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Today’s coffee break is not really a coffee break in the purest sense as there is no beverage involved.  This morning I decided to be a nice guy and take my wife’s car into Jiffy Lube and have her oil changed and tires rotated.  I’m just […] Read more »

Something we don’t do very much here on jkOnTheRun is write about personal type stuff.  We figure that’s not what you want to hear about on a tech blog and we like to keep some personal things private.  I broke that rule when I originally wrote […] Read more »

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Remember that tasty tidbit we shared about USB-On-The-Go support for the Nokia N810? Looks like it’s coming in plenty handy… if you know how to use it. Frequent jkOTR commenter and Gear Diary contributor team member, Joel points out that you can use this feature to […] Read more »

With so many free third-party applications available for the Windows Mobile platform, it’s hard to pick just seven but that’s exactly what CIO did. Several of the chosen apps are no-brainers that we’ve covered before: Skype, MSN Direct (which we gave a video over of), and […] Read more »

If you are running Windows Vista on your touch screen UMPC or Tablet PC then don’t make the same mistake that I made.  Vista includes a useful feature called "pen flicks" that offers some good functionality for such devices and I have to admit that I […] Read more »

Sierra Modro of GottaBeMobile has posted the first of two promised video reviews of the iRex Iliad ebook reader and I must say this device looks really nice.  The Iliad is the first ebook reader I am aware of that sports a Wacom digitizer and pen […] Read more »

Since we covered an expectant geek’s least favorite word or phrase yesterday, it’s only fair to highlight the most favorite. Mine is shown in the UPS tracking pic above… looks like Samwise the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium should be here soon. I’d also add words and […] Read more »

The entries flew fast and furious and we are pleased to announce the winner of the brand new MoGo Mouse!  Pam T’s entry exhibited all of the creativity and desire for the MoGo that we were looking for and she will soon be clicking on her […] Read more »

Launching just in time for Kevin’s delivery of SamWise, well just before as it turns out, Logitech has released their classy mini-keyboard.  Sure, Kevin’s Q1 has that little chiclet thumbboard but the diNovo Mini Thumbboard has keys and a layout that looks actually usable.  So those […] Read more »

Can you spot the word I’m talking about? This one ranks up there with other words and phrases like “delayed”, “discontinued”, “out of stock”, and “sold out”. (What others am I missing?) From the tracking deets, it looks like a certain package sat for a full […] Read more »

New Scientist is pointing us to a new technology from Ambient that makes speech without talking a reality.  The Audeo is a band worn around the neck that lets the wearer simply think words and they are converted to real words that can be transmitted or […] Read more »

Bob Russell of MobileRead sent me a link to a story on Computerworld that looked like it could easily have been written by someone we know and hopefully love.  Author Mike Elgan has written a very interesting article about how the small laptops like the EEE […] Read more »

This has nothing to do with mobile tech, but these images are too stunning not to share. Earlier this week, Smashing Magazine highlighted 35 HDR images that I can’t describe with any words. The HDR or high dynamic range imaging technique uses multiple exposures of an […] Read more »

… that Intel sees in the Atom in 60 million device units that cost between $100 and $299 by 2011?… the chip-maker expects another 47 million Atom-powered devices in the $299 to $399 price over the same time period?…. these sales figures could become a reality […] Read more »

We haven’t heard a lot since the shipping announcement about the Axiotron Modbook and I’ve been waiting for someone to give us a good video of the Modbook in action.  Mahalo’s Veronica Belmont has done just that and the resultant video is a great display of […] Read more »

One weird problem I have experienced with the Fujitsu P1620 and a couple of other UMPCs is that occasionally the touch screen would go dead.  It never happened often but when it did the only way to get the touch screen to come back on was […] Read more »

Just a quick bit of housekeeping here. Not a week goes by of late where either James or I (or both of us) are asked about starting up some jkOnTheRun forums. Truth be told, I think there are already some great platform-based forums out there. Howard […] Read more »

No doubt you’ve already read a few reviews of the Lenovo X300 notebook, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to point out one more because it’s from Sal Cangeloso over at James and I both have the pleasure of knowing Sal; he’s a fantastic […] Read more »

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