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Microsoft announced the next generation of Windows XP Embedded today, naming Windows Embedded Standard 2009 to be the successor. The embedded OS is geared towards devices that connect to and work with other Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 machines, but we’ve seen a few standalone […] Read more »

One thing we are sure of is that there is a veritable explosion of low-cost mini-notebooks flying around the computescape.  Every day finds one or two new ones announced and now that the big players like HP and Dell are involved just about everybody is accounted […] Read more »

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We’ve covered free Internet radio service Pandora many times as both Kevin and I love the intelligent way it learns what music we like.  I know that both of us have resorted for some time to using third party interfaces for Pandora to escape the need […] Read more »

AMD has upped the ante in the mobile processor space with the launch of their latest notebook computing platform, informally known as Puma.  From the press release: COMPUTEX, TAIPEI, Taiwan — June 4, 2008 –AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the availability of its next-generation notebook platform, […] Read more »

HTC is always introducing new devices it seems and today it’s true as the newest member of the Touch family is announced.  The HTC Touch Pro adds functions to the popular Touch family that are designed to appeal to professionals while meshing it all together with […] Read more »

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Can’t say I’ve used a ClickFree external backup solution myself, but Dwight Silverman gave it a go over the weekend. It appears to be as easy as possible: simply connect the external USB drive and it backs up the most common data files. No muss, no […] Read more »

The big CompuTex show in Taipei is underway and it seems that all the talk there is about mini notebooks as we expected.  They are popping out all over and reviews are also starting to appear.  Intel is out at CompuTex showing devices running the Atom […] Read more »

Kudos to HP as they continue their Technology for Teaching Grant initiative. Teams of five teachers at 110 K-12 schools each receive a package worth $38,000 and include HP Tablet PCs with Microsoft Windows Vista, a digital projector, camera, and Officejet printer as well as copies […] Read more »

Just got word that everybody’s longtime favorite TabletPC forums, TabletPCBuzz is back as good as ever as of today.  John Hill of ALLTP has resurrected the forums and outfitted them for your sharing of Tablet PC ideas and information.  Note that ALLTP is a retailer of […] Read more »

SlashGear has a sneak-peek look at the upoming Asus Eee PC 1000 that’s expected to be announced tomorrow at Computex. Based on the picture snap, presumably of an Eee PC display, the device further blends the lines between low-costing laptops and full-featured notebooks that cost more: […] Read more »

Pocket Tunes, arguably one of the best digital audio player applications for the Palm OS, is now available for Windows Mobile devices. Pocket Tunes 4.1 is supported on both Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices, but only a handful of handsets have actually been tested with […] Read more »

Now that raw, cold horsepower is relegated to the backseat in handheld Internet devices, the processor space is heating up. NVIDIA, a long-time player in the graphics card market, is casting its lot with the Tegra line of processors. The company is showing off the Tegra […] Read more »

No, you can’t beta the latest imported gadget directly through the web yet, but I’m sure folks are working on that. Dynamism, sure to be bookmarked by gadget lover’s a-plenty, has a site redesign that’s in beta, but open for business. There’s a link to the […] Read more »

I had to laugh when I saw Gizmodo (followed by Engadget) finally realize something we’ve known since 2006 and the name "Origami": the naming of portable device categories is way out of hand. I pretty much let the topic go over the weekend, but then Sal, […] Read more »

We’re on day 31 of the 31 Days of the Dragon contest that has been blowing and going strong so you’d better head over to GottaBeMobile and get entered up.  The contest has given away almost 31 HP HDX Dragon laptop packages worth over $5,000 each […] Read more »

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