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Download here (MP4 format, 38 MB 23 minutes) Timefor another jkOTR Mobile Media Edition!  Today we’re taking a firstlook at the uber-useful HTC Advantage x7501 Windows Mobile 6 PDA.  TheAdvantage can’t make up its mind if it’s a smartphone, PDA, Pocket PC,laptop or UMPC.  Come to […] Read more »

I might buy one of these Commodore 200 digital audio players just for the nostalgia; the C64 is collecting dust in the basement but every few weeks it catches my eye. *sniff* Yes, Commodore is back and not just in the PC industry (they offer gaming […] Read more »

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Verizon rolled out a rare update to the Verizon Access Manager, software used to control connections via EV-DO and 1xRTT.  Usually not much changes with these updates but don’t skip this one if you use the AirCard 595 EV-DO Rev. A modem.  The program update also […] Read more »

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Well the FedEx guy FINALLY appeared a few hours ago with the OQO Model 02 evaluation unit!  A big thanks to Dynamism for shooting the OQO my way for a short while so I can share my experiences with you.  You guys rock! My first impressions […] Read more »

When I caught a glimpse of the Samsung i570 slider, I quickly thought, "is that a new version of Windows Mobile already?" Nope, it’s apparently Symbian OS v9.1 coming to this short and squatty QWERTY phone. [Say that five times fast!] Unwired View picked up some […] Read more »

Perry Reed of The Tablet PC Show has been conducting an evaluation of the Motion LE1700 Tablet PC.  The LE1700 is probably the nicest and most capable slate Tablet out there and Perry walks us around the slate for a quick video tour.  Take a look […] Read more »

Sammual runs the insanely popular, often-updated PalmAddicts site and he needs our help. He’s had an older Tablet PC for nearly 18 months but it’s just not meeting his needs from what I gather. His budget has no upper boundary so the sky’s the limit here, […] Read more »

I knew it would happen eventually and quite frankly I always figured it would happen sooner than it did.  I have been outed by Ralph W. Waldo, an editor for Popular Quantum Mechanics Magazine (PQMM). For the past 3 years I have gotten away with the ultimate […] Read more »

GottaBeMobile forum member Sierra has gotten one of the first HP 2710p Tablet PCs to roll off the assembly line and is posting first impressions and lots of photos in their forum.  The initial impressions are good and no question the 2710p is a very thin […] Read more »

Congratulations to both pal Marc Orchant and the ThinkFree folks who have announced that Marc has joined their effort in an advisory capacity.  ThinkFree is an innovative online alternative to Microsoft Office that is currently in beta and the brains behind the service could not have […] Read more »

Boy, will Matt Miller be happy since he just traded a Nokia E61i for an HTC TyTN. Mobility Site indicates that the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade is now available for the TyTN. You will need to register for an HTC eClub account if you’re not already […] Read more »

Let’s hope that the leaked Verizon Wireless product pipeline over at Engadget Mobile isn’t Photoshopped. If it’s legit then this month should bring the long awaited successor to the XV6700 into happy mobile hands everywhere. Aside from the XV6800 (which is the Verizon version of Sprint’s […] Read more »

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