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The moving process is slowly but surely getting closer to the physical act of hauling all of our stuff from the old house to the new one.  It’s a big process and one of the biggest tasks in planning the move is deciding how to arrange […] Read more »

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We’ve all been following Kevin’s attempt to embrace the cloud (those suckers are hard to hold) and from my frequent conversations with him it’s going overall pretty well.  His posts on the cloud have demonstrated that quite a few folks are interested in keeping their data […] Read more »

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Earlier this month, I said that "Nokia’s N78 is going to surprise you" and now’s your chance to see if I was right. The U.S. version of the device becomes available today if you’re willing to part with $560. Just to compare apples to apples, this […] Read more »

Evernote has had their online note-taking, storing, clipping, OCRing, productivity-enhancing service in beta for some time and have used that beta time for constantly improving the service.  They are now out of beta and are making the full version available for use for subscribers.  Free accounts […] Read more »

As if Google’s experience with Android wasn’t getting them frazzled enough Nokia has fired a warning shot across Google’s bow with the announcement they are buying out all of the partners behind the popular phone OS, Symbian.  Nokia has 91% of the ownership locked up with […] Read more »

You are no doubt aware that this week is Bill Gates’ last one as a full-time Microsoft employee and there are no shortage of "last" interviews with Mr. Gates.  I wouldn’t want to bother him for an interview at this time that is no doubt a […] Read more »

I love using Google Maps now that you can easily drag the routes for easy customizations. I see some upside for QuikMaps too though. It brings ink & annotations to non-Tablet PCs using the traditional mouse. Granted, an active digitizer and pen will beat a mouse […] Read more »

Although this news doesn’t surprise me, it’s still worth a mention for the Alltell loyalists out there. Why am I not surprised? Because this would have happened sooner or later in my opinion, as Verizon Wireless is purchasing Altell pending the obligatory FCC review of course. […] Read more »

Om Malik is currently having a look at the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC and has written an interesting piece on his experience with the HP.  Om outlines what he is looking for in a mini-notebook and his POV is very interesting to me.  Om feels that […] Read more »

With all the notebooks we have, you’d think *we* were giving one away, but no. Sadly, we can’t part with anything just now. Pocketables and PalmAddicts are making up for it though as they each have a nice notebook to offer. At Pocketables, Jenn is giving […] Read more »

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