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Canadians love online video just as much as their U.S. couch potato counterparts. A new study from M Consulting and Ipsos Reid reveals that 81 percent of Canadians occasionally watch videos online. An impressive 41 percent even turn to online video more than once a week. Read more »

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Apple will be adding a video angle to its advertising offerings, and will soon begin delivering in-stream ads to videos shown on iOS devices. A new video ad product, slated to launch early next year, could boost videos available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Read more »

Google’s newly announced partnership with DISH will distribute Logitech’s Google TV device and allow for limited integration with the satellite TV provider’s set-tops. But the real question is whether or not Google can sell such an act to the Comcasts and Time Warners of the world. Read more »


PlayOn says 30 percent of its customers have canceled their cable subscriptions, with another 10 percent downgrading them. Based on the number of users that have downgraded or done away with cable, the startup estimates that it saves customers $24 million a year on cable bills. Read more »

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»  As expected, Warner Bros. (NYSE: TWX) Television Group has acquired a majority stake in UK production company Shed Media. [The… Read more »

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