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Podcasting buddy Marc Orchant has all the low-down of the just announced major upgrade to one of my favorite programs, MindManager.  The new version 7 is chock-full of mindmapping goodness, not the least of which is a ribbon interface a la Office 2007.  Here’s just a […] Read more »

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That’s the advice of Tablet MVP, Craig Pringle, who’s attending CeBIT Australia. (That reminds me James: what’s in our travel budget?!?) Craig got to fondle the Motion LE1700wt and points out that you need a few minutes with the WriteTouch option to really appreciate it. The […] Read more »

SMS Technology Australia might only be hours ahead of me on the globe, but they’re years ahead of my current watch. Take a look at their M500 product and tell me what you think it is when I describe these specs: quad-band GSM, 1.5-inch OLED touchscreen, […] Read more »

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By now you’ve probably heard some buzz surrounding Microsoft’s Silverlight platform that was unveiled at Mix07 this week. It’s easy to overlook it from a mobile perspective, but regular readers already had some familiarity with it: what used to be the Windows Presentation Foundation (used in […] Read more »

After writing about Dell offering Ubuntu this afternoon, I finally got off my behind and installed the lastest version, which is 7.04. I ran into some issues when installing Ubuntu under Parallels on the Mac; sure enough, thanks to a recent Lifehacker post, I found a […] Read more »

This is an interesting move by Dell and speaks to the strides that open source is making in the OS space. This morning on the Direct2Dell blog, the company announced a partnership with Canonical to offer the Ubuntu distro of Linux on select machines. I downloaded […] Read more »

Today’s freebie over at Giveaway of the Day caught my eye, actually, it caught my ear. RSS-to-Speech is a Windows compatible standalone version of a Google gadget from Apexoft. The original gadget takes RSS feeds and reads them aloud; the standalone app has the same functionality […] Read more »

My T-Mobile Dash will be getting the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade, perhaps as early as this Friday when it’s expected we’ll see the official update. Yes, there’s a leaked ROM out there and while it’s probably safe to install, I’m going to wait the few more […] Read more »

OK, the title of this post is definitely facetious as Chris Pirillo is always angry about something.  To be fair he’s usually right when something stupid makes him mad about his tech and his latest run-in with Gateway tech support is no exception.  Now, you have […] Read more »

Skype wants you to worry about one less thing in your already complicated life: your Skype credit. The P2P phone service added an auto-recharge function that will add credit from PayPal to your Skype account whenever it dips below a certain amount. The amount will vary […] Read more »

We’ve written many, many posts outlining our reasons for getting a UMPC but Susy Doyle may have come up with the best reason ever.  Susy writes the Scarlet Umbrella blog and she posted yesterday the best reason for getting a UMPC.  It seems yesterday we posted […] Read more »

The second contest in our Geekapalooza series was a complete success with over 50 entries, most of whom correctly identified the four jkOnTheRun articles that have been Slashdotted over the years.  Wow, that’s a lot of /.ing.  We put all the names of those who correctly […] Read more »

My favorite hacker, pt, has a twist on the "Use Current Pages" feature in Firefox that allows you to have multiple home pages. You can open up tabs for each page and then click the "Use Current Pages" of course, but pt noticed the pipe symbol […] Read more »

After over 80,000 beta downloads, Mac owners can remotely watch television using a Slingbox starting today as the client software goes gold! I’ve been using the SlingPlayer for Mac client with a SlingBox PRO to watch my local HDTV stations and the quality is outstanding; over […] Read more »

A surprising number of people seem to be enamored of those fabric keyboards that pop up in the news from time to time.  I think maybe it’s the “uniqueness” of them that gets geeks excited.  I’ve been meaning to bring another of them to your attention […] Read more »

I’m definitely no Thomas Hawk, but I did like this scene from my deck last night. While having an after-dinner coffee, the sunset gave these clouds a nice hue and provided the moon a place to dart in and out. I’m actually thinking of creating a […] Read more »

I’m still amazed at Pandora’s ability to find songs I like, so Audiobaba has some big shoes to fill even though I like saying the name more. Conceptually, it’s the same idea: take the ‘fingerprint’ or ‘DNA’ of songs you like by finding others songs with […] Read more »

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