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I must admit the Freeware of the Moment choice today is a bit selfish as it was written specifically for a Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC. I don’t feel too selfish as the program also works on other devices with a few caveats.  PowerTouch is a beta […] Read more »

Is there no end to the OneNote 2007 PowerToys? Actually, I hope not because just about every one of them address a particular situation with a quick and easy solution! Last week, we mentioned the three latest PowerToys, but Dan Escapa has another in his OneNote […] Read more »

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I often use Google Maps for directions and send those directions to friends. The problem is: that blasted URL is longer than the TOS for a wireless carrier! Download Squad comes to the rescue by pointing out tinymap. Think of it as a Google Map mashed […] Read more »

I’m thinking that in the long run, Adobe will emerge as the premiere eBook reading platform. I’ve been a long time eReader fan but I’m reading more books on a UMPC than on a Windows Mobile device these days and Adobe is looking good. The PDF […] Read more »

My time at the Starbuck’s this afternoon was very well spent as I took the time to check everywhere for a Vista audio driver from Fujitsu that was a later version number than the one on the Fujitsu support site.  The only driver Fujitsu has published […] Read more »

Today I am playing Dad/ Grand-dad and dropped my daughter and her family off at a wedding.  They are going to attend the wedding and stay for a while at the reception afterwards which is in the same place so I decided I’d drop them off […] Read more »

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We first told you about the free (beta) ZYB backup service last year because it looked like a nice way to keep all of the important information you carry on your phone backed up to a server where it could be restored to a new phone […] Read more »

I continue to fall off of the Getting Things Done wagon, so when I see articles like this one from Web Worker Daily, I try to pay attention. Mike Gunderloy covers ten e-mail organization tips ranging from usage of native e-mail app functions to third-party solutions […] Read more »

Chris Pratley reminds us that there are currently three PowerToys available for One Note 2007, with the promise of more on the way. Remember that PowerToys add a great feature but are unsupported solutions. I use many of the Tablet PC PowerToys and have yet to […] Read more »

Those prolific developers at Spb announced the next version of Spb Mobile DVD at the 3GSM show and this new version adds something I’ve not seen in any video converter designed to rip DVDs to a format suitable for small screens.  According to Spb the new […] Read more »

I’ve owned my Zune for just about 3 months now and right after the free Zune Pass trial, I decided to subscribe. I have my account billed every three months, which comes to $44.97 for the unlimited music download subscription service; sorry, no discount here. We’ve […] Read more »

Ever since I was a kid (no, not THAT long ago) the image of Dick Tracy in the comic books using his cool wrist watch communicator has been lurking in the back of my mind.  There’s just something about talking to someone on a watch that […] Read more »

Long-time industry analyst Michael Gartenberg has been keeping us informed about technology issues while working with Jupiter Research.  I had the pleasure of meeting Michael late last year at a conference in Boston and found him to be a witty, charming and knowledgeable fellow with interesting […] Read more »

PhatWare gives PhatPad an upgrade; version 4.1 was just released for Pocket PCs and Tablets / UMPCs today. The new version doesn’t get phatter; it’s actually a slimmer footprint by 10% over the prior version. If you’re not familiar with the product, here’s quick overview from […] Read more »

Those clever folks at Download Squad have done some snooping about and discovered a web page that isn’t functional yet but points to a new YouTube ToGo site in the works.  This makes perfect sense with YouTube already signing deals with some wireless carriers to offer […] Read more »

You know it’s bad when you don’t take your own advice. We often get questions about "device X", with people asking: "Should I get device X or should I wait until the upgraded device Y, I’m hearing about?". Our answer tends to be the same: if […] Read more »

You may have wondered where I was yesterday, I know Kevin sure must have.  Truth is my daughter, son-in-law and Grandbaby Grady arrived in Houston yesterday for a short visit and needless to say I have been enjoying the visit.  They live up north and I […] Read more »

If you decided to avoid Vista and Windows Mobile Device Center, you may want to check the ActiveSync download page since version 4.5 is now available. This version supports devices running good ol’ Pocket PC / Smartphone 2002 through Windows Mobile 5. MoDaCo shares some of […] Read more »

Everyone running Vista Ultimate saw the same thing I did this morning: the limited preview of Vista’s DreamScene which we saw demonstrated at CES. This is essentially an active desktop background that can be animated. I called this a "limited" preview because there’s currently only one […] Read more »

I’m still using the included earbuds for my Zune player, but I’ve been looking for a set of ‘phones that won’t break the bank. The Red Ferret Journal highlighted the $69.95 Targus Travel-Ease headphones that offer noise-cancellation with a twist: push a button to activate the […] Read more »

ThoughtFix, a frequent commenter here and blogger extraordinaire in his own right, "made nice" with Samsung and scored a nice e-mail interview that’s posted on his blog. jkOTR reader Ken pointed it out to me via e-mail as I’m a bit behind in my feeds this […] Read more »

At the risk of becoming publicly stoned by both the Mac and Windows clans (aka: the "Vistafields and the MacCoys"), I had to share this little application I saw written up at TUAW. For anyone not familiar with Microsoft’s XBox Live feature, it really has become […] Read more »

ALK used the 3GSM show as a platform to announce Windows Mobile 6 support for their Co-Pilot Live GPS products. The newest version, CoPilot Live 7 will show up this spring and will support Windows Mobile 5 devices as well as those on the new operating […] Read more »

I never got into the Yahoo! Mail service, but for those that have, you might see integrated Yahoo! Messenger functionality within your e-mail. Similar to the chat features that Google’s Gmail has had for some time, Yahoo! is taking more of a unified messaging approach. The […] Read more »

With all of the new device announcements at 3GSM, I overlooked an interesting press release from Nokia pointed out to me by Niall’s weblog. Looks like Nokia partnered with YouTube with the new Nokia Video Center application for N-series devices. This app is essentially a podcatcher […] Read more »

This is just too cool to pass over.  I-Mate announced no fewer than 5 “Ultimate” phones running Windows Mobile 6 and eWeek is reporting that the 5 phones are Vista SideShow devices.  This is extremely innovative as it means the phones, the 5150, 5150, 7150, 8150 […] Read more »

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