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The rumors and photo flying around of the rumored HP sub-notebook, the 2133 if they are to be believed, have captured the attention of a lot of people.  Not since the first rumors started appearing back when about the Asus EEE PC have so many gotten […] Read more »

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Verizon Wireless sure started some stuff by offering an unlimited voice plan for $99.99 per month.  Their plan will be available on March 2 if I recall correctly.  Then AT&T jumped in with their own unlimited voice plan for $99.99 per month but makes theirs available […] Read more »

Wasn’t it just the other day when James asked “where are all of the ModBook owners“? Well I wouldn’t call SlashGear a “ModBook owner”, but they do have a review unit that just arrived. There’s several pictures of the device along with some promised video and […] Read more »

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Engadget has gotten their hands on a picture rumored to be the upcoming HP UMPC which looks to be an EEE like mini-notebook PC.  According to the information that engadget has uncovered the 2133 will have an 8.9 inch screen running at 1366×768, an ExpressCard slot, […] Read more »

Verizon Wireless is the first to the table with new "unlimited" voice and data plans available shortly for customers.  The three new plans include an unlimited voice plan for $99 monthly and two new BroadbandAccess data plans.  The voice plan will allow customers to call any […] Read more »

I ran into one of the other regular customers here in the local Starbucks and he had something interesting to share.  He has used an HP tc4200 Tablet PC for over a year although he admits he only uses it as a Tablet PC on flights […] Read more »

I recently tried to run the beta mobile browser from Skyfire but quickly discovered it would not run on VGA devices like my HTC Advantage.  I recently heard from the folks at Skyfire who have promised that the server-based browser will soon support VGA resolution: Hopefully, […] Read more »

What a great question and even better set of testing. Folks that have been following flash storage speeds, capacities and implementations likely already know the answer to this one, but mainstream consumers or those new to mobile tech will really appreciate Jerry Jackson’s efforts. He’s a […] Read more »

Crave has posted something that I believe will be true that HP is readying a UMPC lifestyle device for release later this year.  According to what Crave was told the HP UMPC will be cheap enough that buying one will require no thought and it will […] Read more »

Personal note from me to the Sony Reader hackers: please stop making the device incrementally more appealing! I really want to like the standalone eBook readers like the PRS500 / 505 from Sony and the Kindle from Amazon, but I can’t get past a few shortcomings. […] Read more »

The time for availability for Opera Mobile 9.5 is getting closer and every time another video appears that shows how nice it is for browsing on small screen devices the more I want to get it on my Advantage.  Matt Miller got to see it running […] Read more »

  In Starbucks and the first Kindle I’ve seen here.  I spoke with the gentleman who is quite happy with the Kindle and new to ebooks.  He is the exact target market that the Kindle is designed to reach, not a heavy computer user but one […] Read more »

Touch driven interfaces are all the rage since the iPhone opened our fingers for walking the screen and Samsung’s latest iteration of their TouchWiz UI is pretty sweet.  The TouchWiz interface makes use of easily customizable widgets on the home screen which extend the usefulness of […] Read more »

Fellow Houston geek Dwight Silverman was blessed by Apple with a MacBook Air to review and he’s begun with the ritual unboxing photos on TechBlog.  He’s promised some first impressions soon along with a complete review for the Houston Chronicle so I’ll be interested to see […] Read more »

Remember the Modbook, the non-Apple produced Mac Tablet that was vaporware for over a year and then on January 1st of this year was reported to be shipping to customers?  So what happened?  We should be hearing reports from customers who received theirs and seeing reviews […] Read more »

After watching Merlin’s great presentation on taking control of your own work time I started thinking about a lot of the little things I do each day to prevent losing focus on the current task at hand.  The more I thought about it the more I […] Read more »

Our buds over at Laptop Magazine have their hands on one of the most frequently delayed UMPCs around, the Everex CloudBook and they are blogging the experience.  Unfortunately that experience has not been very positive so far as they have run into some significant setup problems […] Read more »

One of the basic tenets of trying to get control of your time and increase your productivity is to figure out how to eliminate those things that grab your attention away from the task at hand and to spot those things that take your time.  Merlin […] Read more »

The article I posted defining my methodology for building a new system to get it up and running as quickly as possible and with all of my stuff accessible touched a lot of nerves and generated some good questions.  As I went through the questions and […] Read more »

I’ve been offline this morning to support a friend and reader of the site. Doug follows our mobile tech adventures here and has sadly lost his father unexpectedly. Barb and I are waiting for the procession to the cemetery but I thought to ask you, our […] Read more »

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