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Loren Heiny ordered one of those new Toshiba M700 dual digitizer Tablet PCs and when he found out that Toshiba wasn’t shipping them with touch digitizers he cancelled his order.  He’s posted about an unexpected shipment, it seems that Toshiba didn’t cancel his order and shipped […] Read more »

Yesterday I had a lot of free time due to the long holiday weekend and decided to rebuild my MacBook Pro (MBP).  It seemed a fitting time as I totally rearranged my home office to make it better for working extended periods mostly to get ready […] Read more »

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I’ve read a few posts recently about what I term "Vanity Googling", you know searching for your own name on Google to see what you find.  The articles I read said that everyone should check what Google has to say about you and I must admit […] Read more »

It’s that special time of year that we geeks all look forward to, that time of the year when we get to spend time doing what we love and with those who mean the most to us.  I’m talking about CES time, of course.  :)  There’s […] Read more »

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Here’s a nifty little backup solution for your mail and it’s free. MailStore is a Windows application that will backup all of your mail, and not just from Outlook or Outlook Express. It supports mail storage from Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Windows Mail, Exchange, and (most attractive to […] Read more »

We know how serious Apple protects their upcoming releases and have always been aggressive in going after those who divulge what they feel is too much information about unannounced products.  Earlier this year they sued the long-running Apple rumor site Think Secret for divulging such advance […] Read more »

The current Core 2 Duo processors have revolutionized mobile computing in my opinion.  The choice today is wide-ranging and even dramatic as these processors can run from 1.06 GHz to 2.++ GHz and there are far reaching benefits obtained on both ends of that spectrum.  I […] Read more »

Lora has posted some new information about the Tablet PC Meetup in Las Vegas during the CES this year.  These meetups are always my favorite event during CES and this year’s is shaping up to be the best one yet.  Be sure and RSVP on the […] Read more »

WebWorkerDaily shares their top-ten list of portable apps and for those on the run, this is a good set of tools. By portable, they mean applications that can be run off of an external USB drive, like a thumb-drive. There’s a few advantages here, the main […] Read more »

Dell’s recent announcement of the spiffy new XT Tablet PC touched off a firestorm of reaction to the firm’s announced starting price of $2499.  This pricing is quite a bit higher than Dell’s competition, even if they have the capacitive digitizer that the others do not […] Read more »

A few weeks ago we brought you an advance look at the cool new dual-screen Verizon Voyager phone from LG and today’s news brings a little cheer to those who picked one up.  Verizon has issued a firmware upgrade for the Voyager that addresses the following: […] Read more »

We covered the new Z-P140 PATA SSD flash storage from Intel a few days ago, but there’s some confirmation of some facts and even better: more numbers on the power usage. In their press release, Intel cites that the drive will use 300 milliWatts of power […] Read more »

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