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What’s an iLiad owner to do when they just don’t feel like reading eBook content? Play some games! Over at MobileRead, a forum member ported the “Ace of Penguins” game pack over to the standalone reading device and they don’t look half bad. The game list […] Read more »

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It’s been a few months since Google made such a big splash with the announcement of Android, the open platform for cell phones that is going to set the handset world on its ear.  The Open Handset Alliance that jumped behind Android put some muscle behind […] Read more »

I have been intrigued by the Dell XT Tablet PC like many of you since the first leaked information began appearing on the web so long ago.  I railed along with many about the high price that Dell was placing on the new capacitive touch capability […] Read more »

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My last post on Vista SP1 reminded me that I’ve received a few e-mails about the Service Pack. Namely, questions like has it shown up in Windows Update for me yet on the new Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium and did I run it on the Q1P. […] Read more »

Regular readers likely won’t learn much from this, but folks that have recently found us might benefit from an article I wrote for today’s New York Times. The gist is that even if you don’t have a new-fangled smartphone, you can still use that feature phone […] Read more »

The latest Skype beta for Windows takes flight today and there’s a few new features and enhancements worth noting. UPnP support has been changed: no longer does Skype use Microsoft’s UPnP Framework as the Skypers have developed their own which will configure your firewall appropriately. From […] Read more »

After attending the Sprint WiMAX press event at CES and walking away with very little in terms of details, I expected to hear more about it during the CTIA event this week. My expectations were met… sort of. We’re hearing report after report of devices that […] Read more »

HTC has launched the Touch Dual running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional in the US today.  The Touch Dual will be released this quarter and will be one of the first phones in the US to ship with WM6.1  The Touch Dual has a slide-out keyboard and […] Read more »

Forget the intelligence behind releasing firmware upgrades on April 1st, Apple today released one for the Airport Extreme router.  I can’t find any information posted on Apple’s web site yet to determine what changes are installed with this firmware upgrade but I have been experiencing major […] Read more »

Just a quick update that James and I were each honored today with our re-awarded Microsoft MVP status. I remember last year when I initially received this recognition, I wasn’t sure if it was the real deal or another April Fool’s Day joke!The MVP award is […] Read more »

Our most recent podcast should dispel any doubts regarding the target market for Celio’s REDFLY mobile companion but if you still aren’t convinced, today’s press release should take care of that. Celio just announced a partnership with Enterprise Mobile to launch the REDFLY device. Enterprise Mobile […] Read more »

Firefox users rejoice! The “Send to OneNote” feature that’s native to Internet Explorer can be replicated in Firefox with the “Clip to OneNote” extension. The extension was originally written for Firefox 1.5 and OneNote 2003, but with some help from other sources, Amit shows how to […] Read more »

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