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Fictionwise hasn’t wasted any time getting the eReader site revamped which portends good things for the acquisition of eReader.  The eReader store site was down for a day as they made updates to the site and it’s back up now and seems better than ever.  The […] Read more »

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I’m still looking into my Gmail issue and scanned through the Spam folder when I caught the above note from the “Iternal” Revenue Service, which of course is better than the “Eternal” Revenue Service. Maybe this is a measure to save government funds? You know, use […] Read more »

Got a couple of reader e-mails buzzing about that new Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 handset announced yesterday at the Mobile World Congress. Specifically, folks were curious about this design coming from left field with the “skin” that runs on top of Windows Mobile. After all, this […] Read more »

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I have been following Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor happenings since back in the old Byte Magazine days.  It helps that he’s one of my favorite science fiction authors too.  After years of banging around in the Windows world Jerry has added an iMac to use for […] Read more »

While we’re on a wireless kick today, how about an update on Boingo? Over at the Mobile World Congress, the company announced support for two additional device platforms: Windows Mobile 6 and Sony Ericsson UIQ. The deal is $7.95 a month for unlimited WiFi access worldwide […] Read more »

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Virtual Desktop freeware for Windows, we’ve got a similar one for Mac users courtesy of Dave Zatz. He shot us a note about Warp, a free Mac OS X Leopard download that allows you to use your mouse to navigate […] Read more »

I have now been playing with Netfront 3.5 from Access for a day and want to share my impressions of how well it works on the HTC Advantage.  The Advantage has a 5 inch VGA screen that screams for a good browser and so far Netfront […] Read more »

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was anxiously awaiting getting their hands on the beta of Skyfire, an innovative server-based browser for Windows Mobile devices.  The folks at Skyfire probably noticed the recent announcements by Opera and Access because I received an email from […] Read more »

Amidst all of the iPhone hype last summer, I showed a brief video overview of RoadSync from DataViz. This third party app provides an alternative method for Windows Mobile devices to synch with Microsoft Exchange, plus it brings this functionality to other platforms like Symbian, UIQ […] Read more »

Kevin told us about the impressive-looking new version of Netfront 3.5 for the Windows Mobile platform.  The only problem was the beta version was not going to be available until Feb. 11.  Access threw us for a loop and the new version of Netfront is actually […] Read more »

We always give OEMs a hard time for not trying to promote their Tablet PCs to the consumer so when they do so it’s only fair to give them a plug.  HP wants to sell you a 2710p and have produced a nice video to help […] Read more »

Next Monday coincides with the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and Navicron, a technology provider for smart wireless devices, will issue a press release based on "overwhelming evidence" that Linux is gaining significant traction in the mobile and embedded markets. The press release, […] Read more »

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