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Reader Lee Miller let me know today that the Sunday CompUSA flyer is listing the T-Mobile Dash for $49.99 with new service activation.  This deal does not involve rebates so it’s the real deal, probably having to do with the retailer shutting down so many of […] Read more »

Listen here ( MP3, 17.2 MB, 50 minutes) or Subscribe to the show with this link  (RSS) Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with show #35 and the discussion quickly moves to the new Lenovo x60t Tablet PC that Marc is evaluating compliments of Lenovo […] Read more »

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The Dynamism folks aren’t resting on their laurels having clinched a deal with Best Buy.  I just got a notice that the next generation Flybook V5 is now available in the US exclusively at Dynamism.  The V5 is a sweet swivel screen device with a 8.9” screen […] Read more »

James alerted us in January that Verizon Wireless was increasing their individual TXT message rates from $.10 to $.15; that 50% price increase went into effect yesterday. If you decided to stick with Verizon, and not use the rate increase to bow out at no charge, […] Read more »

Last I checked, my keychain had about eight of those annoying-to-carry but good-to-have discount store cards. You know the ones: they each have a barcode for a frequent customer discount? If I add one more to the keychain, my keys won’t fit into the ignition switch, […] Read more »

Engadget shows us the Option GlobeSurfer iCON today, a unique modem that holds nice little surprise in the hinge: a USB connector. While I can’t say I’d really want a clamshell-looking device sticking out of my UMPC or notebook, I do crave the mobile connectivity that […] Read more »

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There’s small mobile tech and then there’s small mobile tech. Sagem’s H4 Bluetooth headset might be in its own category at just 35 x 18 x 12.5mm. Heck, it looks like it’s just double the size of the earbud. The H4 weighs a light eight grams, […] Read more »

OK, all of you readers jonesing for a Fujitsu P1610 with Vista pre-installed (and I’ve heard from quite a few of you) can now head over to the Fujitsu online store and order your very own as it just became available.  The P1610 is available for […] Read more »

Earlier this week, Chris Pirillo announced his breakup with Windows Vista. It was particularly shocking to me since we have a 90-day wait period on all divorces here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (we’re NOT a state, darn it!). Chris skipped divorce court and all attempts […] Read more »

If you have time today, swing by The Student Tablet PC and wish that Tablet gal, Tracy Hooten, a happy birthday! Tracy turns 21 day, which in my book is the last good "milestone" birthday. Sorry Tracy; the rest of the milestones are all downhill! Now […] Read more »

An announcement was made by Wizzard Media that will impact thousands of podcasters like us MobileTechRoundupers.  The company announced it has acquired Liberated Syndication, known to podcasters as Libsyn.  The Wizzard announcement states their intent is to improve content monetization and we’ll just have to see […] Read more »

Zune Insider mentions a firmware upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3 for the Zune expected in the next few weeks. Unless there’s a surprise in the package, it doesn’t sound like any new or upgraded features in the mix, but there are some needed fixes and enhancements: […] Read more »

I have been using a T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 5 smartphone for almost a week now and enjoying the seamless web integration that T-Mobile has put into the Dash.  Push email, the T-Zones connectivity, even web browsing on the Dash has been a real joy.  I […] Read more »

That’s what Steve over at Carrypad found out after an e-mail conversation with the UMPC product manager. Obviously, Steve carries more weight than I do as I shot a note to the PM at Medion upon my return from CES; no answer yet unfortunately! Regardless of […] Read more »

We reported on the addition of traffic data on Google Maps for mobiles last summer and now the service comes to the desktop. Google announced this morning that traffic data would be available on Google Maps for about 30 U.S. cities, so I just hit ‘em […] Read more »

Three words: "It’s about time!". At this point, I wonder why most, if not all relatively new digital cameras don’t have a way to connect to a high-definition television set. Here’s why: at the highest HDTV standard, your television picture is about 2.1 million pixels per […] Read more »

Two interesting BIOS updates have recently appeared for Origami specified UMPCs. One for the Samsung Q1 and one for the Asus R2H: Rory left a comment on our last post indicating that a UK Samsung site has a Q1 BIOS upgrade designated 20MA. Ctitanic gets a […] Read more »

I drive around town most days and almost every time I see a motorist do something stupid (and dangerous) I see the ever-present cell phone stuck to the side of the idiot’s head.  I wish we’d do something like the Scots who are now using speed […] Read more »

A driver in Los Angeles had plugged his laptop into the cigarette lighter and was apparently working while driving when he swerved into oncoming traffic and was killed when he plowed into a Hummer.  Police found his laptop still running (wonder what brand that was?) but […] Read more »

Poor Chris Leckness: he’s bouncing back and forth between touchscreen devices and non-touchscreen devices more than anyone I know! You get the benefit, however as he seems to be reviewing a new device every time I turn around. This time, he’s telling you why he dropped […] Read more »

It’s already been a year since the birthing of the best darn Tablet PC website, and it is amazing to see how far GottaBeMobile has come in just 12 short months. The ever expanding team should be proud of all they’ve accomplished.  The GBM team has […] Read more »

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