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Can’t find those keys you just had in your hand? How about that billfold you swear was on your dresser? You might be interested in Loc8tor Lite to help you find lost objects. For just under $80, you’ll get a small handheld unit and two locator […] Read more »

One of Toshiba’s newest Tablet PCs, the Portegé M700, is making the review rounds. Earlier this week, GottaBeMobile “gotta” look and now TabletPCReview offers up some impressions and benchmarks.This device is a relatively powerful convertible when compared to some of its peers based on the specs. […] Read more »

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Paparazzi without an iPhone? Of course… how can you possibly snap a detailed view of a starlet going out for milk and bread when you’re a block away and can’t zoom in? Could a $20 investment change your mind? Hard to say because I’m only imagining […] Read more »

I don’t watch it as much as I’d like due to time contraints, but Cali Lewis and her GeekBrief.TV video show has been in my iTunes subscriptions like… feh-ever. Turns out that one of her many sponsors is Nokia and on the GeekBrief.TV sponsorship page is […] Read more »

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Did you pick up one of the slimmer and lighter Sony PlayStationPortables, aka: the PSP-2000? If you did, there’s a present for you in the form of a firmware upgrade. Version 3.90 adds Skype to your Network options which can be paired with your PSP headset […] Read more »

Today has already been a day for some significant news in the ultra-portable/ UMPC/ MID space so here goes.  The Everex Cloudbook is now being delayed until February 25 for release according to engadget.  The Cloudbook has already been delayed once and it seems Everex is […] Read more »

It’s almost sad that Zoho is using Google’s own Gears service to allow for offline document editing, but I expect that will change soon. Google Blogoscoped stumbled on to an experimental Google Docs page where Gears appears to be semi-implemented. It’s definitely a work-in-progress at this […] Read more » GearLive got some CES camera time with the folks at ZPower and considering we haven’t seen many advances in mobile battery technology, this spot caught my eye. ZPower is focusing on Silver-Zinc batteries to replace traditional Lithium-Ion for a few reasons. They can offer 40% […] Read more »

Matt Faulkner unboxed the Toshiba M700 Tablet PC over the weekend at GottaBeMobile with live video; that’s now followed up with a user review of the device by GoodThings2Life, a frequent commenter here. Here’s the summary to whet your whistle: “In conclusion, the hardware is absolutely […] Read more »

Before you throw out that old USB desktop keyboard, why not give it a chance to touch the mobile afterlife? Instructables shows the simple steps to take it apart and re-use pieces of it as a roll-up, membrane-like keyboard. It won’t exactly look pretty nor is […] Read more »

An update to my continuing stability issues with my MacBook Pro.  This afternoon I hauled it back to the Apple Store and spent about 20 minutes with the Genius du Jour.  The symptoms are the same as the ones prior to Apple replacing the hard drive, […] Read more »

Kevin and I both have been using the venerable iGo Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard for years due to its full-sized keys provided in a folding form that will fit in a shirt pocket.  We haven’t found a better performing keyboard for the mobile set so it is […] Read more »

Now that I have spent a little time using Office 2008 for the Mac I felt it only fair to share my brief impressions of the new office suite.  I can’t only bash the parts I don’t like and not give Microsoft credit for the good […] Read more »

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