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The FedEx guy dropped off the MacBook Pro about half an hour ago and I’ve unboxed it, run through the setup (<5 minutes) and run the software update to get all the system files up to the current version.  This process was pain-free, the Mac even […] Read more »

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Yup, most of the Mac commenters were right: once you suspect and confirm a hardware issue, there’s not much to do but call for Apple Care. I did re-install Mac OS X on Tuesday night and ran the MacBook Pro all day yesterday without any issues. […] Read more »

Just after posting about my lovely retreat for escaping from it all I looked at the jkOTR home page to make sure it posted correctly.  The Google ad displaying above the retreat post makes me question what the folks at Google think constitutes a peaceful retreat: […] Read more »

Everybody needs a place to go for relaxing, perhaps with a good book, but mainly to get a way from it all for a short while.  It recharges the spirit and is good for you.  If you’re fortunate enough to have your retreat in your own […] Read more »

OK, let’s get my mug off of the front page with some posts here; thanks for all the well wishes by the way, BUT it’s back to work time. That’s just what ThoughtFix did: he got to work on a Kohjinsha SA-1 review and I love […] Read more »

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If it wasn’t the very first, I’m sure it was among the first! Pardon the off-topic post, but I wanted to share some personal news that my Twitter friends already saw. I’m getting married! Actually, this news isn’t really that off-topic: if it wasn’t for Barb’s […] Read more »

Hey, we here in the ‘States shouldn’t have all of the mobile fun, right? Our northern border brothers and sisters can join in the Sling-fest as of today and get ready to watch the NHL Playoffs out and about. The newest Slingboxes are now available in […] Read more »

Following a software update to the Palm 680 and 700p earlier this year, the Palm 650 gets a software upgrade to provide Direct Push e-mail to the smartphone. Along with mail on Microsoft Exchange, you’ll need VersaMail 3.5 on your Palm, which you can purchase with […] Read more »

Sprint announced the addition of TeleNav’s GPS services today in a revamped premium data plan. Sprint’s new Power Vision Navigation Pack takes the old Power Vision services (Picture Mail, Radio, TV, etc…) and bundles in the location service from TeleNav. Here’s a listing of the new […] Read more »

You’ve seen pics of our small mobile offices: I use the Samsung Q1P with the ThinkOutside Sierra keyboard while James is currently toting the Fujitsu P1610. I just saw that Michael C. added me to his Twitter friends and I noticed that he’s got a steady […] Read more »

Need a Vista gadget that shows your recent Office docs? Have no fear: the gadget is here! Eric Charran picked up on it (I found his post via The Hive) and it works very well provided you’re using Office 2007. If so, you don’t need to […] Read more »

The MacBook Pro has been shipped and is wending its way to Mobile Tech Manor as we speak.  I find it interesting that Apple drop ships it direct to me from China so hopefully this MBP will never ever see Cupertino.  I spent some time tonight […] Read more »

I am extremely fortunate to have in my hands (literally) a sleek Asus R2H UMPC running Windows Vista Ultimate.  The Asus is fully tricked out with GPS, web cam and fingerprint reader, and it runs very snappily with the 1 GB of memory I added before […] Read more »

Yahoo! fired a shot across the USS Google today with a press release announcing the new Yahoo! oneSearch service. The mobile search interface is compatible with over 100 million mobile phones according to Yahoo! When I first read that, I figured the search giant was hitting […] Read more »

If you focused on the Samsung Q1 Ultra news at CeBIT, you might have missed the US 70x UMPCs that are due out late this year or early next year. If these devices got by you, now’s your chance to peep ‘em thanks to JKK’s video […] Read more »

I don’t know what the travel & computing requirements were, so I won’t be too judgmental here, but Blake Robinson lists his four top travel notebooks over at CrunchGear today. Each of the four finalists is a mobile powerhouse, so I’m thinking this is a near-desktop […] Read more »

Is your idea of a mobile computing experience ‘super lightweight’, as in no mobile device, just a U3 USB drive to use on any computer you can find? That’s OK, I used to cut the handles off my toothbrushes for 50-mile backpacking trips, so I can […] Read more »

Over at Gotta Be Mobile, Warner’s been arm-wrestling with trying to get the new Vista drivers up and running on his Asus R2H. I’d liken his approach to my ‘brute force’ method on the Q1 last year, but he’s got the benefit of drivers from Asus. […] Read more »

Jason Langridge has a pretty hot document: this two page Adobe PDF is a fantastic feature comparison between Windows Mobile versions 5 and 6! I’m personally happy to see features like: Remote access and support for the Out-of-Office assistant in Outlook SharePoint integration and access Smart […] Read more »

Remember that plucky little brick of a handheld with the stellar battery life we reviewed in January? The Raon Digital Vega was mighty mite in terms of runtime, but wasn’t super-computer powered with an AMD Geode LX800 under the hood. Still, we found it to be […] Read more »

Tracy Hooten over at The Student Tablet PC blog might be having second thoughts about the UMPC platform. Back in September, she wrote a very lucid post with solid personal observations on why she didn’t see the need for a UMPC. She definitely had some valid […] Read more »

First, I have to thank you for so many comments to my "killer Mac app" question. You’ve all given me much to think on, download and try. This must be a popular theme because Lifehacker recently put together their favorite ten Mac downloads. The icing on […] Read more »

If you missed our hands-on with GotVoice last summer, there’s an updated review over at The Mobile Gadgeteer. Matt Miller put the newest iteration of the mobile voicemail service through the paces and finds some newly added features since we last looked. GotVoice integrated some contact […] Read more »

Straight from CeBIT comes word of the first universal mobile phone charger, the AnyFix.  The AnyFix is reported to work with over 80% of all the mobile phones in Europe and major brands elsewhere.  The user selects the proper charging tip by pushing a button on […] Read more »

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