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I don’t seen any news on the Raon Digital site to confirm, but MobileWhack indicates that the latest and greatest EVERUN model now sports integrated WiBro for connectivity. The Korean model is S60H and likely supports the 802.16 wireless standard. Since WiBro is the South Korean […] Read more »

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The quest for the perfect gear bag is almost as pressing to the geek as the quest for the perfect gadget.  We always look for a better and more comfortable way to carry all the stuff we might need on our daily jaunts into the real […] Read more »

You may have listened to the final OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast by now.  The podcast that I did with Marc Orchant came to an end with the untimely death of Marc earlier this month.  I expected heavier than normal listenership due to its being the […] Read more »

We have always been fans of external batteries that provide much needed extended battery life to our mobile gear, especially on trips.  Judie of Gear Diary has reviewed such an external battery, the Proporta Laptop Battery, and she gives a typically detailed overview of using this […] Read more »

I was hoping to catch this one exactly, but I’m at the Toyota dealer getting the Hybrid serviced while James got a few posts out this morning. Call it karma or call it amazing coincidence, but we’re ending the year here at jkOnTheRun with over 7,000 […] Read more »

The problem sleeping and resuming that my HP 2710p Tablet PC suddenly developed has been preoccupying my time over this long holiday period and has resonated with a lot of readers.  Some readers agree with me that Vista is to blame for my problems and others […] Read more »

Fellow podcaster Matt Miller handles a lot of gadgets over time, if you want to know how many he’s seen this year check out his look back at the gadgets he’s played with this year.  Talk about geek overload!  He’s written up his favorite devices and […] Read more »

Tired of someone else giving you directions when driving? Why not substitute your own voice for the one on your GPS? YourPND is a service that records your voice speaking the many standard navigational words found in GPS devices. The phrases are then saved to file […] Read more »

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I can’t just bash Vista and ignore Mac problems when they arise and today for the first time one did on my MacBook Pro running Leopard.  I booted into Vista Ultimate using Boot Camp and played Call of Duty 4 for a while.  I am totally […] Read more »

Although I have yet to personally see either model handheld, Nokia N77 and N82 owners might be interested to know that Mail for Exchange now supports their device. The latest version of the application is v2.2, but the only changes from the prior release is the […] Read more »

Ever since I left my I.T. career to write full time earlier this year, I’ve been paying much closer attention to my budget. I’m losing the budget battle, but I’ve gained a different perspective in terms of device pricing for the feature set. Case in point: […] Read more »

I realize that the 4G wireless data networks are yet to be chosen by all of the U.S. carriers, but perhaps the latest real world trial results will favor LTE. Long Term Evolution was recently chosen by Verizon Wireless and if the recent tests are any […] Read more »

Well here we are at the end of the year and my work set up in my home office has been honed to work like a fine machine.  The way I work in my office is I have the MacBook Pro on the desk to the […] Read more »

We already knew that A-Data was planning a 2.5-inch, 128-GB Solid State Disk, but the company just announced an SSD drive for the 1.8-inch market as well. The smaller drive will be available in 32- and 64-GB capacities in a standard SATA or PATA interface, along […] Read more »

I’ve gotten a few queries about the charging station I mentioned that I got for Christmas so I wanted to give a photo of it in action and post a link to find it online. Here’s a snap of the i-Dog (music will play, NSFW) jamming […] Read more »

Kevin and I want to wish each and every one of you and your family a very safe and happy holiday!  It is a time of year to spend good times with friends and family and we hope you get the chance to do that.  We […] Read more »

‘Twas the geek’s night before Christmas, and all through the house, Not a hard drive was whirring, not a single clicking mouse; The gadgets were charging in their docks with care, In hopes that St. Nick shopped at Best Buy this year; The geeks were all […] Read more »

The dream of a Mac Tablet was fueled last year by the ModBook, essentially a MacBook that Axiotron converts into a Tablet PC.  They have been supposedly going to launch and ship for a year but every few months came up with excuses that prevented that […] Read more »

Loren Heiny ordered one of those new Toshiba M700 dual digitizer Tablet PCs and when he found out that Toshiba wasn’t shipping them with touch digitizers he cancelled his order.  He’s posted about an unexpected shipment, it seems that Toshiba didn’t cancel his order and shipped […] Read more »

Yesterday I had a lot of free time due to the long holiday weekend and decided to rebuild my MacBook Pro (MBP).  It seemed a fitting time as I totally rearranged my home office to make it better for working extended periods mostly to get ready […] Read more »

I’ve read a few posts recently about what I term "Vanity Googling", you know searching for your own name on Google to see what you find.  The articles I read said that everyone should check what Google has to say about you and I must admit […] Read more »

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