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Domino’s has been breaking ground with online pizza ordering as you can do it from your web browser (living in the cloud) or even from your cell phone.  One of the cool things they are also doing is allowing you to track your pizza in real […] Read more »

Every operating system has niggling things that make some users want to tweak them to work more to their liking and Vista is no exception.  Windows expert Ed Bott thinks so too and has posted his favorite tweaks to make Vista work the way he likes […] Read more »

I’m sitting here in the mega-corporate coffee house with sadness in my heart.  My intention was to be sitting in one of the small neighborhood coffee houses but alas it seems they are all going out of business.  I happily shared about the Afresca Coffee shop […] Read more »

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It’s hard to ignore that there’s a ton of detailed news and expected availability dates on netbooks, but deets on the MID products are a little more nebulous. InfoWorld figures that Intel is waiting for the breakthrough MID product to spur demand for Silverthorne CPUs and […] Read more »

This is unofficial at the moment, but Engadget Mobile reports a tip that Verizon customers can get the Palm Centro experience this Friday, June 13th. Hmm… a phone launch on Friday the 13th? That might not bode well. Actually the pricing may not bode well either […] Read more »

I’ve got a new 24-inch monitor on the way for the home office. It’s a Samsung display capable of 1900 x 1200 resolution, which I believe is the highest supported resolution for my UMPC. Currently I use a 1440 x 900 external display with the Samsung […] Read more »

I saved the best HP news for last, actually I had to get some sleep.  :)  HP today is announcing the rebirth of the VooDoo line and the most exciting result of that is definitely the VooDoo Envy notebook.  The Envy is just .7 inch thick […] Read more »

The world was all abuzz with the Apple announcement of the iPhone 3G and other cool stuff.  Kevin and James couldn’t wait to talk about the new iPhone and what we think it means to the consumer market.  We have a good look at the newly […] Read more »

Word has trickled out about a new Tablet PC from Lenovo, the x200.  Additional information is available at the ThinkPads forums and it is clear the x200 is the replacement model for the venerable x61, both notebook and Tablet PC.  The x200 Tablet PC will be […] Read more »

I have been watching Kevin’s "working in the cloud" experiment with great interest as it’s an area that has the potential to benefit a great many mobile professionals.  Equally as interesting are the comments that are being made about Kevin’s challenge and all of this together […] Read more »

I have blogged numerous times about the many different mini-notebooks that Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine has tested as it seems she gets her hands on every new one introduced.  I have suspected she has a problem and needs our help and her latest mini-notebook adventure […] Read more »

Yes, it’s the little things in life that make many a mobile device user happy. For example: I’ve been using Skype since late-2004 and yet when I use SkypeOut, the person I’m calling gets "+0000123456" displayed on their caller ID. If I’m going to be a […] Read more »

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