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youtube townhall

YouTube will stream one of the final pre-primary debates between the GOP’s contenders to challenge President Obama online, and the site will once again let users participate by asking the candidates questions. It’s part of a bigger plan to ramp up election coverage on the site. Read more »

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The net neutrality debate will never die.

We’re hearing that Cisco is shutting down Eos, a social publishing platform aimed at media and entertainment companies, as part of its ongoing restructuring efforts. While Eos was by all accounts a cool service, shuttering it is a smart move from a strategic perspective. Read more »

Morning Lowdown
photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Sony (NYSE: SNE) to report $3.2 billion loss as it struggles with production disruptions, hacker attack (AP)

»  30,0… Read more »

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It’s time to dance: Netflix just added the first season of the toddler and indie music fan favorite Yo Gabba Gabba to its streaming catalog. The company also added new episodes of iCarly and a bunch of other content from Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV. Read more »

Super 8 camera

The upcoming Paramount flick Super 8 is meant to be an homage to Steven Spielberg’s early films, but it may be contributing to the rise of another kind of nostalgia: the old Super 8 film format, which is finding new fans in the digital era. Read more »

stuff white people like

Asian-American consumers watch more online video than any other ethnic group in the U.S., and white people don’t seem to care much at all about video streaming. Nielsen’s latest look at ethnic media consumption habits, which raises some interesting questions about the priorities of this industry. Read more »

photo: Corbis / Helen King

It was a key part in Google’s attempt to organise the world’s information – but the search giant has abandoned its ambitious plan to digit… Read more »

fios on roku thumb

Verizon could soon make its Flex View VOD service available on connected devices like Roku and the Boxee Box. In a press briefing, it showed off some new features, including a channel that could allow Verizon FiOS customers to access the VOD service on Roku devices. Read more »

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