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ip man the legend is born

Martial arts movie fans that downloaded the action flick The Legend Is Born: IP Man earlier this month could get a letter from the movie’s U.S. distributor soon, asking them for a big lump of cash: FUNimation has sued 1427 alleged BitTorrent downloaders of the film. Read more »

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Mobile video is here to stay whether it’s chatting with friends via Skype or streaming movies from Netflix. Even Adobe’s Flash player has a place in the Apple-definedpost-PC era judging by several announcements showing application providers and chipmakers marrying various video codecs to their silicon. Read more »

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photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  It’s Official: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) Will Kick Off WWDC With iCloud And New OS Details (paidContent)

»  NYT Discounts i… Read more »


Fans of Amelie, Pulp Fiction and Clerks can soon watch these titles on Hulu Plus, thanks to a new licensing agreement between Miramax and Hulu. And there is good news for freeloaders as well: About 15 Miramax titles will be available ad-supported on Read more »

Reed Hastings

EXCLUSIVE: Reed Hastings, chief executive officer and founder of online video company Netflix, has a pretty clear idea of what the future of video looks like. It needs high-speed fiber broadband, it involves sensors and it is all about click-and-watch on-demand Internet video. Read more »

Wowza has responded to Adobe’s patent infringement lawsuit, arguing that its development of an alternative version of Adobe’s RTMPe encrypted streaming protocol isn’t covered by the patents claimed. Furthermore, it says its streaming server is still covered under Adobe’s openly licensed RTMP Specification. Read more »

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