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Exciting news from the good folks at Motion Computing who report adding a 32 GB SSD to the ultra-portable LS800 Tablet PC.  The LS800 is Motion’s smallest slate Tablet PC and the replacement of the hard drive with an SSD will show a big boost to […] Read more »

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We mentioned on a recent podcast that phone widgets are in the works for the S60 devices, but if you’re the adventurous beta type, you can try some now. Even better: there’s a wide array of supported phone devices at the WidSets website, plus you can […] Read more »

The LED backlight revolution continues and this time it’s Apple that goes greener. DailyTech mentions that his Jobs-ness has plans to eliminate all fluorescent-based LCDs on Macs by the end of 2007, in favor of more energy efficient LED backlight display technologies. We’ve already seen the […] Read more »

October will bring not only the next Ubuntu desktop release, but a mobile version for handhelds as well. The new platform is a direct result of the recently announced Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded project and will dovetail with Intel’s mobile processor plans: "Ubuntu programmers will develop […] Read more »

UMPC Portal has the Amtek T770 with the 1.2 GHz Via C7 CPU and Steve is excited to show it off running Vista. He notes the battery life leaves him wanting more, topping out around 2 hours and 15 minutes. One item that appears improved over […] Read more »

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It’s 6:15 pm in my time zone and I’m sitting in a gym. No, I’m not working out (although I need to do more of that); Barb & I are here for Sydney’s gymnastics class. This gym is run by a former Olympic gymnast and there’s […] Read more »

I’ve personally seen a noticeable performance gain when using ReadyBoost on my UMPC, but I’ve never quantified it. DarkVision Hardware just did, by testing the Kingston Data Traveler ReadyFlash on a Dell Inspiron 6400 notebook. While everyone’s devices, configurations and potential choices for a ReadyBoost device […] Read more »

Notebook Italia has photos and a few specs for a new HP Tablet PC, the 2710p.  Not much is known about the new Tablet but it looks very thin and light.  I hope this report is accurate because the 2710p in the photo looks very much […] Read more »

It’s easy to find ‘switcher’ articles just about everywhere on the web these days. You know what I mean: long-time Windows users switch to Mac OS X. Yes, James and I each purchased MacBook Pros recently, but I wouldn’t classify us as ‘switchers’ since we continue […] Read more »

We are having a blast with the Geekapalooza contests here on jkOnTheRun.  The contests are in celebration of serving our 6 millionth page view (now long past) and so far we’ve given away a copy of Microsoft Vista Ultimate, a Samsung i320 smartphone (unlocked) and an […] Read more »

The whole Vista battery drain issue is still raging and I believe it may be due as much to the lack of information about how the power management in Vista as anything else.  Having customized my power management settings I still find it harder to know […] Read more »

We’ve mentioned Twitter a lot on jkOnTheRun and no question it’s a lot of fun to participate in the "cloud of friends".  One thing that has been missing with Twitter is a good mobile interface for accessing on mobile phones and that’s now been addressed.  Just […] Read more »

Quite the debate going about Vista and battery life. On the one hand, CNET is hitting the topic hard today and I’ve read a number of similar articles and comments about Vista draining notebook batteries faster. On the other hand, Frank (aka: Ctitanic) calls the whole […] Read more »

Earlier this week, I focused on the mobile aspect of Silverlight because I felt it was overlooked by many other accounts of the new Microsoft platform. Today, I noticed that Arne Hess posted a video demo of a Silverlight app running on Windows Mobile. The quality […] Read more »

Good news for American Airlines travelers; the company has a four-month trial to provide mobile tech comforts on the flight. Transcontinental first- and business-class flyers get a a nice loaner set of gear: Archos 704 media players with hours of pre-loaded content, plus the glitzy Bose […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 98 is 31:20 minutes long and is a 30 MB file in MP3 format. Want an Enhanced podcast with still images and active URL show notes? Coming soon. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional […] Read more »

Having recently spent a week in Seattle I can’t believe no one has produced one of these yet.  I’m talking about the Sprout Umbrella by Yanko Design, a stick hiding a complete umbrella inside.  Push a button and the umbrella shoots out of the end of […] Read more »

Podcasting buddy Marc Orchant has all the low-down of the just announced major upgrade to one of my favorite programs, MindManager.  The new version 7 is chock-full of mindmapping goodness, not the least of which is a ribbon interface a la Office 2007.  Here’s just a […] Read more »

That’s the advice of Tablet MVP, Craig Pringle, who’s attending CeBIT Australia. (That reminds me James: what’s in our travel budget?!?) Craig got to fondle the Motion LE1700wt and points out that you need a few minutes with the WriteTouch option to really appreciate it. The […] Read more »

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