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Yahoo! Go 2.0 is now available in the US and 13 other countries (Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, Thailand and Vietnam) offering a totally new Internet experience on your mobile phone.  The new version offers a lot of new […] Read more »

Contrary to what you may think from reading jkOnTheRun there are a whole bunch of establishments other than Starbucks that have WiFi hotspots, some for pay and others for free.  I’ve been to almost every one you can think of and find that reliability can vary […] Read more »

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Craig Pringle loves his Motion LS800, I had a chance to see him play with it in Seattle earlier this year.  Today he’s a happy camper as he and Hugo Ortega put 2 GB of memory in his precious and he’s happily reporting it works fine.  […] Read more »

What does it take to be a tech blogger?  Lots and lots of web site tracking, looking for the nuggets of tech news that merit further research, keeping up with new happenings and generally tearing up the web.  Google Reader makes it much easier to keep […] Read more »

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Richard Martin provides a well-rounded UMPC overview article in this week’s print issue of InformationWeek. The mag arrived in my mailbox yesterday but you can read the full story on-line. Folks that follow every detailed development in this space might not come away with much that’s […] Read more »

There are no shortage of strange USB peripherals that you can pick up, many in odd sizes and shapes.  There are even USB drives shaped like sushi, not that I’d use one.  One USB device that some might actually find useful is the Mini USB Piezo-Ionizer […] Read more »

True road warriors are prone to whip their notebook computers out anywhere.  That’s what makes them road warriors.  How many of these stout warriors have you seen performing a delicate balancing act in airports or hotel lobbies, notebook perched on their laps, papers strewn about, phone […] Read more »

Sounds catchy, but no, it’s not a spin-off blog. ;) Just a quick note indicating that I have been on the run: taking care of a major home project with my father instead of taking care of the mobile tech news today. I’ve been completely unplugged […] Read more »

I am sorry to report that Federico Rojas, father of engadget founder Peter Rojas, passed away this week unexpectedly.  Peter is a friend to both Kevin and I and he has written a moving tribute to his father and the loving role he played in Peter’s […] Read more »

It’s no surprise that iPhone ads are appearing everywhere with the June 29th launch drawing nearer but I did a double-take when I saw this appear here on jkOnTheRun today: Cool!   :) Read more »

On this Fathers Day we wish all of you Dads out there a very happy day!  May you spend it with family and friends.  My father is no longer with us and I will spend this day reflecting on what he meant to me and the […] Read more »

I met up with Mike Whalen at Starbucks and he got some good time in on both the ThinkPad x61 and the Fujitsu P1610.  It was interesting seeing someone using the two different digitizers side by side for the first time.  One thing we both agreed […] Read more »

Due to the severe weather conditions in the area I am not going to have the meetup at Starbucks today.  Sorry for the late notice but the severe rain and electrical storm is not conducive to bringing electronic gear outdoors.  We’ll do it soon so don’t […] Read more »

Reader "Elite Ent" (don’t you love online idents) sent me a heads-up that AVING has published a few new photos of the Fujitsu UMPC that we’ve mentioned before on jkOnTheRun.  The 5.6" convertible UMPC shows all the Fujitsu goodness that they put in their mobile PCs […] Read more »

Hmmm….those Coffee Break posts we do from Starbucks might be harder for me to come by. I was checking out the XM Radio web page to see if they’ve added any new channels and I stumbled on channel 75 shown below. The channel name is "Hear […] Read more »

After losing a bowling match to a seven-year old, I finally got around to using the WiFi connection in the Wii. No worries, the Wii invoked the "mercy rule" during our baseball game as I scored five runs to her none in the first inning. Anyway, […] Read more »

That’s the basic question Jeremy Toeman just asked me over IM. I gave him a quote which he’s added to an insightful prediction post over at LiveDigitally. Among Jeremy’s thoughts: AT&T won’t have the expected inventory of 3 million iPhones. Sellouts at metro retailers in less […] Read more »

Caught this over at Michael Gartenberg’s blog this morning; in fact, I’m slated to meet up with Michael next week and I hope those plans don’t fall through as I’m a big fan of his analysis. Michael found a freeware Windows application called iTunes Sync that […] Read more »

That fancy leather-clad ThinkPad that has been rumored for a while will apparently be revealed officially today.  I just visited the ThinkPad Reserve website and found this: We’ll see if we can snag an invite to this exclusive launch.  :) UPDATE: Just got this from Lenovo- […] Read more »

You frequently hear us say that everyone’s mobile needs are different on jkOnTheRun so asking what’s better in a mobile PC- power or size may seem strange.  It is a question that I am asking myself a lot these days since I’ve been carrying the Lenovo […] Read more »

Those crazy folks are giving away another piece of software, today it’s the $99 version of DemoCreator yours free for the downloading, provided that you activate it by midnight tonight. DemoCreator is a screen-capture recording application that churns out a Flash video of your screen activities […] Read more »

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