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I thought I’d do a follow up on yesterday’s post where we covered UMPC battery wear. Prompted by Rodfather’s post, I took a screen shot of my Samsung Q1P 6-cell battery attributes: the battery wear was 32% and the maximum charged capacity was 38850 mWh. The […] Read more »

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As you may recall I was recently invited out to the HP campus here in Houston to sit down with both the consumer and enterprise folks at HP.  The impromptu meeting took place in the Executive Briefing Center and I had to immediately inform HP that […] Read more »

HP announced no fewer than 56 products yesterday at a press event in NYC, most of them refreshing the flagging iPAQ line.  Up front we find five devices: iPAQ 900 Series Business Messenger – 3G phone with QWERTY keyboard iPAQ 600 Series Business Navigator – A […] Read more »

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It’s always mass hysteria when the faithful gather for a confab with his Jobsness and Kevin’s already got all the details over all the wonderfully cool things he announced today.  I will say this, Jobsy has something to say to all of you who picked up […] Read more »

Rodfather shot me an e-mail yesterday asking about the wear on his Samsung Q1P battery; he wrote up a great post to share the wear levels and run times on both his 3-cell and 6-cell batteries. His original battery is at 57% wear level and his […] Read more »

Remember that two-pound Portege R500 notebook from Toshiba? I just caught this review over at Mobile01 and I’m even more impressed than before. This is the 12-inch notebook that weighs just under two pounds; a tad more if you want the 7mm optical drive in it. […] Read more »

We first heard about the mythical leather-clad ThinkPad earlier this year through a viral marketing segment that Lenovo unleashed.  We received word from Lenovo that in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the ThinkPad notebook line the ThinkPad Reserve is launching today.  The $5,000 ThinkPad is […] Read more »

Long-time readers of jkOnTheRun probably get tired of seeing posts like this one today marking my sixth anniversary of open-heart surgery.  It seems like yesterday that I went through that life-changing ordeal and like I do every year I am linking to my personal chronicle of […] Read more »

As we see more notebooks and Tablet PCs adopt a widescreen display format it seems only natural that a projector is needed that works in the same format.  Toshiba has announced such a projector that is quite economical, too.  The TLP-WX2200U is an LCD projector that […] Read more »

Say what you want about the Palm Foleo smartphone companion it has generated a lot of conversation in the mobile tech space.  That conversation is about to get a lot louder as Palm CEO Ed Colligan announced on the Palm blog that the Foleo is being […] Read more »

If only the screen was 15-inches instead of 17-inches then maybe I could have called the M6300 the most powerful ultra-mobile PC. I jest of course, at least about the "ultra-mobile" part. I’m not kidding about the powerful reference however as Dell’s new M6300 appears to […] Read more »

Earlier this morning, James shared FireTune, a free browser optimization application for Firefox users. Nik asked in the comments if there’s a Mac version available, but alas, it’s Windows only. For Nik and other Mac or Linux owners running Firefox 1.5 and up, I highly recommend […] Read more »

I like mindmaps, they organize my thoughts yet let me rearrange them on a whim, and that makes me more creative.  I use MindManager 7 all the time and can’t recommend it highly enough.  Since I’ve been playing around with the HTC Advantage, I got to […] Read more »

So after a year or so of using a UMPC out of the box, what’s a geek to do? Oh, that’s easy: start hacking! ThoughtFix decided that a internal USB hub and 2 GB flash drive might look nice in his eo v7110 so he took […] Read more »

I love Firefox, it’s full-featured and I’ve added just the extensions I want.  I will admit that Firefox can sometimes get a little slow, especially with complicated websites, and I’ve read numerous articles about tweaking the configuration file to get better performance.  It can be a […] Read more »

If you have been a long-time visitor to jkOnTheRun you might remember my coverage of the HP Quicklook utility on the tc1100.  Quicklook enabled me to access my Outlook data on the tc1100 even when the device was turned off or in standby.  I was playing […] Read more »

Productivity guru, technologist and good friend Eric Mack sat down with productivity consultant Kelly Forrister and had a 50+ minute discussion about the Lenovo ThinkPad x61 Tablet PC.  He’s released this discussion as a podcast and I highly recommend it if you are curious about the […] Read more »

When I first received the HP 2710p Tablet PC on evaluation from HP I went to the HP online store to check the pricing.  I found that the configuration I am testing, 1.2 GHz Core 2 Duo, 100 GB hard drive, 2 GB memory and 2 […] Read more »

I attended the BarCamp Houston last week and besides having a lot of fun and meeting a bunch of people I was also interviewed briefly by Mike McGuff, a producer for the local ABC affiliate channel 13. It was the first time I got to meet […] Read more »

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