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I’ll bet that buddy Marc Orchant already has the newly released version of the most popular mobile game ever to hit the planet, Bejeweled, on his iPhone.  If he doesn’t it’s because he doesn’t know it’s available so I thought I’d better post this here for […] Read more »

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The ultra-portable PC has come of age.  The genre started getting serious with the debut of the Sony U series several years ago and has evolved nicely into the OQO Model 02 currently available.  It is now possible without question to produce a full-featured PC in […] Read more »

The 30-foot wireless network expands, not in range, but in features thanks to the Bluetooth SIG adopting the draft for version 2.1 we saw back in March. Simplified pairing and optimized power are in the new version; the power attribute alone could increase battery life for […] Read more »

Since picking up the MacBook Pro a few months back the only thing that I have missed from the Windows world is Solitaire.  Every version of Windows has included Solitaire and I admit I like to kill free time playing it occasionally.  Mac OS doesn’t have […] Read more »

These two pics wandered their way into my Inbox late last night and although we’ve seen the VIA NanoBook before, this shot to the right highlights the innovative USB module next to the screen. This particular module is a wireless VoIP phone that connects to the […] Read more »

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No, it’s not the latest iPhone upgrade which apparently only had some Safari holes plugged; it’s firmware upgrade number two for the Sony Reader! Bob Russell at MobileRead points out that the new firmware version just released yesterday fixes a battery meter issue and a problem […] Read more »

ABC News is profiling 15-year old Jacob Komar who has been taking discarded old computers and fixing them up for school children who don’t have access to computers.  Jacob began doing this when he was just 9 years old and has distributed over 1,500 refurbished computers […] Read more »

Microsoft Works has been around for over 20 years and while it might only be a shadow of Microsoft Office it will soon be available free.  Most people that use Works find it is adequate for home use and got started using Works when it was […] Read more »

They say simplicity is the key to a product’s design and it just doesn’t get simpler than this. Ambient, the company that creates informational gadgets that provide basic information using simple methods had done it again with their Ambient Umbrella. Who needs a weather widget when […] Read more »

As a six-year, self-admitted but not recovering HDTV addict, I just can’t take my four eyes off of this new Panasonic camcorder that Gizmodo found. For $999 you’ll get the world’s smallest 3CCD sensor high-def camcorder when it hits shelves in September. At only three-quarters of […] Read more »

No doubt the iPhone is the single coolest phone ever released.  Even power users like Kevin and Matt couldn’t resist (repeatedly) the lure of the keyless iPhone.  Houston Chronicle’s Dwight Silverman has been using an iPhone for a month now and this column explains how the […] Read more »

The original Toshiba R500 announcement hinted at an SSD option in the future, and it looks like the future is now. The lightweight 12.1-inch notebook with LED backlit screen is now available with a flash-based drive and not just a skimpy 32 GB unit: Toshiba went […] Read more »

It was a few short months ago that HP awarded over $7.5 million in grants, Tablet PCs and other computing equipment to 172 schools. Proving that they’re not a "one hit wonder", the company just doled out another $2.5 million to another 25 educational institutions today. […] Read more »

You won’t see this at Lowe’s or Home Depot, but this USB hub from Elecom looks like the perfect accessory for the mobile do-it-yourselfer. You’ll get around 1.5 meters of retractable USB cord to carry around on your tool belt for plugging in up to four […] Read more »

Those of you who are members of the jkOnTheRun readers group on Facebook have probably noticed that Facebook is messing with us.  The group bounces between unavailable and hardly functional since late yesterday.  Hang in there, they’ll get it straightened out soon enough.  I’ll bet they […] Read more »

Craving a call log for that Palm Treo 680? That’s one thing I’ve always liked about my Windows Mobile devices, there’s a generally usable call log for the phone calls made, received and missed. Apparently the Palm Treo 680 is lacking in this department, but based […] Read more »

I caught wind of iTweet during one of Marc Orchant’s Twitter updates last week. (BTW: Happy five-o to Marc today!) I was using the standard Twitter home page on my iPhone up this point, but having used the free iTweet service, I doubt I’ll ever go […] Read more »

It seems like everyone wants their device to look and act like an iPhone, as opposed to just getting an iPhone.  At least in the US.  Some clever folks in Brazil have written a utility for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet that mimics the on-screen keyboard […] Read more »

Dan of ThoughtFix is a great guy that Kevin and I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year.  I try to stay in touch with Dan regularly as he is very plugged into the mobile lifestyle and what it takes to achieve one.  In that […] Read more »

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