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Memory maker Kingston is borrowing a page from Japan and is deploying vending machines in airports in the US.  The machines will dispense SD cards and flash memory cards for travelers who remember they left the camera’s memory card at home.  Business travelers may be a […] Read more »

Maybe I’ve been playing too much of that Lego’s Star Wars II video game on the Xbox 360 lately. [Seriously, if you haven't tried it, you really need to experience this fun and snarky take on the Star Wars classics!] When I saw this cell phone […] Read more »

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Lifehacker highlights this tidbit: StrokeIt allows you to control applications with configurable mouse gestures. Conceptually, it’s very similar to the wildly popular InkGestures software for Tablet PCs only StrokeIt doesn’t require a Tablet; you simply use your mouse instead! I spent a few minutes with StrokeIt […] Read more »

In our "better late than never" category, Engadget is running their 2006 Engadget Awards program and up for voting is the best Tablet PC of 2006. At rough count, I see about 4,300 votes for the five finalists, so if you haven’t voted yet, be sure […] Read more »

Sony just made the under two-pound VAIO G1 notebook even lighter by providing an option to drop the traditional magnetic hard drive in favor of a 32 GB Solid State Disk, or SSD. You’ll add about $550 to the price over the 40 GB drive option, […] Read more »

After two trips to the King of Prussia Apple store, the MacBook Pro experience continues to erode. Each trip is 45 minutes, so I’ve invested 3 hours for the two there-and-back trips; a real productivity killer when you factor in the work I’ve lost due to […] Read more »

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I loved the Waterfield SleeveCase I got for my Fujitsu P1610 so much that I got one for my MacBook Pro, too.  I’ll be writing a review of the MacBook SleeveCase soon along with the Cozmo bag I got to put it in.  Meanwhile, the folks […] Read more »

I’m back in the saddle after a few days of unplugging from ‘the Internets’ and I see that Antoine Wright got a chance to review the HTC MTeoR smartphone over at Brighthand. I usually skim through smartphone reviews and focus right onto the battery life observations […] Read more »

Mauricio Freitas of Geekzone has pointed out that Microsoft has quietly released a hotfix for Windows Vista for those having problems using SD cards.  The hotfix addresses a range of problems: The following issues are fixed in this hotfix package. These issueshave not been previously documented […] Read more »

Google’s been very careful to optimize their services for the mobile device user and the latest addition to the Google repertoire might be the best tool yet.  Google Vocal Local Search does exactly what it sounds like it would do and lets the road warrior do […] Read more »

You can’t purchase this helmet just yet, but I’m betting a few adventurous folks hope it comes to market at some point. Julie-Ann Davies designed the Pulse helmet and it’s currently a finalist in the Australian Design Awards thanks to the mobile tech features. Aside from […] Read more »

I have to admit I have only scratched the surface of what you can do with Quicksilver, the Mac utility that makes it easy to touch anything on your Mac with just a few keystrokes.  I have been devouring everything I find on the web about […] Read more »

Robert Scoble must be watching jkOnTheRun and saw all the posts I’ve written about the 17" MacBook Pro I picked up recently.  I say that because he’s just picked one up himself and he’s gathering software suggestions from his Twitter followers.  There are some good suggestions […] Read more »

I meant to post this earlier in the week but I forgot.  There is a Geek Gathering in Houston tonight so if you’re in the city and want to geek out head on over to the Tropioca coffee house at 2808 Milam (and Drew) at around […] Read more »

Now that you finally got that mobile device small enough to fit in your pocket you might want to prove your geek factor by strapping it to your hand for all to see.  The FreeHand fits many small mobile devices like the Treo and straps your […] Read more »

It sure looks that way based on pictures like this one over at Howard Forums. The BlackBerry 8830 is expected as a hybrid CDMA phone for use here in the US but also supports GSM service overseas. Gizmodo also indicates EV-DO support, QVGA screen, and microSD […] Read more »

Currently in private beta, MOBIVOX is a service that lets you call your Skype contacts from any land line or cellular phone. Download Squad has a first-look writeup as part of the beta; they’re reporting that the beta should go public fairly soon. The ability to […] Read more »

One of the more frustrating issues since the Origami-based UMPCs arrived has to be dialog boxes that don’t quite fit on the native 800 x 480 screens. I’ve made good use of the resolution switching hardware button on my Q1s but thanks to Vikram Madan, I […] Read more »

So you want a flash-based hard drive solution for your notebook or UMPC but you don’t want to spend four-figures to do it. No prob if your device takes a 2.5-inch IDE drive. Just nab this 44-pin Compact Flash adapter from Addonics for $30. Then, do […] Read more »

Last week at CTIA, Mercora announced a version upgrade to their audio streaming service for smartphones, but there was another tidbit that might have been overlooked. Mercora has partnered with Microsoft to offer a free 6-month trial of their music streaming service, saving you about $30 […] Read more »

Face it, you spend bunches of your hard-earned coin on mobile gear whether it’s a $15 USB shaver or a $2,000 notebook that works when it wants to. If you’re looking for that extra-protection on your investments, Pacsafe might be the place to look. Pacsafe gear […] Read more »

I mentioned in another post that I had performed a clean install of Vista Ultimate on the HP tc1100 and given it to my wife.  She is quite happily using it and everything in Vista is working perfectly and quite snappily.  Granted, you don’t get the […] Read more »

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