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If you’re a hardcore cleantech enthusiast, then you’re familiar with GE’s commitment to environmentally-friendly innovation. While the newest episode of The GE Show seems a little bit like an effort to show off that commitment, it does utilize a surprising amount of engaging interactivity. Read more »

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Over-the-top cable alternative Sezmi has raised an additional $17.3 million, according to SEC documents filed late last week. The latest funding comes on top of $25 million it raised last fall, as the startup expands the availability of its offerings to new markets across the U.S. Read more »

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»  Now that the WSJ’s New York metro section is settling into a groove, Rupert Murdoch’s next move involves building up and rebran… Read more »


Amazon is looking to buy out U.K.-based video rental firm Lovefilm in a deal that would value it at £200 million. Buying Lovefilm could give Amazon a stronger position in the U.K. and also give it some expertise to compete with Netflix’s DVD-by-mail and streaming businesses. Read more »

The success of free, ad-funded services has made users the overwhelming beneficiaries in the internet economy, while those services themselv… Read more »

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For today’s Five Questions With…, we get some insight from Zadi Diaz, the co-creator and host of Epic Fu, one of web video’s longest-running series. She discusses the importance of net neutrality to online video creators and how HTML5 is helping move things forward. Read more »

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The average, tragically unhip American knows of Jenny Slate from her work on Saturday Night Live. However, if you are not tragically unhip, then you perhaps knew that SNL barely scraped the surface of her talents, which especially shine when she works with her friends. Read more »

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