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The HTC Advantage has a lot of mobile gear aficionados chomping at the bit for obvious reasons.  It’s a Windows Mobile device that looks like a mini-laptop when connected to the detachable keyboard and it has connectivity capabilities out the wazoo.  It’s certainly one of the […] Read more »

I was watching Meet the Press (I know, boring morning) when the funniest TV commercial I’ve seen in a while was aired.  The ad is for Sprint wireless broadband service and the tone was like those pharmaceutical commercials I hate so much. The scene takes place […] Read more »

It’s the kind of weekend that has me thinking about goofy stuff that doesn’t really matter but I have to get them out of my system.  Here they are in no particular order: As bad as the food is at McDonald’s why are their French fries […] Read more »

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Want an overview on how to sync your companion UMPC with a desktop? How about sharing information between two notebooks? If you have time on Monday, there’s a scheduled webcast at 10 am PT via this Microsoft LiveMeeting link. The focus will be on Laplink’s PCsynch […] Read more »

Just last week I highlighted the mini Zune player because it’s so useful on a small touchscreen device. I use this daily to stream music from my Zune Pass subscription, but there’s this little bitty bug that’s worth a note. I’m not bashing the Zune software […] Read more »

Congrats to the Origami team at Microsoft: the new Origami Experience software for Vista-based UMPCs got a nice shout out in the May 2007 PC World issue! Regular readers are already familiar with the OE since we’ve given it a writeup and a video review. For […] Read more »

The hot new Nokia N95 has just about every feature you could want, right? Here’s one feature that you don’t want, but the problem is you won’t know if you have it! A UK company offers the N95 with the ‘Interceptor’ software included. The software enables […] Read more »

HTC is really taking strides to shine a spotlight on the company. For years, they’ve made great Windows Mobile devices that were re-branded but recently they stepped out with their own brand name. Now, DigiTimes reports that HTC has a subsidiary that started production of 3.5G […] Read more »

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Ever needed to share a screen or provide remote assistance? Want to remote control a home machine while you’re away? There’s quite a few apps that let you perform these tasks, but Yuuguu caught my eye after Amit highlighted it this morning. How come? It works […] Read more »

Great news over at Gotta Be Mobile today: the Tablet PC team is expanding and now includes Hugo Ortega! Although I only know Hugo by his on-line reputation and passion, he’s quite a character and I know he’ll add tremendous value to the already talented team […] Read more »

Nearly a year after the first Samsung Q1 UMPC were shipped, it looks like light at the end of the HID tunnel. Ctitanic (aka: Frank) has relentlessly taken every avenue possible to get HID or Human Interface Device drivers for the Q1-series and that determination appears […] Read more »

Gadget lovers have one thing in common, the love for the gadget bag.  There are so many makes and types of gadget bags and we have a desire, no a responsibility to check out as many of them as possible until we find the perfect bag.  […] Read more »

Nokia’s latest phone in the fabulous N series has evoked such anticipation in the months leading up to its release by the Finnish phone giant and now that they have started appearing here in the US a lot of reviews have started to appear.  The N95 […] Read more »

OK, this trick is very limited and almost silly, but I’m actually about to use it. I just finished dinner and wanted to dedicate the next hour to a specific task. There are tons of apps, widgets or gadgets I could use to tell me when […] Read more »

While you’re paying your last respects to the Dell Axim line of PDAs, be sure to visit another computing casket as well today. Fujitsu had planned a 1.8-inch traditional hard drive line for mobile devices but just put the kibosh on it with a wait-and-see approach. […] Read more »

Chris Leckness has been running the most popular site covering the Dell Axim line of Pocket PCs for years and he’s posted the saddest post in the site’s history.  Dell has finally pulled the plug on the Axim line of the popular PDA and Chris has […] Read more »

Just like a computing device, the gear bag you use is a very personal choice. I’ve settled on a Booq bag, while James is currently enjoying a Waterfield SleeveCase. Jeremy Toeman just gave his personal stamp of approval on the Ruckus Laptop Backpack for a number […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 96 is 32:17 minutes long and is a 29.6 MB file in MP3 format.INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia) […] Read more »

It’s always cool to see InfoWorld make a list of cool gadgets and the April list of coolest gadgets is no exception.  Take a gander at these gadgets and head over to the article to see the deets: Digital TV on an SD Card Panasonic AVCHD […] Read more »

Memory maker Kingston is borrowing a page from Japan and is deploying vending machines in airports in the US.  The machines will dispense SD cards and flash memory cards for travelers who remember they left the camera’s memory card at home.  Business travelers may be a […] Read more »

Maybe I’ve been playing too much of that Lego’s Star Wars II video game on the Xbox 360 lately. [Seriously, if you haven't tried it, you really need to experience this fun and snarky take on the Star Wars classics!] When I saw this cell phone […] Read more »

Lifehacker highlights this tidbit: StrokeIt allows you to control applications with configurable mouse gestures. Conceptually, it’s very similar to the wildly popular InkGestures software for Tablet PCs only StrokeIt doesn’t require a Tablet; you simply use your mouse instead! I spent a few minutes with StrokeIt […] Read more »

In our "better late than never" category, Engadget is running their 2006 Engadget Awards program and up for voting is the best Tablet PC of 2006. At rough count, I see about 4,300 votes for the five finalists, so if you haven’t voted yet, be sure […] Read more »

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