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Nokia has released Mail for Exchange 2.0 for the E-series and N-series smartphones multimedia computers.  This new version adds some improvements over the old one, the most significant of which is the ability to sync tasks with the server.  This new version can be downloaded direct […] Read more »

Logitech has released the latest entry in their Alto line, an innovative notebook stand that comes with a wireless keyboard.  The Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand is a useful accessory that extends the usefulness of any notebook used at a desk.  The stand holds a notebook […] Read more »

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The Sony VAIO UX-series still amazes me in terms of performance; the original Sony UMPCs from a few years back still perform as good as (if not better than) current devices. Fellow MVP Ian Dixon tested a UX1 for a few weeks and put together a […] Read more »

I usually use a device’s integrated mic and speakers for my Skype calls but sometimes, I want some more oomph in the speakers on smaller devices. Thanks to Brando, the company that can put a USB port into every conceivable object on the planet, this might […] Read more »

Vlingo Corporation launches today with a beta version of a new voice technology for mobile phones. Vlingo Mobile is a voice-based interface for phones based on new technology developed by the company.  Vlingo was founded by speech expert Mike Phillips, formerly of Nuance, and the company […] Read more »

One handy feature in Vista is the thumbnail view of apps running on the Taskbar. Simply hover over a running app in the Taskbar and Vista provides a real-time pop-up thumbnail view of the application window. It’s a fantastic time saver for multi-taskers and especially useful […] Read more »

I happened to find this by accident this morning and I’ve been looking for an event like this in Houston for a long time.  There will be a BarCampHouston held on Saturday, August 25th at the Houston Technology Center (HTC).  I plan on attending now that […] Read more »

I’m always watching for news about gadgets that help diabetics and I recently found this new gadget from HealthPia.  The GlucoPhone fits on the back of some cell phones and turns the phone into a glucose meter that not only reads test strips but also can […] Read more »

One advantage to owning multiple UMPCs or having friends that own UMPCs? You can benchmark each under relatively similar conditions to determine performance differences. That’s exactly what Frank Garcia (aka: Ctitanic) did with four UMPCs, each with a different CPU. The premise here was to use […] Read more »

The Skype outage rolls on, or not, depending on your perspective as I’m still unable to log on to Skype.  Of more import to me however, is the fact that MobiPocket has been down now for over a day and a half.  I’ve written a few […] Read more »

We’ve highlighted text entry options for UMPCs and small notebooks before; shame on us for overlooking smartphone data entry! Over at Gear Diary, Jenneth puts her phone collection to the test. I was more surprised by the collection than the actual results; Jenneth rivals Matt Miller […] Read more »

I’ll bet if you have homework you don’t do it in as nice a place as Tyler.  Tyler is a Tablet-totin’ high school kid in Anchorage, Alaska.  He’s corresponded with Kevin and I for quite some time and I just found a blog today that he […] Read more »

We’ve been hearing of a number of new phones to be released this year by Verizon so Mobile Magazine did some digging and found that there will be 14 new phones released by the "Can you hear me now?" folks this year.  They have photos of […] Read more »

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