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Verizon could soon make its Flex View VOD service available on connected devices like Roku and the Boxee Box. In a press briefing, it showed off some new features, including a channel that could allow Verizon FiOS customers to access the VOD service on Roku devices. Read more »

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In the land grab for spectrum, the most frightening specter is Netflix. But as carriers launch their LTE networks, I’m concerned about their marketing efforts around HD video. Both AT&T and Verizon are pitching it on their networks despite video’s ability to cause network congestion. Read more »


Roku has pulled an unauthorized app from being available on its broadband set-top boxes after receiving a takedown request from CBS. The takedown follows the removal of a similar YouTube third-party app, and highlights the problem of third-party developers creating and publishing private channels. Read more »

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eMusic, the online music “club” that offers members discounts on tracks in exchange for a monthly subscription fee, has struck a deal with a… Read more »


Uploading video to the web can be a painfully long process even with a high-speed connection. I spoke with Shane Russell of Microsoft’s VidLab, who shared with me how his team delivers content to the Zune Marketplace and the Xbox LIVE service while slashing network latency. Read more »

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The BBC announced a new feature called “Series Record” to its iPlayer today. With the new feature, iPlayer users will be able to sign up once to record their favorite shows and catch up on that programming for up to a month after episodes air. Read more »

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»  Here’s an interesting debate: “This Is Your… Read more »

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Miso began offering developers the ability to build on its existing code base with an open API a few months ago. After a few months of making the API available, it launched a new app store to highlight apps built by third-party developers. Read more »

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