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Morning Lowdown
photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  How the Bin Laden announcement leaked out on Twitter. (Media Decoder)

Dish, Echostar (NSDQ: SATS) Settle Long-Running Patent D… Read more »

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Dish and EchoStar have finally given up fighting against TiVo in the long-running dispute over DVR patents. After a court found Dish would have to replace its customers’ set-top boxes, the satellite TV provider decided it would be cheaper to license TiVo’s intellectual property instead. Read more »


Brightcove announced Monday that it has been granted its first U.S. patent, covering the publishing and distribution of digital media online. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded U.S. Patent Number 7,925,973 to Brightcove, giving some backing to the online video distribution firm’s intellectual property. Read more »

youtube creator institute

YouTube is announcing the 45 winners of its NextUp and Creator Institute contests today. The former will get $35,000 in cash, the latter a month-long YouTube class at a top film school. The announcement made us wonder: What exactly do you learn in YouTube class? Read more »

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shelbytv surfaces videos that are shared by your Facebook friends or Twitter contacts and presents them to you as a full-screen stream of videos. The main idea behind this approach is to make online video more like actual TV through an instant-on playback experience. Read more »

hulu plus TV

Hulu Plus is drastically expanding availability, now opening up to millions of Xbox game console owners. Thanks to its rollout on Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform and access to its install base, Hulu Plus could see a big boost in adoption. Read more »

Morning Lowdown
photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  A Right Royal Opportunity: The Big Wedding In Digital Media (paidContent)

»  The iPhone Location-Tracking Issue Won’… Read more »


Time Warner Cable revealed that its iPad app was downloaded 360,000 times during its first month. Cablevision revealed that it saw 50,000 downloads in the first five days of app availability and Comcast’s Xfinity TV app has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times since launch. Read more »


After nearly 16 months, my Google Nexus One is finally out-of-date. That’s a record for me keeping one single phone, but it’s time for an upgrade, because Google just announced video chat capabilities in Android 2.3.4, rolling out to the Nexus S and other new phones. Read more »

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Mediabank, one of a number of companies that is trying to expand the methods of online media buying to traditional media ad sales, has acqui… Read more »

syria youtube

As violence against pro-democracy demonstrators and other civilians is intensifying in Syria, YouTube is increasingly becoming the primary media outlet to learn about the situation in the country. Censorship against YouTube was lifted only two months ago, but now reports about phone network outages emerge. Read more »

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