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The success of free, ad-funded services has made users the overwhelming beneficiaries in the internet economy, while those services themselv… Read more »

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For today’s Five Questions With…, we get some insight from Zadi Diaz, the co-creator and host of Epic Fu, one of web video’s longest-running series. She discusses the importance of net neutrality to online video creators and how HTML5 is helping move things forward. Read more »

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The average, tragically unhip American knows of Jenny Slate from her work on Saturday Night Live. However, if you are not tragically unhip, then you perhaps knew that SNL barely scraped the surface of her talents, which especially shine when she works with her friends. Read more »

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Apple is hoping that $0.99 TV show rentals will kick-start the sale of its Apple TV device, but Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer isn’t having any of it. He simply thinks that those cheap rentals are underpriced, which is why his company stays away from them. Read more »

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»  CNN may have officially stopped using the AP’s content after 30 years, but the news wire begs to differ. [The Upshot]

»&n… Read more »

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TubeMogul’s PlayTime ad network has grown dramatically since being launched earlier this year, and is now ranked second in terms of potential reach among advertisers. With 206.7 million unique visitors and 97 percent of online viewers in August, it trails only BrightRoll in potential reach. Read more »

Today on the Net: A third of young Netflix users substitute the service for pay television, Jeffrey Katzenberg lashes out at 3-D skeptics, Project Canvas incorporates as YouView and Time Warner could lose subscribers in the third quarter. Read more »


Yesterday Janko made the case for why a family man without cable access might buy a Boxee Box. There are many reasons why I won’t be buying one, but it mainly comes down to price, competition and content availability. Read more »

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Motorola (NYSE: MOT) is buying location-based services software company Aloqa, which is the handset maker’s second acquisition in less than… Read more »

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