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We’ve highlighted text entry options for UMPCs and small notebooks before; shame on us for overlooking smartphone data entry! Over at Gear Diary, Jenneth puts her phone collection to the test. I was more surprised by the collection than the actual results; Jenneth rivals Matt Miller […] Read more »

I’ll bet if you have homework you don’t do it in as nice a place as Tyler.  Tyler is a Tablet-totin’ high school kid in Anchorage, Alaska.  He’s corresponded with Kevin and I for quite some time and I just found a blog today that he […] Read more »

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We’ve been hearing of a number of new phones to be released this year by Verizon so Mobile Magazine did some digging and found that there will be 14 new phones released by the "Can you hear me now?" folks this year.  They have photos of […] Read more »

I was googling the T-Mobile Ameo recently and realized something on the Ameo was dropped on the Advantage.  If you recall the T-Mobile Ameo was the early version of the HTC Advantage that shipped earlier this year in Europe and I had in my mind that […] Read more »

Smartphone maker i-mate created quite a stir when they announced a new Ultimate line of PDA/ smartphones consisting of five devices that included the 7150 clamshell which looked to be a good competitor to the HTC Advantage.  Word has come out today that i-mate is canceling […] Read more »

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The kids have spoken: congrats to Jordan Running who gets the Belkin Easy Transfer Cable! Part of me wonders if my children are secretly playing BlackJack for money, WebKinz or PokeMon cards. I noticed there were 21 comments in the contest thread and Jordan’s was lucky […] Read more »

Just got an e-mail from SanDisk and while I’m not interested in purchasing another digital audio player, the deal is too good to pass up. This is not a referral deal for us, just a great deal for anyone that wants the SanDisk Sansa Connect player. […] Read more »

This is a test post using TypePad Mobile on the HTC Advantage. Simple post with no links nor images (you can post images but not links). Read more »

With the merger between XM and Sirius still pending, I don’t think I’d buy any new satellite radio equipment just yet. If I was in the market, I’d be all over the new Sirius Stiletto 2 just announced today. The device is about 25% smaller than […] Read more »

I just left the local AT&T store with the last Sierra Wireless 875u AirCard they had in stock. I pre-installed the driver software from home this morning in anticipation, so I’ve got the card running on the Samsung Q1P already. Right now, I’m lunching at a […] Read more »

I have to wonder if the cabin crew would be happy with this, but it’s still amazing that you can actually do it. Over at the E-Series blog, they used a Nokia E61i with a GPS receiver to figure out airspeed while on a flight. Makes […] Read more »

A jkOnTheRun reader who will remain anonymous as I don’t have permission to disclose his/her name sent me the following email with an interesting question: I came upon your blog looking up Batman oddly enough, (yes I would probably get along great with your friend Marc).  […] Read more »

The Plantronics Pulsar 590E Bluetooth headphones arrived yesterday afternoon and after getting it all charged up I threw it into my little bag and headed off to the old Starbucks.  The audio quality is quite nice but the jury is still out if the microphone is […] Read more »

Reader Cody Blotske tipped me to a notification he received from Dynamism that the retailer is accepting pre-orders for the HTC Shift for $1,499.  I headed over to their site and sure enough they have it up already.  I find it a bit strange that neither […] Read more »

MobileRead forum member, Adam B., decided to add some PDA functionality to his iLiad eBook reader by porting some Linux apps. He’s got GPE Calendar, Contacts and Todo all bundled in a single package and while you can’t sync this data to a PC, you can […] Read more »

The original Polaroids really gave you that instant-gratification feeling for you pics. OK, maybe not instant since you had to wait a few minutes for your pic to magically appear, but that gave us something to do: wave the print around in the air to speed […] Read more »

Steve Paine will be happy to hear this news if he hasn’t seen it yet. SBSH just rolled out an upgrade to Papyrus for Symbian and there’s some optimizations included for the Nokia E90 Communicator that Steve just bought. Papyrus v1.3 offers up some good viewing […] Read more »

I have been thinking about getting some Bluetooth headphones to use with the HTC Advantage and other devices that support the A2DP Bluetooth profile and after doing a lot of research I settled on the Plantronics 590E.  All of the user reviews I ran across were […] Read more »

The big 5-inch screen of the HTC Advantage makes it perfect for using in portrait orientation and Windows Mobile supports that.  What would be cool would be if an enterprising Windows Mobile programmer with an Advantage would write a utility that would auto-rotate the screen using […] Read more »

Oh no, I guess Homeland Security will ban Nokia phones on flights now after the company issued a recall for 46 million batteries that "in very rare cases" could create an explosive burn while charging.  The batteries were manufactured by Matsushita (Panasonic) between December 2005 and […] Read more »

The king of lists on Windows Mobile devices, ListPro 5.0 from Ilium, has gotten a brand new version chock full of features that turn this powerful program into a must-have.  ListPro 5.0 adds some really innovative features such as the ability to change the font and […] Read more »

Some of you are probably asking yourself “what happened to the OQO?” since I haven’t written much about it. Others are probably assuming that the excitement generated by the HTC Advantage knocked the OQO off the front page. Oh, would that were only true.The fact of […] Read more »

Kevin was all over the S60 version of the SlingPlayer Mobile but the slinging doesn’t stop there.  Sling Media CEO hinted that a version of the player will soon be coming to the BlackBerry, now that they are all multi-media ready.  No word on when or […] Read more »

There’s two schools of thought for archiving e-mail in Outlook: you’re either a filer or your not. I tend to be a filer; I have folders and sub-folders to help categorize archived e-mail. Merlin Mann begs to differ with my approach: in an excellent presentation to […] Read more »

Yes, even Nokia device owners should be able to watch television from anywhere on the planet. Hey, what better way to put that U.S. HSDPA compatible N95 to good use? Yup, Sling Media is beta testing a new Symbian S60 SlingPlayer Mobile client so if you […] Read more »

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