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Amazon Appstore for Android, mobile apps, app store
photo: Amazon

Amazon is taking its Appstore for Android abroad for the first time, launching it in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The move was expected, and its eems to pave the way for an international launch of the Kindle Fire. Read more »

Soccer (football) ball in goal net
photo: Shutterstock / creativedoxfoto

Google is offering viewers more and more sports content, seemingly without having to shell out money on direct licenses. Now it has highlights from seven more tournaments, but is still lacking the world’s most-watched club soccer contest. Read more »

Tripbirds co-founder Ted Valentin, used under CC license courtesy of Eric Starck

After trying its hand as a pure-play social recommendations service, travel website Tripbirds has relaunched with a strong focus on hotel booking. But will its smart look and Facebook integration be enough to help it overcome the vast amount of competition and expertise out there? Read more »

RootMetrics iPhone App.Screen Shot.Nov 2010

Mobile network testing startup RootMetrics has aims on international expansion, and the first country to get its hybrid-crowdsourcing treatment will be the UK. By combining drive tests, indoor measurements and crowdsourced data, Root plans to start comparing UK carrier 3G speeds in four to six weeks. Read more »

Iridium Next in orbit

Today SpaceX is an aerospace sensation, but several years ago the prospects of the fledgling space travel startup weren’t so certain. That’s when satellite communications provider Iridium decided to place a huge bet on SpaceX, handing it the single biggest commercial launch contract in history. Read more »

Angry man yelling in to mobile phone
photo: Shutterstock / Lisa F. Young

Ouch. France’s top mobile network, Orange, has been suffering from a bug that left a huge chunk of users unable to access their voicemail — just a few weeks after a software glitch rendered vast parts of the company’s network unusable. Read more »

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