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Jott is one of those deceptively useful services for mobile phone users that can make your phone far more useful than it is without it.  What makes Jott so great is that you can create text reliably without using that darn phone keypad.  You call a […] Read more »

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Today has not gone the way I envisioned it, not by a long shot.  It started innocently enough with me grabbing the Fujitsu P1620 out of the dock to get some work done in slate mode while watching the morning news.  It went downhill quickly from […] Read more »

In the "won’t they ever learn" category the city of Los Angeles intends to levy a 9% tax on VoIP service.  The last I heard there is a federal moratorium on taxing Internet-based services so I wonder if this is even legal.  It’s headed for the […] Read more »

Looking for a fresh, new place to find everything related to Windows Mobile? You’re in luck because My Today Screen launches on April 1st… no foolin’! Actually, the site appears to have soft-launched earlier in the week, so there’s already some WinMo content for your perusal.My […] Read more »

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I didn’t know about most of these, but Darla Mack has my back. She’s listed about eight useful codes for S60 devices in case you need to fully format your handset, want to delete your Wallet information or you simply forgot the last octet of your […] Read more »

I almost passed up this handy little trick from the How-To Geek until I realized how useful it could be on a smaller screened device. Using the Stylish extension for Firefox and an Auto-Hide script, you can keep a clean appearance in your browser’s status bar, […] Read more »

SlingMedia continues its mobile handset strategy like it’s playing a giant game of “RISK: the handheld edition”. Having already conquered the continents of Windows Mobile and Symbian S60, the generals are place-shifting their attention to the land of UIQ. The following countries are next in the […] Read more »

Engadget has gotten their hot little hands on what looks like a legitimate spec sheet for that hotly awaited HP 2133 UMPC and it’s shaping up as expected and very nicely.  Four different models are revealed priced from $549 with SUSE Linux to $849 with the […] Read more »

Since I finger-pointed at the US Postal Service earlier in the week, the proper thing to do is mention that they made everything right. Sort of. My second 6-cell battery for the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium was allegedly delivered on Monday morning per the tracking info, […] Read more »

Computerworld has an interesting feature on notebooks of the near-future. 2015 specifically, which is just 21 scant years before Zefram Cochrane will be born so no: you won’t see any notebooks capable of warp drive yet. The article shows some concept designs, some of which we’ve […] Read more »

The web continues to quake with aftershocks of “Safari-gate”: the Apple Software Update that installs Safari 3.1 for Windows by default. I tend to side with the folks that claim this practice isn’t the most forthcoming, but there are numerous examples of other companies doing the […] Read more »

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