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I know I said I’d be offline for 43-minutes to watch the free premiere of "Chuck" on my UMPC, but I was really redoing the network here at the home office. Good-bye two Linksys routers and printer that my Mac couldn’t see; hello Apple AirPort Extreme. […] Read more »

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C’mon, you know it’s not just formal radio testing with these devices. Sure, they don lab coats and document the official radio results, but wouldn’t you think the FCC would play a game on the new Nokia N81 when nobody is looking? Regardless of what they […] Read more »

Engadget has discovered that Sony is set to release an update to the Sony Reader.  The PRS-505 will come in either silver or blue and still cost $300.  It looks like some of the buttons have been moved around but not much else is different, and […] Read more »

Those clever folks at SBSH are always busy producing good programs for Windows Mobile smartphones and they have just released a public beta for a new product, SBSH Clock.  Clock is a cool looking app that displays multiple time zones and makes working with them very […] Read more »

I don’t do a lot of web surfing on my BlackBerry but when I do find the need to hop online I favor the Opera Mini beta browser over the WAP browser that is preinstalled on the RIM.  I am always on the lookout for good […] Read more »

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I caught wind of this news from Alfred Johnson’s blog, which is aptly named "Computer Science Teacher". Alfred mentions the Tablet PC influence at Thomas Jefferson Indpendent Day School in Joplin, Missouri; it’s not just the upper grades that use Tablet PCs, inking and touch permeate […] Read more »

We know that Toshiba already has 1.8-inch drives capable of 100 GB, but that’s done by smooshing two platters into the drive. Now, it looks like they can "groove" more data on a single platter; literally with their Discrete Track Recording, not to be confused with […] Read more »

I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll need to double my daily post quantity, but TypePad just made it easier to blog from the iPhone. I tried to use the standard TypePad interface in Safari when I first bought the iPhone and while it generally worked, I […] Read more »

Over in the Origami Project forums, this question pops up occasionally, so I’ll make this short and sweet for what’s probably the easiest way to upgrade your Samsung Q1 from XP Tablet Edition to Vista. First up: you’ll need a licensed copy of Vista. Next: hop […] Read more »

I had a conversation with OQO a couple of weeks ago and they outlined their plans under embargo to refresh the entire Model 02 line.  The embargo has been lifted and here’s what I was told about the new line.  The Model 02 Better and Best […] Read more »

Kaz 911 has snagged an interview at Gitex with the HTC General Manager of the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  In that interview Kevin Chen has confirmed something that I have been telling anyone who’d listen that the HTC Shift does NOT have Windows Mobile.  This […] Read more »

Time for a roundup of the top articles on jkOnTheRun for the past week: First reviews of Fujitsu T2010 Tablet PC showing up jkOnTheRun interviewed at BarCamp Houston Eric Mack talks Tablet (again) HP Quicklook lives! Freeware of the Moment- FireTune Palm to Windows Mobile transition: […] Read more »

Early adopters comprise a group of dedicated geeks who are the first to grab a new device hot off the press for a number of reasons.  There’s the "I gotta have it first" group the "I love new technology at all costs" group and there’s the […] Read more »

Kaz 911 Rescue Service has posted some new information and photos of the HTC Shift which is being shown at GITEX this week.  The HTC Shift has garnered quite a lot of speculation since the information was revealed of the dual OS nature of the device.  […] Read more »

I will be meeting a jkOnTheRun reader at Starbucks tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 Houston time to demonstrate a few mobile devices.  It will take place at the Starbucks at 249 & Jones road and I’ll be bringing at least the following: Lenovo x61 Tablet PC HP […] Read more »

HP might be in agreement with me: a 32 GB Solid State Drive just isn’t enough capacity to be a compelling offer for most. Not that it couldn’t work, because we’ve seen some pretty happy 32 GB SSD experiences in the past, but HP is skipping […] Read more »

Tracy and Matt are on the cutting edge again with what looks to be one of the first retail unboxings of the HTC TyTN II, er the HTC Kaiser, uh…the HTC P4550. Whatever you call it, this Windows Mobile 6 has the innovative tilt-screen design and […] Read more »

I thought I’d do a follow up on yesterday’s post where we covered UMPC battery wear. Prompted by Rodfather’s post, I took a screen shot of my Samsung Q1P 6-cell battery attributes: the battery wear was 32% and the maximum charged capacity was 38850 mWh. The […] Read more »

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