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Last night while watching TV with the Fujitsu P1620 in my hands, something I love to do due to its small and light form, my bride wanted to check something online.  She didn’t want to go upstairs and get her laptop so she asked for the […] Read more »

I have been happily using the Fuji every day to attend meetings and take notes in OneNote and it has worked well.  I sit down at each meeting, pull the P1620 out of the case and get busy capturing my notes in OneNote.  At the end […] Read more »

Diesel eBooks has long been supporting ebooks in Adobe, Microsoft Reader and Palm/eReader formats and tomorrow they will announce the addition of Mobipocket format ebooks to their inventory.  The addition of Mobipocket format will bring their current inventory to over 200,000 books which is pretty phenomenal.  […] Read more »

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I caught this combination video & written review of SPB Mobile Shell 2.0 over at Windows Mobile Louisville and was extremely impressed by this software. It’s another shell interface that sits atop WinMo and looks to be one of the most usable I’ve seen yet. Much […] Read more »

In my Flu-recovery mode, I neglected to point out the anticipated OneNote powertoy earlier this week. Thankfully, several of you reminded me via e-mail which tells me two things: you like free powertoys and my personal memory leak issues are now public. ;)As expected, the free […] Read more »

Sorry, I just never got into the Crocs craze. Maybe it’s because I’ve mangled my feet with one too many a marathon, who knows. I do however, like to protect my precious cell phone, so these phone cases made by Crocs caught my eye. I’m sure […] Read more »

Samsung appears to be wasting no time in the heating up Solid State Disk market. The company indicates plans to double capacity of SSD flash drives on an annual basis and since they have 128 GB samples on the way to vendors this year, that means […] Read more »

One of the benefits of being someone who gets to use a lot of different mobile devices is the conversations these devices start with those interested everywhere I go.  Whether I am in a coffee shop or a business meeting pulling out one of my mobile […] Read more »

Engadget caught the M700 napping under glass but running Microsoft Windows Vista on the 1024 x 600 touchscreen. Although many folks will like the slim-bezel design, I know it won’t cut it for me. Without some type of palm-rejection on these touchscreen devices, an inkers best […] Read more »

Yesterday I had a terrible technology morning when a piece of my mobile tech failed and left me high and dry.  I had begun like many mornings by heading in to Big Oil Co. just after 6 am and setting up the Fujitsu P1620 in the […] Read more »

The Mogo Mouse I told you about arrived this afternoon and after a 1 hour charging session I gave it a whirl, something I should have done before fully charging it.  It seems the unit I received is defective as the left mouse button only works […] Read more »

Free battery meter applications for Windows Mobile are a dime-a-dozen, but we haven’t covered any in while, so some of our newer readers might benefit from VistaHide Battery Gauge. A quick glance at the top of your handheld display will show you how much juice you’ve […] Read more »

After a few weeks of teasing consumers with leaked information about a new Tablet PC announcement Motion Computing has announced their newest product, the F5.  I have heard from quite a few consumers who were searching for detailed information about Motion’s new computer and to get […] Read more »

Good buddy and fellow geekster Warner Crocker is finding himself drowning in the pool of over work.  His problems stem from lack of available connectivity at crucial times to having too much to do for those who are technologically challenged.  He’s described his problems eloquently and […] Read more »

Yesterday I was sitting in the local SBUX working away on the P1620 in notebook mode, happily working with my Stowaway Bluetooth Travel Mouse I have used for a long time.  The Stowaway Mouse works well for me with two exceptions- it’s a little clunky to […] Read more »

Now that I’m using a very small notebook again, the Fujitsu P1620, it’s making me realize some things that I had forgotten from when I used its predecessor.  This has to do with the draw of carrying and using such a small notebook computer, something that […] Read more »

There isn’t much info to go on, but there’s a good chance we’ll see a new OneNote Powertoy arrive early next week. There’s some last minute testing going on, so of course, all bets could be off but you’ll want to watch for it. What is […] Read more »

You may have thought you’d seen phones with slide-out QWERTY keyboards before but RIM is saying it ain’t so.  Their recent filing “Hybrid Portrait-Landscape Handheld Device With Trackball Navigation and Qwerty Hideaway Keyboard” says once you put a trackball on that device it’s a whole new […] Read more »

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