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I get so stuck on BlackBerry for corporate users that I forget they can be fun devices too. Thankfully, Boy Genius Report reminds me that instant messaging isn’t just for the 18 – 24 crowd by showing off the latest updates for Yahoo! Messenger and Google […] Read more »

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Got a few minutes before my meeting starts so I’m sitting in the lobby using my Tablet PC to check email, RSS feeds and to blog. This is the major thing that Vista does very well so kudos to the folks at Microsoft for a great […] Read more »

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Many, if not all, of these Windows Vista performance tweaks have been covered here in the past, but TechSpot’s all-encompassing guide is probably the best overall article I’ve read on the subject. While most end users will shy away from these types of registry modifications and […] Read more »

I had a late night last night and haven’t felt too well today, so my time with the loaner Vye S37 from Dynamism has been limited more than I’d like. Still, I spent enough time with it to garner some first impressions worth sharing. I’m still […] Read more »

"Return of the BlackJack" might not be the best-kept secret, but at least it’s now official. AT&T just popped out a press release on the BlackJack II phone, but unfortunately they’ve stayed mum on a release date citing availability later this year. Since there’s really only […] Read more »

With SSD or Solid State Drives slow to pick up speed in terms of sales and competitive pricing, this news might help quicken the pace. Samsung is showing off a new NAND flash memory module with a capacity of 64 Gigabits; not gigabytes, so this one […] Read more »

I’m still not sold on using an AMD Geode powered UMPC for my personal needs, but that Raon Digital Everun is getting more useful by the minute. Steve has some renderings at UMPC Portal of the Everun’s docking station and car mount that are coming soon. […] Read more »

Nokia shot out a press release this morning on the new Nokia N81 handset: it’s now available and shipping. You’ve got your choice with and without the 8 GB of internal memory: with it, expect to pay 430 Euros. Losing the 8 GB capacity but adding […] Read more »

A very cool thing happened last week that I haven’t mentioned.  You’ve heard me mention in years past our local high school football team, the Cy-Fair Bobcats.  I mentioned them a lot last year as my stepson played for them and of course running back phenomenon […] Read more »

We heard about HP’s triumphant return to the iPAQ PDA line back in September and expected to see devices getting delivered sometime this month. But something’s up in iPAQ-land and it might not be good if you wanted one of these babies sooner rather than later: […] Read more »

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