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Just added the T-Mobile Hotspot service to my account this morning since I knew I’d be out and about. I’m sitting at our local Borders with my Samsung Q1P using the extended battery (good for at least 5 hours), my ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard, and the Beatles […] Read more »

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I’ve been making do with the included ‘buds from my Microsoft Zune, but I’m not going to pass up this opportunity. Gizmodo has three pairs of Shure SE310s to give away, each set is valued at $250. They have one small Shure-related trivia question to answer; […] Read more »

Hey, not everybody uses Outlook or Exchange; in the past I’ve used the free and open-sourced Thunderbird  client for my e-mail. One of the issues I had back then was the missing ability to sync the e-mail & PIM data to my Windows Mobile. BirdieSync claims […] Read more »

The lowly computer mouse hasn’t changed very much over the years.  Sure they come in all sizes and colors but they basically do what they’ve always done, point to stuff on the screen and click to make something happen.  Some innovative people have produced 3D mice […] Read more »

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In case you missed it on Friday, we kicked off a reader poll that will run until tomorrow. I’ll post the results on Wednesday, use Thursday to consider a new poll question and post a new one on Friday. The question this time around relates to […] Read more »

Sounds like Microsoftie Vikram Madan was busy at last week’s WinHEC conference! As a Development Manager on the UMPC team, who better than Vikram to show-off UMPCs, explain the concept and even present potential future specs in next gen devices? While there are no promises, future […] Read more »

Now that all of us humans are getting GPS in our cellphones, what’s a pet to do? Go and fetch their own location device, of course! RoamEO might look like the Romulan version of a Star Trek tricorder, but it’s actually a handheld monitoring device to […] Read more »

What looks like a squid and will charge six mobile gadgets at the same time?  That would be the ChargePod by callpod.  The ChargePod works with small devices like cell phones, PDAs and iPods and a handy blue light indicates when each device is charging.  It’s […] Read more »

I guess Sundays are the time to announce future releases of products. ;) Earlier today we mentioned the impending maintenance release for the Palm 700p; just a few minutes ago I caught a tidbit in my feeds from MobileRead. Remember that Adobe Digital Editions software in […] Read more »

Palm is expecting to roll out a software update for Palm 700p smartphones during the week of May 28th. Originally, the company planned a smaller update earlier in the year to address some Bluetooth issues, but one thing understandably leads to another so Palm is bundling […] Read more »

There is no question the jkOnTheRun Geekapalooza #5 contest in celebration of our third birthday was a smashing success!  First of all, 3 years in blog years is like 100 years in the online world.  :)  We received over 100 entries to the contest, no doubt […] Read more »

Good buddy and fellow MobileTechRoundup host Matt Miller has more phones that AT&T.  I’m not kidding about that, he really does.  The most recent phone to cross his palms is the super slick HTC Vox, Windows Mobile 6 smartphone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.  Matt has […] Read more »

‘Santa Rosa’ has to be one of the most popular computing terms right now and I’m sure Intel is loving that. William over at The Student Tablet PC provides a ‘just enough detail’ overview of the Santa Rosa platform including everything from the CPU and graphics […] Read more »

CDW appears among the first retailers to have to Q1 Ultra appear on their website. I’ve been checking several of the expected vendors daily and haven’t seen anything up to this point. A CDW search for ‘Q1 Ultra’ shows three of the planned models right now: […] Read more »

Chalk up another mindmapping opportunity, only this one is a collaborative web-service that’s fee based: enter the aptly named comapping. Comapping offers a 30-day trial, but after that you’ll pay a fee for six months of service. Two positives here: there’s no software to download and […] Read more »

Looks like everything is on track for next month’s iPhone launch as the device just appeared on the FCC site according to AppleInsider. There’s not much to see on the FCC site due to a letter of confidentiality, so no need to traipse there. Trust me, […] Read more »

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