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Web infrastructure is a hot topic today, after Amazon Web Services experienced an outage over the weekend, and after Facebook released some interesting details about its Hadoop cluster on Friday. Even LinkedIn is making headlines by expanding into a new Los Angeles data center. Read more »

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Amazon’s new 5TB object limit in S3 made quite a splash, as has EC2 in Ireland, where it now accounts for one-third of all web-facing servers. While AWS is attracting new users, others, like Cisco with cloud developers and Datameer with data analysts — are trying. Read more »

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Believe it or not, there was cloud activity today outside of buying Heroku. What struck me was Oracle defining Java victory on its own terms, Microsoft announcing the forthcoming SQL Azure Reporting, SAP’s mission to change BI and open source expert Matt Asay leaving Canonical. Read more »

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Chalk another one (two, actually) up for Hadoop. Among the big news today is Apple stepping up its Hadoop development efforts, and Datameer targeting social-gaming companies for its Hadoop-powered spreadsheet application. Elsewhere, data center spending is still high, and IBM is looking to revolutionize high-end processors. Read more »


Every day covering infrastructure forces one to think about what’s next, not just what’s happening right now. Today, that came in the form of thinking about many-core GPUs in mobile devices, and in considering how Big Data tools might find their way to the masses. Read more »


Aside from Red Hat buying Makara, the other big cloud news has to be Wikileaks using Amazon to host its Cablegate repository. The Wikileaks data aspect leads to two other interesting items today: Geostellar’s clean-energy analysis tool and Aster Data partnering to combine analytics and visualization. Read more »

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Matthew Aslett at The 451 Group posted some Google Trends graphs showing that searches for “Hadoop” far exceed searches for “big data.” I ran some of my own to dig deeper. Users, it seems, are just concerned with tools to help them ride the big data wave. Read more »


MyCityWay reached 1 million in downloads by combining familiar information like local dining, nightlife, deals and movie showtimes with government data that creates a very sticky resource with users. It’s a great example of how companies can mine overlooked data sets and turn them into businesses. Read more »

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A pair of New York Times researchers have been poring over the newspaper’s data, looking for a way to understand the way influence plays out online. The work shows how organizations are looking to mine their data to find ways to improve their operations. Read more »


EMC Corp. said today it will acquire scale-out storage provider Isilon Systems in an all-cash deal worth $2.25 billion. The deal is one of several high-profile acquisitions and fundings in the storage space as companies try to handle the data created by our online activity. Read more »


Cloud application-platform provider Appistry has teamed with Accenture to develop Cloud MapReduce product. Cloud MapReduce is focused on real-time analysis of streaming data, and it complements Appistry’s distributed file system to form a Hadoop alternative for certain applications. Read more »

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If you’re wondering how IT will look a few years down the road, today’s links provide might provide some ideas: ARM-based servers, cloud-based databases, hefty Big Data investments and Dell possessing a larger piece of the enterprise pie. Read more »

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It’s a mixed bag today, ranging from the latest cloud statistics to Teradata’s growing revenues. In between, we have a questionable federal cloud-security roadmap, an interview with Hadoop creator Doug Cutting and, believe it or not, a rumor that VMware is working on Hyper-V support. Read more »

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Yahoo has open-sourced its S4 project for developing real-time MapReduce applications. As we’ve seen with Google’s new Caffeine infrastructure for its Instant Search features, there is a growing trend of unchaining large-scale data analysis from its batch-processing roots. Read more »

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It’s not always good news with cloud computing, and we saw that today with someone calling out Enomaly’s new SpotCloud, someone else detailing the difficulties of developing a mobile app in Windows Azure, and the Cloudscaling boss calling out the traditional definition of cloud computing. Read more »

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The choice between cloud computing offering keeps getting more difficult as providers continue to up the ante. Today, we have a debate between Microsoft, Google and AWS, IBM targeting governments with its cloud, and a discussion on how network gear could affect cloud data centers. Read more »


It was a big year for NoSQL and big data, but now those vendors need to buckle down on their revenue models and make a head-on charge to the enterprise. Because, let’s face it; while the web leads the innovation, the enterprise leads the economy. Read more »

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Hadoop startup Cloudera has raised another $25 million, bringing its total funding to $36 million. The new funding bolsters Cloudera’s position as the hub of the commercial Hadoop world, and the belief that Hadoop will become the centerpiece of many Big Data efforts. Read more »

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IBM’s Information On Demand and Teradata’s Partners Conference kicked off today, and both companies announced slews of upgrades and new products that directly target the push to do more with more data. Among them is the transition of IBM’s BigInsights Hadoop solution from project to product. Read more »

If the third quarter represented anything, it was that M&A is alive and well, particularly in the Big Data space. If a company can store or analyze large amounts of data with any degree of innovation, a larger vendor is likely eyeing them for an acquisition. Read more »

After so much Big Data lately, it’s good to have a day where cloud computing takes center stage. We have NYC making a huge investment in Microsoft, a question about the role of PaaS, Gartner praising the cloud and AWS expanding on its Hadoop product. Read more »

Although we’ve seen online office suites added to the portfolio of web worker productivity tools, database tools have been curiously absent from the mix. Even suites like Google Apps lack a dedicated application for managing and sharing specialized data, leaving users creating crude spreadsheet-based approximations. Read more »

Bolstering the argument that money makes the world go ’round, Google’s earnings, and spending, were big news today, as is the third-quarter decrease in VC funding. AMD’s “better than expected” net loss and the prospect of cloud-caused job losses also garnered attention. Read more »

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U.S. teenagers have quadrupled their mobile data usage, according to Nielsen, a sign that the traditional power texters are now ready to become serious mobile Internet users. Teens used 62 megabytes in the second quarter of this year, compared to just 14 MB last year. Read more »

As data volumes skyrocket, startups looking to take advantage of the opportunity in Big Data need to focus on the art of statistical-learning algorithms, says the founder of Dataspora. Modeling and analysis through algorithms is what will determine the winners and losers in Big Data. Read more »

Nearly 75-days after it acquired Greenplum, Hopkinton, Mass-based storage giant EMC Corp. is launching a new data-warehousing appliance, taking on established giants, Oracle, Teradata and Netezza. The new Appliance is built using Greenplum Database 4.0 and it uses a system built with 16 Intel processors. Read more »

Jeff Jonas, chief scientist at IBM Entity Analytics Group and an IBM Distinguished Engineer thinks the world has a big problem with big data and problem is only going to get bigger. In this video he discusses the coming data tsunami and its impact. Read more »

The Hadoop hoopla is generating increasing numbers of announcements from more and more vendors. From startups to large established players, new products and partnerships are emerging which confirm the emergence of a vibrant Apache Hadoop. Hall explains the three emerging layers in the “Hadoop stack.” Read more »

Commercial Hadoop startup Karmasphere today released the results of a survey of 102 Hadoop developers regarding adoption, use and future plans. The results provide some interesting insights into how Hadoop grows within organizations and underscore its status as an extremely valuable, but none-too-simple analytics tool. Read more »

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