More mobile Stories Those Nokia N810 owners are finding more uses for the USB on-the-go support every day. The latest entry attaches an external USB web-cam to the Internet Tablet which comes in handy since the integrated cam is front-facing only unlike the swivel barrel of the older […] Read more »

Sounds like madness to me: missing out on the craziness we here call March Madness. It’s the end-all, be-all national college basketball tournament and if you’ve got a Chumby, you can load up a widget to keep track of every team. If you dribble down the […] Read more »

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While I was benchmarking the latest UMPC, James got his first impressions up on the REDFLY mobile companion. I spent some time this morning with my pre-production loaner unit and wanted to comment on the setup process. Often, poor instructions or a challenging setup can just […] Read more »

Well, I’ve been playing with working with the Celio Redfly smartphone companion for just a few hours but I’m already getting beaten up to give my first impressions of the unique device so here goes.  This will not be a full review and will only touch […] Read more »

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Before I go play with the REDFLY mobile companion, I should probably get the obligatory benchmarks out of the way on Samwise. Take them for what you will; some folks swear by benchmarks while others couldn’t care less. Me? I think they provide one of many […] Read more »

Just to give you an idea in the performance difference between the new Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium and the older Q1P, I’ve got a comparison of H.264 playback. A 720p HD movie trailer in Quicktime, the upcoming Indiana Jones movie to be specific. At a 5.8 […] Read more »

Don’t get me wrong, I am still loving the productivity I am achieving with the Fujitsu P1620 but like Kevin showed us with his new Samsung Q1 UP, not always is everything exactly to our liking.  The one thing that is driving me nuts about the […] Read more »

Although I’m initially impressed with the performance of the new Q1 Ultra Premium, it’s not all a “happy, happy, joy, joy” situation. There’s a few aspects about the device right out of the box that are disappointing and even downright aggravating.First up is the lack of […] Read more »

John Hill of Allegiance Technology has just let us know that since the LS800 has been discontinued that Motion is letting him sell his remaining inventory for just $1,499.  This is a unit with the View Anywhere display, 1 GB of RAM and a 32 GB […] Read more »

Kevin and I have been busily making changes to the back-end servers here at jkOnTheRun and the main change for you to be aware of is a basic domain change.  Previously the URL for the old domain name was … but this has now changed to […] Read more »

Today’s coffee break is not really a coffee break in the purest sense as there is no beverage involved.  This morning I decided to be a nice guy and take my wife’s car into Jiffy Lube and have her oil changed and tires rotated.  I’m just […] Read more »

Something we don’t do very much here on jkOnTheRun is write about personal type stuff.  We figure that’s not what you want to hear about on a tech blog and we like to keep some personal things private.  I broke that rule when I originally wrote […] Read more »

Remember that tasty tidbit we shared about USB-On-The-Go support for the Nokia N810? Looks like it’s coming in plenty handy… if you know how to use it. Frequent jkOTR commenter and Gear Diary contributor team member, Joel points out that you can use this feature to […] Read more »

With so many free third-party applications available for the Windows Mobile platform, it’s hard to pick just seven but that’s exactly what CIO did. Several of the chosen apps are no-brainers that we’ve covered before: Skype, MSN Direct (which we gave a video over of), and […] Read more »

If you are running Windows Vista on your touch screen UMPC or Tablet PC then don’t make the same mistake that I made.  Vista includes a useful feature called "pen flicks" that offers some good functionality for such devices and I have to admit that I […] Read more »

Sierra Modro of GottaBeMobile has posted the first of two promised video reviews of the iRex Iliad ebook reader and I must say this device looks really nice.  The Iliad is the first ebook reader I am aware of that sports a Wacom digitizer and pen […] Read more »

Since we covered an expectant geek’s least favorite word or phrase yesterday, it’s only fair to highlight the most favorite. Mine is shown in the UPS tracking pic above… looks like Samwise the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium should be here soon. I’d also add words and […] Read more »

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