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Our earlier post on the new Logitech webcams prompted a great comment from John who said, "I wish someone would make a bluetooth webcam. I hate wires. Especially when I going minimal and only carrying my UMPC." I’m similar to John in that my UMPC goes […] Read more »

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There are two new Microsoft MVPs in the Tablet PC category joining Kevin and I in that august group.  Congratulations to Matt Faulkner of GottaBeMobile and Frank Garcia better known as ctitanic of Ultra-Mobile PC Tips.  Both are very deserving of this award and we wish […] Read more »

RealTechNews reminds us today that the iTunes software required to activate your iPhone will not run under the 64-bit versions of Windows XP or Vista.  That fact is buried in the fine print on Apple’s iPhone web site but those running either of those OS versions […] Read more »

While iPhones activation woes and locked phones dominate the news the Universal Music Group has notified Apple it will not renew its annual contract with Apple’s iTunes Music Store.  Pulling out of a contractual arrangement with Apple leaves the UMG free to put a little more […] Read more »

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The Podcast Awards are open for nominations again so if you are a MobileTechRoundup listener we’d appreciate your nomination. Last year we had the honor of making the finals but lost out due to divine intervention  (the Catholic Insider won).   The nomination process is very simple […] Read more »

Reader Cody Blotske sent in this photo of the Miller Lite girls using a Tablet PC to collect visitor information for a contest at some unknown event.  I’m waiting for Cody to chime in to tell us where this event took place but he said this […] Read more » Everyone’s probably heard about the iPhone (and the potential for Exchange syncing through IMAP) enough today, so here’s a quick video to introduce to an Exchange syncing solution for other phones: DataViz’s RoadSync for Exchange. It does cost $49.95, but provides Direct Push support with […] Read more »

10. I heard that Safari’s pop-up blocker will stop telemarketer calls.9. So….where’d you get your black turtleneck?8. Hey who brought the beach ball? That’s not even funny!7. Yeah, I’m streaming this right now. My friend’s watching it over HSDPA on Windows Mobile.6. Is that the real […] Read more »

Verizon has no doubt been watching all the iPhone hoopla and I’ll bet they’ve been watching the reviewers who pretty much have panned the AT&T network to a man.  They released a press release today informing us that Verizon stores will be open all day tomorrow, […] Read more »

Palm was generous enough to spend a good twenty minutes with me at the Digital Experience show. For a three-hour show with several hundred attendees, that’s quite a bit of time and for that I thank them. There were Foleos-a-plenty at the booth and I took […] Read more »

There have been ring mice before, but The Ring Mouse adds a new twist as it is really a miniature track ball with three mouse buttons.  It’s small and ugly but this little peripheral might actually be useful if you like track balls.  Here’s the scoop: […] Read more »

Adam Pash’s quest for full Firefox synchronization continues and he’s oh-so-close to having exactly what he wants. Not content solely with synching bookmarks and passwords like you can with Google Browser Sync, Adam has discovered that Microsoft’s FolderShare provides nearly everything he wants on either a […] Read more »

This Iomega external drive, the eGo, might look like a flask, but it’s actually a USB 2.0 storage device capable of holding 160 GB of your precious data. You’ll pay a dollar a gig for this stylish drive unless you want to pony up $210 for […] Read more »

If that Hotspot@Home service from T-Mobile is what you’re hankerin’ for, you can sign up today. This is the combination GSM / WiFi service that lets you save your cellular minutes by seamlessly switching a cell call to a WiFi network. Michael Gartenberg has tested it […] Read more »

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