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Remember when social media was going to reinvent the entertainment business? Though past efforts made little headway in the social-entertainment space, announcements from Warner Home Entertainment and News Corp. suggest the space is far from dead. Here’s what companies looking to capitalize on it can learn. Read more »

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Cox is the latest provider to join the TV Everywhere party, introducing a new site enabling its subscribers to view tens of thousands of videos online. Cox subscribers can now sign in and watch more than 15,000 pieces of content from cable and broadcast networks. Read more »

Morning Lowdown
photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Reportedly Close To A $7 Billion-Plus Purchase Of Skype (paidContent)

»  Google (NSDQ: GOOG)… Read more »


The Google I/O live video stream will be accessible to hearing-impaired viewers and search engine crawlers alike, thanks to a new live captions feature unveiled by YouTube today. The feature combines manual transcription with automatic translation and will be available to any YouTube Live partner. Read more »


There may be many questions about Microsoft’s decision to buy Skype, but one thing is for sure: It can take video conferencing video calling to a whole different level, thanks to Kinect. If you watch these videos, you can easily imagine the future of video calls. Read more »

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