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Any seasoned fashionista knows that shopping is serious business, but that doesn’t explain why most retail sites are so boring. New service Fantasy Shopper wants to inject more fun into buying online by turning it into a social game. Can it succeed? Read more »

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The relaunch of Delicious was meant to be a phoenix-like resurrection — but instead was welcomed by a chorus of complaints about missing or broken features. After two weeks of scrambling to appease angry users, the company is making some progress… but is it enough? Read more »

Larry Page
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Google (NSDQ: GOOG) CEO Larry Page began the company’s Q3 earnings call by offering an overview of new products like its social network Goog… Read more »

Explosion!: Lithium Battery Safety Still A Problem

One report says venture capital firms are investing more now than in recent years, but another says startups aren’t seeing enough money. So is the system healthy or sick? Perhaps it depends on where you think investors should be putting their cash — and why. Read more »

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