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MacBook owners have been dealing with broken adapter wires for quite some time and Apple is now redesigning them to prevent the wires from breaking.  They have pulled the adapters from their online store and have halted shipments to resellers while they ready the new adapters […] Read more »

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We all love Google.  The search, the maps, the betas, and the Reader.  Why do we love Google so much?  Why are they the good empire that loves us as much as we love them?  Here’s an example:  yesterday the F11 key stopped toggling full screen […] Read more »

News of the day seems to be Google’s purchase of Twitter Jaiku, a microblogging / status update service. I’ve only dabbled around it, mostly to virtually attend a Nokia launch event. Like many others, I’ll strongly consider moving to Jaiku over Twitter if there’s value in […] Read more »

We’ve seen plenty of (nearly) instant gratification applications in the past; things like the AVS partition on the Samsung Q1 for media access without booting into a full OS. How about Windows SideShow displays that offer PIM and appointment information even when the PC is off. […] Read more »

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UltraMobileLife shares a pic of a new VIA-based handheld called the MTube. At this point, it’s simply a prototype out of Taiwan’s Science and Technology Advisory Group, but it shows where ultraportables could be headed in the future. The MTube offers a 2.8-inch VGA touchscreen and […] Read more »

Yesterday began like many other days in the Manor, early to rise with some light feed checking and blogging.  Early commute to Big Oil Co. and hard at work by 6:30.  Busy day and then off to the coffee shop by early afternoon to make an […] Read more »

This Fujitsu V1010 that starts at $799 is easily one of the lowest priced LifeBook’s I’ve ever seen offered. This 15.4-inch WXGA laptop with integrated DVD burner won’t set the world on fire in terms of performance or battery life, but for under a grand, it’s […] Read more »

Paul Biba over at TeleRead offers up a great list of the devices he’s used as eBook readers over time. All of the devices (edit: aside from the Sony Reader) were capable of running MobiPocket, which looks to be Paul’s eBook software and store of choice. […] Read more »

You may remember my problems with the beta Vista SP1 on the Fujitsu P1610 which had me rolling back to XP.  I’ve been using the Fuji for a week with XP and I figured it was time to give an update over how that has been […] Read more »

See, if those little mice had GPS built in, they’d always find the cheese in the maze, right? I guess that depends on if the cheese was listed as a POI, or Point of Interest. In any case, for around $100 can have a GPS receiver […] Read more »

Great news from RingCube: they’ve set their mobile virtual environment application, MojoPac, free! When MojoPac debuted, it was $29.95 for a license, but now you can get MojoPac Freedom at no charge. As shown in this video demonstration, MojoPac is an innovative method to carry your […] Read more »

While some of us have been busy mounting UMPCs in our vehicles, one enterprising AppleTV owner decided to take his shows on the road. Literally. Brandon Holland deftly inserted an AppleTV into his 1990 Eagle Talon, which wirelessly synchs via iTunes and WiFi while he sits […] Read more »

Yahoo! has improved its mobile search, OneSearch, to now include pertinent items from Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia in search results.  I am not familiar with Yahoo Answers but including Wikipedia in results can only be a good thing.  Yahoo also has added the ability to search […] Read more »

Verizon created quite a buzz earlier this week when they announced the imminent release of four new phones on their network to take place this year.  The next version of the BlackBerry Pearl was announced along with the Juke, Venus and the phone that caught everyone’s […] Read more »

Hats off to Download Squad for spotting this download. With a name like Download Squad, I guess they’re just doing their job, but kudos anyway. ;) Apparently Handango is giving away applications on Fridays and today’s offering, CodeWallet Pro 6, would normally set you back about […] Read more »

Unless you’re using SDHC memory cards on your Nokia N800, there’s not much reason to upgrade since that’s the only bug fix. If you do use ‘em and don’t mind backing up your data and then reinstalling applications again, hit up the Tableteer site on your […] Read more »

While you might not use the Zoom H2 for recording an album, it should be pretty handy for podcasters and people that attend meeting after boring meeting. If you’re one of the latter, you have my sympathy. The $200 device has four built-in microphones and records […] Read more »

HP has the undeniable honor of having produced the best Tablet PC I have ever used, the tc1100.  That hybrid Tablet PC is to this day the most innovative mobile PC that has ever been produced.  All of the subsequent Tablets that HP has produced have […] Read more »

Actually, do they even make Trapper Keeper binders any more or am I just getting old (and losing my hair)? OK, so you just need a standard 3-ring binder, an aluminum rail and some felt for this little project, but it could give your laptop the […] Read more »

Good friend Arne Hess of the::unwired got some brief hands-on time with the most buzz generating UMPC, the HTC Shift.  He’s posted some photos and impressions of using the keyboard on the Shift.  He only played with it a short while so what kind of impression […] Read more »

PC World seems to think they are, along with Microblogging and Kitchen PCs. I’ll side with them on the kitchen choice, but that’s about it. Here’s something right out of the November print issue: "…by delivering a platform that’s too small for true productivity and too […] Read more »

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