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After so much Big Data lately, it’s good to have a day where cloud computing takes center stage. We have NYC making a huge investment in Microsoft, a question about the role of PaaS, Gartner praising the cloud and AWS expanding on its Hadoop product. Read more »

Although we’ve seen online office suites added to the portfolio of web worker productivity tools, database tools have been curiously absent from the mix. Even suites like Google Apps lack a dedicated application for managing and sharing specialized data, leaving users creating crude spreadsheet-based approximations. Read more »

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Bolstering the argument that money makes the world go ’round, Google’s earnings, and spending, were big news today, as is the third-quarter decrease in VC funding. AMD’s “better than expected” net loss and the prospect of cloud-caused job losses also garnered attention. Read more »

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U.S. teenagers have quadrupled their mobile data usage, according to Nielsen, a sign that the traditional power texters are now ready to become serious mobile Internet users. Teens used 62 megabytes in the second quarter of this year, compared to just 14 MB last year. Read more »

As data volumes skyrocket, startups looking to take advantage of the opportunity in Big Data need to focus on the art of statistical-learning algorithms, says the founder of Dataspora. Modeling and analysis through algorithms is what will determine the winners and losers in Big Data. Read more »

Nearly 75-days after it acquired Greenplum, Hopkinton, Mass-based storage giant EMC Corp. is launching a new data-warehousing appliance, taking on established giants, Oracle, Teradata and Netezza. The new Appliance is built using Greenplum Database 4.0 and it uses a system built with 16 Intel processors. Read more »

Jeff Jonas, chief scientist at IBM Entity Analytics Group and an IBM Distinguished Engineer thinks the world has a big problem with big data and problem is only going to get bigger. In this video he discusses the coming data tsunami and its impact. Read more »

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The Hadoop hoopla is generating increasing numbers of announcements from more and more vendors. From startups to large established players, new products and partnerships are emerging which confirm the emergence of a vibrant Apache Hadoop. Hall explains the three emerging layers in the “Hadoop stack.” Read more »

Commercial Hadoop startup Karmasphere today released the results of a survey of 102 Hadoop developers regarding adoption, use and future plans. The results provide some interesting insights into how Hadoop grows within organizations and underscore its status as an extremely valuable, but none-too-simple analytics tool. Read more »

Aster Data, a big data analytics software company is saying that it has received $30 million in new funds from existing investors and a new undisclosed strategic investor. David Cheriton who backed Google and VMWare as an angel investor is also investing in the company. Read more »

IBM says it will acquire Marlborough, Mass.,-based Netezza Corporation, a maker of data warehousing analytics for a whopping $1.7 billion in cash. IBM is offering $27 a share for the Neteeza and hopes that the smaller company would help IBM with its growing business analytics practice. Read more »

As Big Data gathers steam within the consumer web, Cloudera is making it possible for mainstream IT to tap into this trend through its distribution of Hadoop, suggested by the company’s customer growth. Lower costs and improved ease-of-use are making Hadoop a reality for enterprise. Read more »

Aster Data, a San Carlos, Calif.-based start-up that develops software for big data applications, says it’s replacing its founder-CEO, Mayank Bawa, with software industry veteran Quentin Gallivan, who previously worked for Pivotlink and Postini. Bawa will switch roles and will be company’s chief customer officer. Read more »

While settling on a standard big data stack is deeply important to the big data industry as a whole, I’m nonetheless questioning the operational and competitive consequences for companies who choose to buy into this standard without first considering the value of building a proprietary solution. Read more »

The online personal finance assistant Mint often mines user data for trends and interesting charts to feature on its popular corporate blog. Now the Intuit-owned company is preparing to release the data it’s collected on behalf of its 3 million users. Read more »

Hadoop, the big data analytics software is so hot right now. Heck anything big data is so hot right now. Today’s links offer insights to Hadoop alternatives, how to use Hadoop and an endorsement of Microsoft’s platform as a service strategy. Read more »

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Most website users prefer logging in with a Google sign-in, but Facebook is a close second, according to new data from Janrain. Close to 40 percent of users preferred to sign in with a Google ID, while 24 percent chose to login with their Facebook profile. Read more »

Hadoop, thanks to the growing importance of Big Data Analytics is gaining traction inside the enterprise. What’s been missing for Big Data Analytics has been a LAMP-like stack. Fortunately, a stack for Big Data aggregation, processing and analytics is on its way. Read more »

Commercial Hadoop champion Cloudera is building a connector to enable movement of data between Netezza’s data warehousing appliance and Cloudera’s Hadoop clusters. It’s just the latest instance of an analytics vendor integrating Hadoop support, and further evidence that Hadoop has legs as a commercial technology. Read more »

Twitter has scaled back its plans to store billions of tweets using Cassandra, but the interest in this news and NoSQL data stores in general goes beyond one company’s decision. It touches on the changing nature of the web and the software that underlies it. Read more »

Apple’s iconic iPod is credited for reviving the company and helping it dominate consumer mind share over the past decade, but of my greatest fears has started to come true where analysts are now throwing the notion out there that the iPod is dead or dying. Read more »

Arthur van Hoff helped architect Java at Sun, co-founded Marimba, and engineered the application platform at TiVo. Now he’s identifying trends in Twitter messages at The Ellerdale Project. He explains to us why real-time search is one of the most “intellectually challenging” things he’s ever done. Read more »

EMC realizes two simple facts: pure hardware is a commodity and the next industrial revolution is all about data. And that is why it is accelerating its investments in software. Today it acquired Greenplum, a 10-year-old data warehouse software company for north of $300 million. Read more »

A few months ago, I posited that additional funding for Cloudera and Karmasphere signifies a large market opportunity for solutions that utilize the open-source analytics tool Hadoop. From the news generated this week by Yahoo’s third annual Hadoop Summit, my beliefs of this have only been affirmed. Read more »

Hadoop creator and champion Yahoo is taking advantage of its annual Hadoop Summit today by rolling out some new features for its open-source Hadoop distribution. The new features tackle security and workflow management, which Yahoo hopes will help Hadoop continue its proliferation among mainstream users. Read more »


Now that AT&T, along with all the providers internationally, have scrapped unlimited data plans and introduced caps, you’ll need to keep an eye on how much data you’re using. Here are a few ways to make sure you don’t end up going over your monthly allowance. Read more »

DemandTec, a retail forecasting software provider, has convinced Target Corp. to hand over even more of its shopping data in order to better set prices and forecast demand. But DemandTec has needs of its own — partners that can help it filter unstructured social data. Read more »

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