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Note to self: never get a review unit of anything two weeks before or after CES. Not even a new-fangled USB paperweight. OK, not that I’ve got that personal productivity mantra off my chest, it’s time to provide a review of the WiBrain UMPC on loan […] Read more »

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Need a little voice action with your data-centric 3G modem? Toshiba seems to think so and offers it up in their Portegé G450 USB modem. The smallish HSDPA modem plugs right in for speedy mobile surfing, but if you attach a headset to it, you’ve got […] Read more »

RIM has announced their intention to update the BlackBerry platform the first half of this year to provide messaging and security enhancements.  BlackBerry users will predominantly notice improvements to the messaging handling which will add HTML support along with integration of Dataviz’ Documents to Go software […] Read more »

As a Dish Network customer, this won’t help me worth a whit, but it’s a safe bet that we’ve got some DirecTV subscribers amongst the reader base. Macenstein points out a new mobile website just for you folks: shoot your mobile browser here for the site. […] Read more »

I’ve been derelict in my duties: not trying out the new InkSeine application on my tablets. While I get a day of detention, you can check out what all the growing excitement is about this new program developed by Ken Hinckley by viewing a GottaBeMobile Inkshow. […] Read more »

If you remember the Amiga OS I am pretty sure it is fondly.  This OS was so far ahead of its time and in many respects reminds me of OS X.   Amiga Forever 2008 is still alive and kicking with development still ongoing and they are […] Read more »

Robert and I must have some blog telepathy going on. He checked the performance of Vista both pre- and post-SP1 and I followed suit. I’ve been sharing info on my Samsung Q1P and now Robert got a loaner Q1 Ultra for review. This is his first […] Read more »

Actually, the laptop bag doubles as a WiFi finder, but why quibble? Soyntec offers the Wiffinder 200 Urban Bag for 34,40 Euros so you can tote up to a 15.4-inch notebook and other mobile gear on the inside. Outside you’ll see an LCD clock that also […] Read more »

It’s been dead for a few days now and resisted numerous attempts to revive it but I am happy to say that threatening to take it to the Genius Bar persuaded my iPod Touch to wake up from the dead.  I was able to successfully restore […] Read more »

Since we just figured out how to add Tasks to the Google Calendar in Firefox, let’s switch it up and see how to add the Google Calendar to your browser sidebar. Cybernet turned me on to this bookmark trick that accomplishes the little productivity booster. You’ll […] Read more »

What weighs less then 3 pounds, is smaller than the MacBook Air yet has almost all of the same hardware components?  That would be the newly announced Fujitsu P1620, of course.  The P1620 is the update to the P1610 that I used for a long time […] Read more »

Look out! The mobile space and home entertainment market worlds are starting to collide… in a good way, though. Nokia just became the first company to get a mobile handset DLNA-certified as Mobile Digital Media Server: “With up to eight gigabytes of built-in memory, the Nokia […] Read more »

The other day, I noted a Windows Now article indicating an 11% performance increase when installing the Release Candidate of SP1 for Vista. I wanted to put it to the test myself, however, so I replicated the test on my Samsung Q1P that was previously upgraded […] Read more »

The $99 Centro hasn’t been out for three months but it’s getting the update treatment already. I see that as a good thing; you don’t want problems on your smartphone to linger on and on…So what’s included? It’s all about the mail… VersaMail to be specific. […] Read more »

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