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After a few weeks of teasing consumers with leaked information about a new Tablet PC announcement Motion Computing has announced their newest product, the F5.  I have heard from quite a few consumers who were searching for detailed information about Motion’s new computer and to get […] Read more »

Good buddy and fellow geekster Warner Crocker is finding himself drowning in the pool of over work.  His problems stem from lack of available connectivity at crucial times to having too much to do for those who are technologically challenged.  He’s described his problems eloquently and […] Read more »

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Yesterday I was sitting in the local SBUX working away on the P1620 in notebook mode, happily working with my Stowaway Bluetooth Travel Mouse I have used for a long time.  The Stowaway Mouse works well for me with two exceptions- it’s a little clunky to […] Read more »

Now that I’m using a very small notebook again, the Fujitsu P1620, it’s making me realize some things that I had forgotten from when I used its predecessor.  This has to do with the draw of carrying and using such a small notebook computer, something that […] Read more »

There isn’t much info to go on, but there’s a good chance we’ll see a new OneNote Powertoy arrive early next week. There’s some last minute testing going on, so of course, all bets could be off but you’ll want to watch for it. What is […] Read more »

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You may have thought you’d seen phones with slide-out QWERTY keyboards before but RIM is saying it ain’t so.  Their recent filing “Hybrid Portrait-Landscape Handheld Device With Trackball Navigation and Qwerty Hideaway Keyboard” says once you put a trackball on that device it’s a whole new […] Read more »

I keep getting my head filled with additional thoughts and impressions of the P1620 as I continue to use it heavily and I intend to share them from time to time, like now.  I had forgotten how perfect the P1620 form is for reading ebooks with […] Read more »

Chris Spera over at GearDiary suggests that for many people, it is. He has an excellent though piece with his reasons why and if we’re talking about mainstream consumers only, I’ll come close to agreeing with him. After all, the iPhone with EDGE and an efficient […] Read more »

After seeing this hub on Gizmodo, we realized that our manufacturer really goofed. I’m not sure what happened because they got most of our order right: OnTheRun logo man, check. Two USB and two mini-USB ports, check. Weight of only 71-grams, check. Low price of $12, […] Read more »

Now that the reviews are in, it’s time to see who’s buying a light, thin Lenovo X300 since it’s now available for ordering on the product page. There aren’t many surprises in the options or the price, so if you’ve been following the drama of this […] Read more »

One thing that the Asus EEE PC has shown us is that Linux makes a great OS for getting online and using limited resources very nicely.  Dwight Silverman pointed me today to Ubuntu Mobile which looks to make any mobile PC online friendly and ready to […] Read more »

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