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The past couple of weeks I’ve been really missing the Sony U71 (don’t worry Ron, I’m not going to ask for it back).  I have spent quite some time trying to figure out why, after all I have no shortage of cool gadgets to play with […] Read more »

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BusinessWeek put together a fantastic and informative article on Nokia yesterday: what a great read this morning. Although I’ve used the loaner N80 and N800, I really don’t know much about Nokia’s history or business model and this brief read was very enlightening. The beginning focuses […] Read more »

If you’ve been waiting for a cheaper way to become one of the UMPC anointed you better hit Woot! up pretty fast.  They have refurbished Samsung Q1s up for grabs for just $650.  These refurbished units come with a 90 day warranty and have these specs: […] Read more »

With so much AT&T-bashing over the last month, (really, has any iPhone owner said "w00t! AT&T rocks!") it’s nice to see some good press. Windows for Devices reports that the carrier is working with development shop Code Factory to get the companies products on their phones […] Read more »

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Where was the Buddi GPS tracker when Jack Bauer needed it last season? Oh well, better late than never. The Buddi isn’t available just yet, but when it does launch, you can expect your Buddi-wearing buddies to be found via GPS. The U.K. company behind the […] Read more »

Ok, it’s not a pretty solution, but for many, it’s the result that counts. Ashish Derhgawen did some self-education on the tones that phones make and decided to put his newfound knowledge to good use. Using a pull-solenoid and an old Nokia phone to accept calls, […] Read more »

Bjorn has a brief but interesting comparison between two comparable devices, the Palm Foleo and the VIA NanoBook. It’s a give and take between the two devices in my eyes: what one provides in screen-size and resolution, for example, the other makes up the difference in […] Read more »

This may not be the only car repair shop doing this but it’s the first one I’ve seen pushing this technology.  A car repair shop near my house has gone high-tech in a big way.  In order to gain trust from their customers the Domestic Auto […] Read more »

OK, since I picked up the BlackBerry 8830 you just knew you’d start seeing more BlackBerry news on jkOnTheRun, right?  Today we have a roundup of the latest BB news from around the globe: Mac users with BlackBerries have been left out in the cold when […] Read more »

I got a chance to meet Dan from UneasySILENCE a few weeks back; ironically, Dan’s very talkative for a blogger with "SILENCE" in the name….in a good way, Dan. ;) He gave in to the hot iPhone fever, but decided to take up the heat a […] Read more »

The promise of wireless USB has been lurking around for some time now and consumers have been waiting patiently.  The new technology works like USB but without the wires and when products start appearing that have wireless USB integrated it’s going to be pretty cool.  This […] Read more »

New notebooks are pretty much equipped with ExpressCard slots these days.  ExpressCards are thinner than the older PC Cards and it’s easier for OEMs to put them in thinner and lighter portable computers.  The problem with switching to the ExpressCard format is evident if you have […] Read more »

One thing I can tell you the BlackBerry 8830 is a sweet smartphone.  The only gripe I have with my Verizon 8830 I have well documented- their silly disabling of the integrated GPS.  Good news for those who have been waiting for Sprint to get the […] Read more »

Just a quick note before we run the kids around to their activities this evening: thank you MobileTechRoundup podcast audience. With your support, we finally cracked the iTunes Top 25 podcasts in the Technology / Gadgets section. We’ve come close before, but I think this is […] Read more »

The kids picked the comment number and Brian Baker wins a Facade license with this comment entry. Congratulations Brian, be sure to let us know how Facade works for you with the "on the way Blackjack"! I’ll need Brian to shoot me a note by clicking […] Read more »

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