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Was the last YouTube video you watched EPIC, or did it make you LOL? YouTube users could soon express these kinds of sentiments through dedicated buttons, which the site is currently testing. However, not everyone seems to think that this feature will be an EPIC WIN. Read more »

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Creative Commons

Mashup artists, your life just got easier. YouTube is now making it possible remix existing videos right within its online video editor. The site is also adopting Creative Commons licensing, immediately making more than 10,000 Creative Commons-licensed videos available for reuse. Both steps have wide-ranging implications. Read more »

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Clearleap helps pay TV providers to make their traditional VOD offerings available online and on IP-connected set-top boxes. Now it’s taking IP-based delivery of cable content one step further by unveiling a new feature that will let cable operators quickly and easily deploy iPad apps. Read more »

ip man the legend is born

Martial arts movie fans that downloaded the action flick The Legend Is Born: IP Man earlier this month could get a letter from the movie’s U.S. distributor soon, asking them for a big lump of cash: FUNimation has sued 1427 alleged BitTorrent downloaders of the film. Read more »


Mobile video is here to stay whether it’s chatting with friends via Skype or streaming movies from Netflix. Even Adobe’s Flash player has a place in the Apple-definedpost-PC era judging by several announcements showing application providers and chipmakers marrying various video codecs to their silicon. Read more »

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