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paul bragiel, i/o Ventures

Game-focused startup accelerator GameFounders has decided to knock back its deadline for applications by three days, in what the founders say is an attempt to accommodate a surge in submissions. Applicants will now have until Friday to apply for the Estonian-based program. Read more »

kickstarter (2)

The next breakout Kickstarter project may emerge outside the U.S. for the first time now that the popular crowd-funding site is preparing to expand overseas. The start-up announced on Twitter that people in the UK will be able to launch projects starting this fall. Read more »

Calendar Days Slipping Away

A sudden realization hit me last week. Every seven days I’d been writing a quick guide to the most interesting startup, digital media and technology events around Europe — but I wasn’t giving people enough time to actually organize going to the events! So I’ve decided […] Read more »

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