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vh1 co-star

VH1 knew its viewers were tweeting about its shows and wanted to engage them on social networks. But it also knew they weren’t necessarily tuning into shows live. So it released a new companion iPad app called VH1 Co-Star, which combines social sharing with on-demand viewing. Read more »

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Alki David
photo: Alki David

FilmOn quickly got in trouble once it started broadcasting the programming of U.S. TV networks over the internet. As he began losing his cou… Read more »

Righthaven Lawsuits logo

Even though controversial copyright enforcer Righthaven has already lost two lawsuits on fair use grounds, not every defendant that chooses… Read more »


Sal Khan, a former hedge fund manager, turned some personal tutoring videos for his niece into an online educational academy with backing from Bill Gates and Google. The Khan Academy is providing students with powerful online tools to accelerate their learning in ways traditional teaching hasn’t. Read more »

photo: Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

A financial update from IPO hopeful LinkedIn: The social network says that its sales more than doubled to $93.9 million during its most rece… Read more »

Comcast Tower

Comcast is committed to improving its NBC Universal programming, especially its broadcast network, and will spend big to do so. Comcast COO Steve Burke said it would invest $300 million in NBCU over the next year, including $200 million to turn around its broadcast network. Read more »

Morning Lowdown
photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Pandora Internet Radio Service to Offer Large Archive of Comedy Clips (NYT)

»  PBS plays Google’s word game, transcr… Read more »

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