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My favorite voicemail service, GotVoice, just got even more favoriter. Matt Miller sends word that GotVoice has added Visual Voicemail, and not just to the paid accounts, but the free accounts too! Instead of fumbling through audio menus to find the voicemail you want, you can […] Read more »

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Dwight Silverman of TechBlog has penned 10 predictions about the iPhone that are so spot on they’re uncanny.  They are tongue-in-cheek but all ten are probably right on the money.  My favorite: 5. Apple will sell a lot of iPhones, regardless of how good, mediocre or […] Read more »

You know what we say on MobileTechRoundup, if it’s tech and it moves it’s mobile tech.  :)  That stretch applies for the Premier Systems from Jaco that are definitely mobile since they are on wheels.  They might not fit through doorways with a 42 inch screen […] Read more »

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I took out my trusty abacus and counted all of the votes….there were a few hanging chads too, but we’ve triple-checked the results and here you go. Part of me is surprised that the HTC Touch won out on this particular question, simply because the Apple […] Read more »

Apple created quite a stir when they announced iTunes Plus, the offering of music without DRM at a higher price.  The ability to purchase tunes without DRM means that consumers can take those unrestricted tunes and play them on any player in addition to iTunes.  This […] Read more »

There hasn’t been a gadget that provokes gadget lust like the iPhone since, well, the iPod.  Reports of customers planning to camp out in long lines to get one of the first iPhones is a pretty good indication that the device is stirring gadget lust of […] Read more »

Kevin was all over Steve Jobs yesterday, no not like that, he told us about Apple’s release of the Safari web browser for the Windows platform.  I’ve seen a lot of hoopla about that since the beta version was released and most pundits are thinking the […] Read more »

Dennis spent some time with the Samsung Q1 Ultra and offers up a 45-minute video of the device and his thoughts. I’ve only just started watching the video so it’s too early to make any assumptions but Dennis’ text commentary has me sure that the Q1 […] Read more »

That’s what Barbara Krasoff alludes at end of an Information Week overview based on this finishing line:"..its $1,999 price tag means most buyers will have to choose between the FlipStart and an ultra-light notebook like the Fujitsu Lifebook Q or Sony Vaio TX. I know which […] Read more »

MobileTechRoundup host Matt Miller is a busy guy.  In addition to his co-hosting duties for the podcast, he writes the excellent Mobile Gadgeteer blog on ZDNet.  He’s also a full-fledged naval salvage guy, and although I try to keep my own naval lint-free apparently there’s a […] Read more »

The mobile office meme continues: today’s snapshots are from Chicago, the Windy City! Skip Coghill constantly travels, so why hop from office to office when you can take the office with you? In the shot above, you can see Skip has quite a bit of mobile […] Read more »

The New York Times Book Section has a nice article (account may be required) that looks into the phenomenon that while many professional writers avoid using technology to practice their craft the ones who do find it a big boon.  The article looks at author Richard […] Read more »

It has historically been difficult to sync your media files between your Mac and your Nokia phone. The PC world has always had the Nokia PC Suite but the Mac world has been left without an easy solution.  Nokia noticed the lack of a good solution […] Read more »

The Morning Paper is talking up the rumored Palm Gandolf which is supposedly to be announced soon.  The New Palm is reported to run the getting long in the tooth Palm Garnet OS. Photos that have surfaced show the new Palm to run Windows Mobile Standard […] Read more »

Red at The Red Ferret Journal has published a list of "10 serious problems with touchscreens that you should know before June 29th" in celebration of the iPhone release on that date.  Having used touchscreen devices for years I can tell you that Red’s list is […] Read more »

Cheryl of Late to the Party recently evaluated the Nokia N800 and has published an excellent 3 part review on her blog.  Part 1: HardwarePart 2: Wireless radiosPart 3: Built in software This is one of the best reviews I’ve seen yet of the N800 so […] Read more »

Everything you want to know about the Samsung Q1 Ultra is gathered in one place on Samsung’s new microsite devoted to the UMPC. The high-res pics are stunning and you can view the device from just about every conceivable angle. Other than the one typo (the […] Read more »

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