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Although this news doesn’t surprise me, it’s still worth a mention for the Alltell loyalists out there. Why am I not surprised? Because this would have happened sooner or later in my opinion, as Verizon Wireless is purchasing Altell pending the obligatory FCC review of course. […] Read more »

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Om Malik is currently having a look at the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC and has written an interesting piece on his experience with the HP.  Om outlines what he is looking for in a mini-notebook and his POV is very interesting to me.  Om feels that […] Read more »

With all the notebooks we have, you’d think *we* were giving one away, but no. Sadly, we can’t part with anything just now. Pocketables and PalmAddicts are making up for it though as they each have a nice notebook to offer. At Pocketables, Jenn is giving […] Read more »

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I am the luckiest geek on the face of the earth as I routinely get to play with so many devices.  There are no fewer than 7 laptops in Mobile Tech Manor at this very moment to drive that point home.  The only question I get […] Read more »

I get 200 – 300 emails a day spread across my 3 main email addresses.  These cover my business, blogging and personal email accounts and it’s a constant stream of email crossing my portals.  Except for today.  Today has so far been one of those rare […] Read more »

Since reporting on the good results using the new Skype 4.0 beta for video calls yesterday I’m getting asked by many if it works well on the HP 2133 Mini-Note.  You may recall that Skype video calls didn’t work worth a flip on the Mini-Note running […] Read more »

A recent study in the US of those who fall into the "early adopter" category, you know those who always have to get the latest and greatest gadgets, are assertive and even arrogant.  The study looked at 20 personality traits and the findings point to you […] Read more »

Just as they promised Laptop Magazine has published a full review of the biggest little EEE PC, the 1000h.  The Asus EEE PC 1000h sports the biggest screen yet, a 10-inch LCD running at 1024×600.  As the review points out there are some interesting features on […] Read more »

You may remember when we recently gave away a Blackberry Pearl in cahoots with Six Apart who also threw in a TypePad Pro subscription for the winner, Vivek Gowri.  Vivek received his new Blackberry and has just launched his mobile tech blog, The Technicist.  Vivek is […] Read more »

Let me get the important bits out right up front… I don’t think this is a fantastic solution for remote controlling a Mac (or a PC for that matter) from an iPhone, because it’s not. OK, now that I’ve lowered your expectations, I can share this […] Read more »

You Blackberry owners can rejoice with the release of  IM client, Instango.  Instango works with GTalk, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, QQ, Jabber and Gadu-Gadu for starters.  You’ll have to sign up for an account but it looks like Instango does email and RSS in addition to […] Read more »

We use Skype just about every day here on jkOnTheRun with Kevin and I in different time zones and we’d be lost without it.  We usually keep the latest beta versions of Skype installed although typically we will wait a few days after one is released […] Read more »

Has it really been eleven months since the last major firmware upgrade for Verizon’s Palm Treo 700wx? Shucks, it has! Don’t think that "your precious" is ready to chuck down a Hobbit hole just yet… Treocentral has news of an update to Windows Mobile 6 for […] Read more »

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