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The big news this week is the impending sale of tech site Ars Technica to Conde Nast for $25 million.  Ars has been one of the top tech sites for years and it’s great to see a big company put so much value on what they […] Read more »

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Those of you who like me have been following with bated breath the new HTC Advantage 7510 and anxiously awaiting its release here in the US can take a deep breath and get on with your business.  I have confirmed with HTC that the 7510 contains […] Read more »

So earlier this week, the Asus Eee 900 went on sale as expected. The price is around $550 as expected. Reviews are coming in as expected. Some on-line retailers are advertising the device with 1.7 GHz Celeron as… uh… huh?Now I haven’t checked specifically with Asus […] Read more »

I told you about my EVDO modem problem and my nice call to tech support earlier this week.  I was told during that call that they would overnight me another v740 ExpressCard modem to replace the apparently defective one causing my connectivity problem.  During the call […] Read more »

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We’ve touted the awesomeness of having a single phone number before: GrandCentral does just that. When folks call your GC phone number, they’re seamlessly routed to your cell, landline, office phone or wherever else you’ve defined. There’s plenty of other useful features as well but a […] Read more »

Aliph introduces a new Jawbone Bluetooth headset today, one that’s 50% smaller, weighs 10 grams and offers some sound improvements as well. Hard to believe that last bit because from what I’ve heard, the sound quality on the original Jawbone was pretty incredible.The new Jawbone uses […] Read more »

In a surprise announcement today CBS is buying CNET in a deal expected to close in Q3 of this year.  CNET is the giant tech news empire that also includes ZDNET so I’ll bet buddy Matt Miller is wondering what this will mean to his blog.  […] Read more »

Last week, news hit that Barnes & Noble teamed up with one of my favorite mobile services: Zinio. Thanks to Zinio, I have very few print magazine subscriptions clogging up my mailbox. Of course, that makes more room for junk mail and unsolicited credit offers, but […] Read more »

The local news in Houston has been filled for days with stories about the Crazy Rasberry ants that are spreading like wildfire.  What makes these ants so newsworthy is the fact that they eat small electronics for breakfast.  And lunch and dinner too.  These ants apparently […] Read more »

I’m not the only one having a great time putting the Lenovo IdeaPad U110 through the grinder, PC Magazine’s Cisco Cheng has published a review of the little red wonder.  I don’t always agree with Cisco’s take on different devices but he hits this one pretty […] Read more »

I’m constantly uploading, downloading and editing docs on-line and yesterday’s post on Evernote got me realizing that it’s another web-service where I can have information e-mailed for later use. Google Docs is the other big one for me; I can upload new docs, or I can […] Read more »

Say what you will about how long it took Axiotron to get the Modbook to market the continued interest level over the wait demonstrates the desire many have for a Mac tablet.  The Modbook is still today the only one of those mythical beasts and Ars […] Read more »

Another entrant in the increasingly crowded cheap sub-notebook category is the MSI Wind and Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine has interviewed the folks behind the Wind to get the real scoop.  The Wind will come in both an 8.9-inch and 10-inch screen models although the 10-inch […] Read more »

Today marks the kickoff of another HP HDX Dragon contest as part of the 31 Days of the Dragon giveaway by HP and BuzzCorps.  Today’s site is Geeks to Go and it looks like they actually kicked off their contest over a week ago (bad, bad […] Read more »

Here’s a nice little OneNote add-on called Instant Navigator that gives you another way to find your notes. Once you install it, you can start typing any part of a note title and the results are instantly updated as you type. I rely heavily on the […] Read more »

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