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European parliamentarians ratified a report today that is widely seen as an attempt to bring so-called three strikes measures against P2P file sharing back into the spotlight. Three strikes is seen as controversial in Europe, but the report insists that current laws don’t go far enough. Read more »

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The European Union’s new Digital Agenda, which is designed to improve access to technology, could force companies such as Apple to open up their businesses by requiring them to offer interoperability and open standards, even if they are not the dominant player in a market. Read more »

As Google tries to extricate itself from the privacy furor over personal data collected from Wi-Fi networks by its Street View cars, the company says it has hit a roadblock that prevents it from complying with authorities who want the data turned over to them. Read more »

Swiss and German privacy regulators say they are taking a close look at the practice by Facebook and other social networking sites of allowing users to upload photos, email addresses and other information without the consent of all the individuals who own or appear in them. Read more »

Brightcove, as part of an effort to grow its business outside of the U.S., is ramping up its European operations. With a new office in Barcelona and new customers in Spain and the UK, it’s beginning to tackle a highly fragmented market for video management services. […] Read more »

Most cloud providers house services in only a few geographically distributed data centers, and national or continental data storage regulations can limit how -– and if -– organizations move their operations to the cloud. Can legislation can be passed that takes into account such realities? Read more »

The European Commission has finally officially approved Oracle’s proposed $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Sun’s time in no-man’s-land saw it lose many customers and raised questions about key products and divisions that it has. The question now is, what has this cost the company? Read more »

For a while there, it looked like 2010 might be the first banner year for solar stocks since 2007. It still could be, although this week is showing that, if solar does make a comeback this year, it’s not going to happen with out some sudden […] Read more »

The European Commission is dropping its long-standing antitrust case against Microsoft involving browsers after the company agreed to offer users easy alternative choices to Internet Explorer, even as its market share continues to dip. The announcement was delivered in Brussels by Europe’s competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes. Read more »

While most of us were too engrossed in the somewhat ephemeral news of Google’s new attempts at becoming social, something much more profound transpired — something that can have an impact on millions upon millions of people. Microsoft announced that it was opening up its Outlook […] Read more »

Recently, Simon reported on a couple of interesting studies looking at the use of collaboration technologies in the workplace, Forrester’s “The State Of Workforce Technology Adoption: US Benchmark 2009” and Frost & Sullivan’s “Meetings Around the World II: Charting the Course of Advanced Collaboration.” Both reports […] Read more »

Microsoft is closing in on sealing a far-reaching agreement with the European Commission that would end an antitrust battle that’s been simmering for more than 10 years. “We believe this is an answer,” European Union Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes, who has taken a hard line with […] Read more »

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