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Yes, cloud adoption in Europe hasn’t happened as fast as in the US. But despite the difficult economy, there’s considerable interest in cloud on the continent. The market bears watching and here are 5 things you should know about it. Read more »

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Moves to allow the digitization of ‘orphan works’ and free up the metadata around 20 million cultural objects will benefit the public and could inspire a new wave of apps and web services. But the underlying motivation is fundamentally political. Read more »

Apple iPhone 5 European carriers

Sweden’s TeliaSonera was the first carrier in the world to launch LTE, but after nearly three years of waiting it finds its networks unsupported in the new 4G iPhone 5. In fact, most of Europe gets left out in the cold. Read more »

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In-Q-Tel which finds and vets strategic technology for use by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, has given a boost (and some money) to Huddle, the UK provider of cloud collaboration services. Together they”re working on a version for use by US government entities. Read more »

iPhone Battery 10-percent

Nujira has developed technology that eliminates the enormous energy waste of LTE radios. By utilizing a technique called envelope tracking it matches the power fed into the handset with the power it transmits, which could cut down smartphone battery drain by a quarter. Read more »

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