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There’s quite a bit of buzz around the “Tube”, which is expected to be Nokia’s touch-enabled handset meant to compete squarely with the Apple iPhone. On paper the rumors sound appealing: large touch-screen, quad-band GSM, HSDPA, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and camera. The S60 environment should be […] Read more »

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Last month, our good friend Dan (aka: ThoughtFix) attended Bossaconference 08 and came back from Brazil with both a new appreciation for both mobile Linux and the Brazilian Bikini Team. OK, maybe not the the latter, but I suspect he wouldn’t answer me if I asked […] Read more »

I’m not sure how many titles are truly new releases, but has anyone noticed that eReader is adding new titles at an amazing rate? I’m gauging this observation on my RSS feed for new eReader releases and I’m getting anywhere from 15 to 30 a day. […] Read more »

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More Intel Developer Forum goodies from Josh Bancroft. He’s taken thirty-odd pics of the various Mobile Internet Devices shown off in Shanghai and he posted the lot of them on Flickr for your enjoyment. Bonus points to the first reader that likes one enough to make […] Read more »

Got a handset that isn’t natively supported by Mac OS X? Consider dropping $9.95 on Nova Media’s iSync add-on. With the newest iteration, version 6, it supports over 155 cell-phones that don’t play nicely with iSync on their own. Once installed, you can synchronize Contacts and […] Read more »

BlackBerry owners wanting to join the ShoZu party can sign-up for information as it becomes available; the sharing service is coming soon to the Pearl and Curve. If you’re not familiar with ShoZu, it’s a free service that lets you share photos, videos and more from […] Read more »

We covered this last summer, but with the rise of social bookmarking, tweeting and everything else that used to be private, it’s probably worth another mention. Plus our good friends over at Hackszine just caught wind of it. It’s a tasty plugin for Internet Explorer on […] Read more »

Walt Mossberg has stated on record that a 3G iPhone will be released in 60 days. This timeframe fits what many have believed but it’s nice to hear someone who is well in the loop confirm it.  I am very anxious to see how many iPhone […] Read more »

What’s an iLiad owner to do when they just don’t feel like reading eBook content? Play some games! Over at MobileRead, a forum member ported the “Ace of Penguins” game pack over to the standalone reading device and they don’t look half bad. The game list […] Read more »

It’s been a few months since Google made such a big splash with the announcement of Android, the open platform for cell phones that is going to set the handset world on its ear.  The Open Handset Alliance that jumped behind Android put some muscle behind […] Read more »

I have been intrigued by the Dell XT Tablet PC like many of you since the first leaked information began appearing on the web so long ago.  I railed along with many about the high price that Dell was placing on the new capacitive touch capability […] Read more »

My last post on Vista SP1 reminded me that I’ve received a few e-mails about the Service Pack. Namely, questions like has it shown up in Windows Update for me yet on the new Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium and did I run it on the Q1P. […] Read more »

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