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Verizon has no doubt been watching all the iPhone hoopla and I’ll bet they’ve been watching the reviewers who pretty much have panned the AT&T network to a man.  They released a press release today informing us that Verizon stores will be open all day tomorrow, […] Read more »

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Palm was generous enough to spend a good twenty minutes with me at the Digital Experience show. For a three-hour show with several hundred attendees, that’s quite a bit of time and for that I thank them. There were Foleos-a-plenty at the booth and I took […] Read more »

There have been ring mice before, but The Ring Mouse adds a new twist as it is really a miniature track ball with three mouse buttons.  It’s small and ugly but this little peripheral might actually be useful if you like track balls.  Here’s the scoop: […] Read more »

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Adam Pash’s quest for full Firefox synchronization continues and he’s oh-so-close to having exactly what he wants. Not content solely with synching bookmarks and passwords like you can with Google Browser Sync, Adam has discovered that Microsoft’s FolderShare provides nearly everything he wants on either a […] Read more »

This Iomega external drive, the eGo, might look like a flask, but it’s actually a USB 2.0 storage device capable of holding 160 GB of your precious data. You’ll pay a dollar a gig for this stylish drive unless you want to pony up $210 for […] Read more »

If that Hotspot@Home service from T-Mobile is what you’re hankerin’ for, you can sign up today. This is the combination GSM / WiFi service that lets you save your cellular minutes by seamlessly switching a cell call to a WiFi network. Michael Gartenberg has tested it […] Read more »

The first reviews of the iPhone by mainstream media journalists are rolling in and there seems to be a consensus- the iPhone is wonderful, the AT&T network sucks.  David Pogue of the New York Times has published what I believe is the best gadget video review […] Read more »

There are a few alternative text input utilities for Tablet PCs and UMPCs and you either love them or hate them.  One of the most innovative programs is SpeedScript that we’ve mentioned before.  The folks that produce SpeedScript have just notified me that you can download […] Read more »

Sweet deal from EarthLink. No, they’re not a dead-and-gone dial-up ISP; they’re a nearly dead-and-gone dial-up ISP that’s actually reinventing themselves by contracting out municipal WiFi. Oh wait, that’s right; I mentioned a sweet deal, so here it is. Nokia N800 owners get free WiFi service […] Read more »

Mobile Tech Manor is awash in the scent of rich Corinthian ballistic nylon as the Buzz sling pack from Tom Bihn has arrived.  I took it for a spin to acquaint it with Starbucks so it can see where it will be spending a great deal […] Read more »

I truly think the success of the Palm Foleo is directly tied to third-party applications. Without ‘em, you don’t have much more than an external display and keyboard for your smartphone, which isn’t enough of a value-add for $599 in my opinion. Bluefire is among the […] Read more »

Need a fast, high-capacity external hard drive for that notebook? You might want to check out the just-announced Mercury-on-the-Go drives available in 200- and 250 GB storage capacity. Other World Computing carries the new drives which have transparent casing and several interfaces: FireWire 800/400, USB 2.0 […] Read more »

I tried to make the Booq bag work, I really did.  I’ve used it for a couple of years because it’s the perfect combination of small size and thin profile.  I can take all my stuff in a bag that sits very flat on my back, […] Read more »

That oversized, Windows Mobile 6 device known as the HTC Advantage continues to surprise! If you’re not content with the touchscreen or the magnetically attached keypad, you should be able to add a docking station to the Advantage. Jason Langridge caught sight of the dock at […] Read more »

Brighthand is reporting that a CDMA version of the HTC Touch will be coming to Sprint and Verizon soon with some enhancements.  The Touch is the recently announced Windows Mobile phone running on the GSM network that has the cool touch interface for interaction by finger.  […] Read more »

A big hearty congratulations are in order for my good buddy Dwight Silverman of TechBlog (and Houston Chronicle) fame as TechBlog has been selected by PC World as one of the "100 Blogs We Love".  Dwight works very hard and does a tremendous job bringing us […] Read more »

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