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Bad news for Netflix’s international aspirations, as Amazon-owned rival Lovefilm announced a U.K. rights deal to show 20th Century Fox movies on its streaming service. But with antitrust authorities hovering over the movies-on-demand market, things are still up for grabs. Read more »

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Alan Turing

One hundred years after he was born, the pioneering work of brilliant British polymath Alan Turing is as important as ever — so important, in fact, that his thinking about how computers work is still visible in every single line of code that gets written. Read more »

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Payment startups hoping to conquer Europe will be watching their backs a little more closely today, with the news that the Samwer brothers have just pulled together “double digit funding” for their Square clone. PayLeven (previously known as Zenpay) is a straight-up copy of Square: a […] Read more »

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The New York Times has been looking for a new CEO since Janet Robinson was forced out seven months ago, and BBC director-general Mark Thompson is said to be in the running for the job. But is he the solution to the newspaper’s problems? Read more »

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Gidsy CEO Edial Dekker says the experience marketplace is working on a relaunch that will make the service more social and take it to new places — but he warns that whatever happens, he doesn’t want to suffer from Europe’s ‘ego problem.’ Read more »


Why did one early investor in apparently thriving Berlin startup 6wunderkinder sell up? We’ve solved the mystery: it looks like the German public-private HTGF venture capital firm hit the limits of what it was allowed to do and decided to cash out. Read more »

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