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Marc Orchant has tagged me in the "8 random things" meme (I’ll get you for this) so here are eight random things about me: I’ve been to Paris 11 times. The longest trip I’ve been on was 20+ hours flying from Houston to Muscat, Oman.  I […] Read more »

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Thank goodness for the loose FCC files to keep us informed as to what’s really probably going on in the world of mobile tech.  Case in point, the FCC has details of an upcoming BlackBerry that includes integrated WiFi and quad-band GSM.  And you know what […] Read more »

The Santa Rosa Express train continues: today it’s Fujitsu-Siemens with a new four pounder, the ESPRIMO Mobile U9200. At first I thought it was the ESKIMO with a name like that, but we’ll see how cool this runs with configuration options ranging from an Intel Celeron […] Read more »

This is probably old news, but somehow I missed the fact that Samsung is starting to adopt podcast players on their phones, following Nokia, who offers a nice podcatcher for S60 devices. The first Samsung phone with podcast service is the UpStage; dual-sided phone and digital […] Read more »

While this won’t help with e-mail indexing on the Google servers, it will provide a small modicum of privacy on your GMail communications. UneasySILENCE points out the Greasemonkey script called GMailEncrypt and the relatively simple steps for the encryption and security key generation. You’ll need Firefox […] Read more »

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No secret here, I have been an eReader kind of ebook guy for years.  It has been on every PC and every phone I’ve had running Windows Mobile.  My big lament with the S60 phones was not having a version of eReader Pro that would run […] Read more »

I was searching back through all old posts referencing the BlackBerry and found this one from last year about the ultimate BlackBerry accessory.  I’ve got mine on order and can’t wait to get it delivered.  Here’s the video of the ultimate BlackBerry accessory that Greg Hughes […] Read more »

Got a nice tip from jkOTR reader Mike: a Touch Screen Explorer demo app that uses Vista’s pen flicks. You can download a demo application (registration required) and flick your way through the file structure on a touchscreen Tablet or UMPC running Vista. If you’re a […] Read more »

A visit to Mobile Tech Manor will find a number of cool gadgets at any given time and this video shows you four smartphones I am currently playing with.  It’s a brief tour of the T-Mobile Dash, HTC Mogul, Nokia N95 and the RIM BlackBerry 8830 […] Read more »

Assuming you didn’t wait until the iPhone was generally sold out earlier today, you’re merrily browsing and pinching your way around the real Internet. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was easier to get around? Oh, I know: "it couldn’t BE any easier", you say. "Surely […] Read more »

Not getting enough juice on the standard battery with your Palm Treo? Treonauts has a brief but informative battery roundup that you’ll want to see. They cover all the talk and standby time ratings for the original 1600 mAh Palm battery as well as two other […] Read more »

The Fujitsu U1010 is a marvel that provides a wealth of functionality in a small form factor that Fujitsu claims is the world’s smallest convertible Tablet PC.  It certainly has everything and the kitchen sink included in a device roughly the size of a paperback book.  […] Read more »

Is it a Tablet PC? Is a UMPC? I’m not sure yet, but the "Edy Personal Computer" platform sounds like a 3 pound slate device. The usual suspects are involved, namely Intel and Microsoft, and one unusual one: Bit Wallet, a Japanese online payment business. Intel […] Read more »

It’s just a Yanko Design concept by Adam Ohearn at the moment, but the DTR looks quite stylish for a convertible Tablet PC. The desktop replacement docking stand accepts that ‘vertible on the stand and provides what looks to be a wireless keyboard and mouse; I’m […] Read more »

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- HTC is the most innovative producer of Windows Mobile devices around.  If you doubt that statement take a look at these new photos of the rumored HTC Omni that recently surfaced on the web: OMG, the Omni […] Read more »

Samsung really ratcheted up the thumb-board/ no thumb-board debate with the introduction of the Ultra Q1 UMPC.  The unique split thumb-board certainly has birthed many debates over the utility that tiny keyboards bring to the UMPC platform.  One thing that these debates seems to verify is […] Read more »

Looks like Ed Hardy of Brighthand was at the same event I attended last week. I only grabbed stills of the Palm Foleo, but Ed provides a short video walkthrough of this mobile companion. Ed’s video confirms what I saw: the device is easy to use […] Read more »

At 90 Euros, or about $120, the Nokia HF-300 isn’t what I’d call inexpensive, but it does have some nice features. This Bluetooth speakerphone includes a visor-clip so it’s great for the car and you get 20 hours of talk time on a battery charge. No […] Read more »

Not sure if this is an everyday price or a holiday special, but a MobileRead tipster found a great deal on Sony’s eBook reader. Hit up this page at TigerDirect for a $99 deal on the PRS-500 standalone reader device. Looks like you’ll have to wait […] Read more »

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