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Laptoping caught the announcement and pic shown from Plextor: the PX-608CU DVD burner looks as small as you can get ‘em and will run off either AC or USB power. For $169 (MSRP) you get "fast DVD recording speeds of 8X DVD±R on single-layer media, 4X […] Read more »

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Not that you weren’t already mesmerized by the pic of that new Toshiba Windows Mobile 6 device, but we don’t want to take any chances. Here’s the goods from what we know on the Toshiba G900 with slideout keyboard: WVGA support of 480 x 800 in […] Read more »

If we keep this "Kevin cries" theme up, two things are bound to happen: we’ll quickly run out of Kleenex here at the house and I’m sure to be the focus of the next great Country music song. ;) While you think about that one, I […] Read more »

Details about the next version of the Windows Mobile operating system appeared everywhere last week but today Microsoft officially launched Windows Mobile 6 at the 3GSM trade show in Barcelona.  The launch included a nifty new web site that has all the information you could ever […] Read more »

T-Mobile has announced their uber-popular Dash Smartphone will be released soon with Windows Mobile 6.  This is sure to make Kevin cry since he just recently picked up a Dash with WM5.  The new Dash looks to be very similar to the current model but with […] Read more »

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Big shout out to Rob Bushway of GottaBeMobile for finding our Freeware of the Moment, sTablauncher. This low footprint utility sits at the top or bottom of the screen (your choice) and extends when you either hover the cursor over it or tap one of the […] Read more »

It seems that every software company wants to help me keep my programs up-to-date and installs a program that runs when the system first boots, called an auto-updater.  No doubt it is easier for them to make sure I am always running the latest version of […] Read more »

I saw this on Jason Calacanis’ blog, the Piaggio MP3, a unique scooter with two wheels in the front which according to the firm and this video allows tighter cornering.  The MP3 will do 80 mph so it’s not shabby in that department, plus it looks […] Read more »

It’s been a few weeks since my initial Q1P battery life test (shown); that’s the one that got folks buzzing about an LED backlit screen in the Q1P. Is the screen LED backlit? I still don’t truly know even though I’ve had bunches of conversation with […] Read more »

Eli Lilly is set to launch the Huma-Pen Memoir in the US for diabetics who are insulin-dependent.  The Huma-Pen is the size of a fountain pen but contains a syringe and insulin cartridges for easy insulin dispensing.  What makes the Huma-Pen so potentially useful is how […] Read more »

So you’ve been reading up on the newly announced Windows Mobile 6 platform, or "The OS formerly known as Crossbow". (No, I don’t know what the esoteric male-female symbol is for WinMo 6) You’ve seen all the screenshots and now you’re on the fence: do I […] Read more »

Josh Bancroft just took advantage of a free out from his Verizon Wireless contract based on information from The Consumerist. Now that Verizon is increasing the text message rates by 50% from $.10 to $.15 each, you’re within your rights to get out of your contract […] Read more »

In the wee hours o’ the morning, most of us are sleeping. I’m convinced that the Engadget team doesn’t actually sleep, but instead has a constant intravenous espresso drip going. How else can you explain pics and details of the previously-rumored, now spotted Nokia E90 Communicator […] Read more »

Don’t swipe that phone literally; we aren’t condoning mobile phone theft here! No, we’re talking about swiping your phone over a Master Card Mobile PayPass Terminal. I use a similar technique with the RFID tag in my American Express card to save from swiping the magnetic […] Read more »

Deciding that Windows users should have all of the connected fun, Sprint will offer the Novatel EX720 Express Card EV-DO modem for Mac users along with the corresponding OS X drivers. The smaller-than-a-PC Card modem (photo credit: Crunchgear) offers EV-DO Rev. A speeds at up to […] Read more »

jkOTR reader & commenter, gorkon, shot me an interesting note last night while I was shopping for my Dash. Turns out that Nokia tucked in an FM radio in that N800 Internet Tablet along with the WiFi and Bluetooth radios. Folks over at Internet Tablet Talk […] Read more »

I just spent the most enjoyable 3 hours I’ve spent in a good while sitting down in a Starbucks and geeking out with T Lewis.  T is the cartoonist responsible for bringing us the great comic strip Over the Hedge with his collaborator Michael Fry.  T […] Read more »

I know, I know; everytime I see a time-saving or space-saving program launcher I just can’t help but share it. That’s the price you pay since I’m often looking at an 800 x 480 screen. This launcher du jour was spotted over at Lifehacker; I think […] Read more »

Just got off the e-mail horn with an old blast from my past: Randall Bennett. You may not know Randall, but you know his work. He was the man behind the camera for the Engadget CES videos: while Peter gets the face time, Randall’s the man […] Read more »

Noticed in the Origami Project Software Forum that JKK posted a video of Joost running on his UMPC. In case you missed it prior: Joost is an online video streaming service once known as "The Venice Project"; it’s the brainchild of those P2P folks behind Skype. […] Read more »

We are getting a lot of visitors from Slashdot or BoingBoing, both of which picked up Kevin’s post about the iPhotoMEASURE software.  If you are coming here from Slashdot and BoingBoing we hope you’ll take a moment to sit back and visit a spell with us.  […] Read more »

That’s the message coming from NYC Senator Carl Kruger who is supposedly readying legislature to ban the use of electronic devices like cell phones and MP3 players while crossing the street in NYC and other big cities in New York.  The proposed legislature is in response […] Read more »

No, I don’t mean under the hood of your car; this is Computrace’s LoJack system we’re talking about here. Dell popped out a press release with the details: purchase a select Dell Inspiron with one to four years of CompleteCare Accidental Damage Service and Dell will […] Read more »

Yesterday, SPB released SPB Mobile Shell for Windows Mobile 5 and according to this review from Aximsite, they’ve hit a home run! Mobile Shell enhances the WinMo interface with a nice screen called the "Now" screen which includes: the time & date, basic weather, battery charge, […] Read more »

This just in from Gail Levy at TabletKiosk.  TK is launching the Sahara Slate PC i400 series that feature both active digitizers and touch screens.  There are three models of the new Sahara slates: Sahara Slate PC i412T is the entry level touch screen model featuring […] Read more »

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