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The market for non-phone PDAs continues to decline, but that doesn’t mean new products won’t impress. After watching the Pocket PC Thoughts video unboxing and overview, I think HP has a nice product in their iPAQ 100 series device. Nice enough to turn the tide towards […] Read more »

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DigiTimes has a piece this morning indicating that FIC plans to bring their CE260 UMPC to the U.S. in both a Windows XP and Linux configuration. They further speculate that the sub-notebook would be sold under the Everex brand, which if it is the same, is […] Read more »

Word on the street web out of CNET is that Monday is the day that Amazon unleashes their Kindle eBook reader. Expected at $399, the electronic device has to compete with Sony’s newest reader version as well as the latest Cybook from Bookeen, both of which […] Read more »

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Need a good RSS reader for your Palm OS device? You might want to check mRSS, which was just updated to include support for the Treo 755p. That addition brings mRSS to a full complement of Treos, ranging from the 600 on up, including the new […] Read more »

Evernote is a great note-taking application that is full featured and very good on a Tablet PC.  The full version of the program is available today only for free from Giveaway of the Day so you’d better get cracking if you want it free. Thanks to […] Read more »

Not even a month after the PC Card version hit the airwaves, AT&T introduces the USB version of the 881 AirCard. For $49.95 after rebate and with a qualifying two-year data plan, the USBConnect 881 can be yours starting today. It looks to be the same […] Read more »

If you’ve been holding out to get a Samsung Q1 UMPC at 50% off, today’s the day for you. Hop over to Yahoo! Shopping Woot, which is a co-branded sellout service between both Yahoo! and woot. If you hurry, you should see the original Samsung Q1 […] Read more »

PhatNotes has long been the premiere note-taking application for the Windows Mobile platform but users have lamented the inability to sync all of those cool notes back to Outlook on the desktop in PhatNotes 5. Earlier versions of PhatNotes would sync with Outlook but the company […] Read more »

Bluetooth devices allowing the use of your own headphones are becoming all the rage. No offense to the companies that bundle earbuds with their Bluetooth product, but there’s a reason I spent some coin on my Shure earbuds and gosh darn-it, I want to use ‘em! […] Read more »

Last month we featured SmartJournal, a free Windows app that archives your Windows Mobile phone data in Outlook’s Journal. One good turn deserves another, so here’s a similar approach for iPhone users running Mac OS X Leopard. iphonelogd is a free 8 Kb Ruby script that […] Read more »

Panasonic has long been known for their rugged Toughbooks and the newest Tablet model is touching down in the U.S. next month. The Toughbook T7 will start at $2,099 and weighs a solid but portable 3.3-pounds. The 12.1-inch XGA display offers touch capabilities paired with an […] Read more »

You probably saw the great video review of the Asus EEE PC that 10-year old Tyler and Kevin did.  Tyler is a natural reviewer and when I watched it I couldn’t help thinking that he will follow in Dad’s footsteps.  Mobile Magazine thinks so too and […] Read more »

I finally wrested away the Asus from my son after recording our brief video overview and made some headway today on a few fronts. First up, I had been mucking about with the file systems and scripts in order to get my HSDPA modem working, so […] Read more »

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.MoTR 116 is 36:30 minutes long and is a 33.5 MB file in MP3 format. INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel […] Read more »

The Tablet PC quietly turned 5 years old recently, at least I don’t believe I saw anything from Microsoft celebrating it.  Sierra Modro of GottaBeMobile has penned a great history of the Tablet PC that covers it from day one to taking a look at what […] Read more »

Here’s an interesting security twist; probably old news but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. PASS, or Password Authentication Security System, is how this 16 GB USB stick from Elecom keeps your data safe. Contrary to its name, it doesn’t exactly use a password to […] Read more »

We saw a lot of different things creating buzz in the mobile tech world this past week.  Here’s our rundown of what we thought was important to follow: Apple Leopard happiness/ unhappiness was all over the web this past week.  You either love it or not […] Read more »

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