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Microsoft issued a fuller explanation late Thursday for the 2 hour outage that afflicted Windows Azure in Europe a week ago. If vendors want to bring more businesses into their respective clouds they need to be fully forthcoming about operational issues and their causes. Read more »

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robin klein, index ventures

The VC behind big European exits like Skype, MySQL and Lovefilm has been arguing that London should play host to more IPOs. Now Robin Klein, one of its high profile partners, is spearheading the attack with an appeal to government, investors and startups themselves. Read more »

London Olympics stadium opening ceremony
photo: Nick J Webb

Irony of ironies – after encouraging fans to tweet copiously, the International Olympic Committee requests London 2012 attendees limit their output only to “urgent” status updates. The problem – mobile updates from some attendees have clogged a mobile network used by official TV data suppliers. Read more »

roku xs

Roku has raised $45M in additional funding from News Corp., BSkyB and others. The company wants to use the funding for further international expansion, and also hints at additional partnerships with pay TV providers. But who is the mystery “unnamed strategic investor” that joined this round? Read more »

Petitebox maternity leave

Germany’s Rocket Internet may have not made its big U.S. push yet, but one of its early plays — parenting subscription service Petitebox — has failed amid logistical problems. Will it make up for that by resurrecting the service under a new name? Read more »

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