery consumption issue are the spiffy Aero Glass theme and the Windows Sidebar.  Even Microsoft has admitted that Aero Glass consumes more battery even though they’ve never mentioned anything about the Sidebar. Our Freeware of the […] Read more »

Linda Epstein of Tablet PC2 goes to all the fun events and right now she’s at WinHEC.  In typical fashion she’s posting photos of cool gadgets and providing detailed coverage of the Bill Gates keynote that is all about Tablet and Touch technologies.  I love that […] Read more »

Hot off the press: FlipStart Labs just selected Dynamism as the first reseller of the diminutive FlipStart ultra-portable computing device. For $1,999 at Dynamism’s site, you’ll get your choice of OS between Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Vista Business. The 5.6-inch WSVGA screen is complemented by […] Read more »

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